Are you looking for a PGD in Nepal?

A crucial reason for several miscarriages or pregnancy failures in many couples is the inherited disorders. It has a high transmission risk to the unborn child. Genetic disorders are common issues transmitted from parent to child or affect fertility. If you have a child with an inherited disorder and want to conceive another healthy child, your expert will recommend IVF with PGD. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) are the best processes to control the transmission of any genetic disorder into the child. You will conceive a healthy child without spearing the issue into the child. It works with the Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART), which collects the eggs and sperm of partners outside the body for fertilization and sends them to the lab for genetic testing.

Why select PGD in Nepal?

Selecting infertility treatments in Nepal is the best decision because of the affordable cost. People from different countries choose treatments in Nepal because of their highly reasonable expenses. The pgd cost in nepal is highly suitable with IVF assistance than in developed countries. It provides a higher chance of healthy pregnancy for partners. The pgd in nepal performs with the advanced technologies and techniques. It helps in many infertility conditions of partners and provides a healthy conception. Many people have questions about the process, such as is PGD legal in Nepal.

Can any person become a parent through PGD etc.? PGD is only legal in Nepal for patients seeking help for genetic disorders presence and transmission to their children.

Can PGD provide a successful pregnancy in Nepal?

The pgd in nepal helps in many infertility conditions, affecting couples’ chances of conceiving a healthy child. Your chances of having a healthy child will improve because of the process. If you cannot become a parent, the fertility specialist recommends treatment for various issues. You have a previous child with a known genetic disorder that will require the procedure for another healthy child. Your fertility expert will recommend the PGD process with IVF in the following conditions:

  • The maternal age is more than 35 years old, which affects the eggs’ health, and the cells get a genetic mutation that affects the pregnancy results.
  • The couple has faced miscarriages in the past year without any visible reason. The inherited disorder is the main reason for miscarriages.
  • Your previous IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) process not successful provides the pregnancy result.
  • You have an unexplained reason for infertility that cannot determine with several tests.
  • The male partner faces infertility conditions like poor sperm production, health, quality, quantity, movement, and morphology.
  • You have a previous baby with known genetic issues like Down syndrome or others.
  • You have single-gene disorders like cysts, fibrosis, diseases, or other factors.

What is the process of IVF and PGD in Nepal?

The PGD performs with IVF for the pregnancy results in Nepal. The PGD works as the testing of the embryos occurs in IVF with the eggs and sperm fertilization. It fertilizes outside the female womb by the expert retrieving it outside. It provides better pregnancy results for couples facing infertility issues. Various stages accomplish with advanced techniques and technologies. After the negative outcome of genetic testing, the process starts again for a successful conception. The following are the stages of IVF with the PGD process in Nepal:

Ovarian Stimulation: The egg production through the ovaries will increase with the fertility medicines recommended by the fertility expert. It wi-ll stimulate the female ovaries to function properly to produce healthy and multiple eggs in ovulation. The hormonal injection will help release the mature eggs inside the uterus.
Egg retrieval: The eggs will collect from the female uterus by the expert. They will use transvaginal ultrasound with a catheter. A speculum will open the cervix wide, and the catheter with light and camera will insert inside the vagina, cervix, and uterus. It will locate the eggs present in the uterus and use a needle to aspirate the eggs from the follicles. The doctor will collect the male semen sample for preparing and selecting healthy sperm.
Fertilization: In the conventional IVF process, the eggs and sperm will place together on a Petri plate and fertilize with each other, but many times, sperm stay outside the eggs. It has an impact on embryo quality & genetic testing outcomes. Your expert will suggest ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) for improved results. Your expert will fill the healthy sperm injection and injects it directly into the eggs to inseminate the eggs. After four to five days, the fertilized eggs will divide into cells.
Embryo testing: The fertilized eggs in the centre will send to the laboratory for embryo biopsy on the third or fifth day. The top embryologist tests the fertilized eggs to determine the genetic disorder condition. The expert will retrieve one or two cells from the fertilized eggs on the third day. On the fifth day of embryo biopsy, they will collect several cells (more than three to four). The cells will check for the different genetic disorders’ presence.
Transfer: After one or two days, the genetic testing results will confirm negative or positive. It will send to the centre for pregnancy confirmation. If the test results are negative, the fertilized eggs will insert into the female uterus through a catheter. It will stick into the female uterine lining and start growing. The pregnancy result will confirm after two weeks of the fertilized egg implantation.

What are the benefits of PGD with IVF in Nepal?

The pgd nepal helps with many problems affecting the possibility of partners conceiving a healthy child. It causes several miscarriages and failures in the pregnancy. A couple can have a healthy kid without passing on any genetic disorders using IVF and the PGD process. It has many benefits, such as:

  • The IVF with pgd treatment nepal cost in Nepal is much more affordable than in developed countries.
  • The expert can identify and discard the fertilized eggs with a genetic or inherited disorder.
  • It increases the chances of a healthy and successful pregnancy because of the super quality fertilized eggs transferred into the womb.
  • You have a lower risk of pregnancy failure or miscarriage with the IVF and PGD process.
How much does IVF with PGD cost in Nepal?

The pgd cost nepal is much lower than in developed countries and does not cause a large hole in the patient’s pocket. The IVF cost in Nepal ranges from NPR 3,40,000 to NPR 3,50,000. It can be more than NPR 5,00,000, which will depend on your fertility conditions and the treatment required. The cost of pgd in nepal will include and affect the IVF cost. Various factors are responsible for the IVF cost influence in Nepal.

The best centre for many infertility treatments in Nepal is FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. They have advanced procedures and highly up-to-date techniques for treatments. They have had experienced doctors and fertility specialists with higher certifications for many years. Your chances of becoming a parent through the treatments in the centre will increase. You can have affordable costs in the centre through their packages and financial assistance.

Know about tubal opening surgery in Nepal

What are tubal blockage and its effects on female infertility?

The female and male reproductive parts are vital for a successful and healthy pregnancy. If the reproduction process fluctuates, that means any function has a problem. The female partner should have a healthy uterus, ovaries, eggs, cervix, fallopian tubes etc. for the best results. Every part is equally responsible for failure or success. Women with infertility issues can have problems with different parts as, fallopian tubes are crucial for the sperm’s journey to the eggs. These tubes connect the uterus and ovaries and help eggs travel in the ovaries and release inside the uterus. Its blockage or damage will affect reproductive function and cause female infertility.

It is the most common female infertility condition as many women face the same. The problem can be different as mild or severe and have abdomen pain. It causes symptoms in some women, and many are unaware of the tubal blockage. They face severe difficulty in becoming pregnant successfully. Sperm cannot meet the eggs and fertilize for the pregnancy results because eggs release from ovaries and travel into the uterus through fallopian tubes. Your expert can suggest tubal opening surgery in Nepal to open the blockage. The tubal opening surgery cost in Nepal is more reasonable than in western countries.

What can cause fallopian tubes blockage in Nepal?

Fallopian tubes obstruction is a common infertility problem in women. It affects their possibility of conceiving a healthy child successfully. It usually occurs due to any abnormal growth or blockage developing inside the tubal function. The following factors can affect the conventional process and grow obstruction inside the tubes:

  • The female partner has a history of pelvic inflammatory disease that scars the tubes and affects the reproductive system.
  • Sometimes, endometriosis tissues grow inside the fallopian tubes and can develop on other parts that become adhesion to the fallopian.
  • Any STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) causes adhesion or scaring of fallopian tubes and infertility.
  • The fibroids that develop inside the uterus can affect the fallopian functions and cause blockage.
  • Any previous abdominal surgery can lead to fallopian tubes blockage and adhesion.
  • Your expert will diagnose the tubal blockage with a type of X-ray (Hysterosalpingography) HSG. The expert inserts a dye inside the uterus and fallopian tubes an x-ray will check.

What are the tubal opening treatments in Nepal?

You can have the affordable tubal opening surgery cost in Nepal and various processes. It increases the pregnancy chances of a female partner-facing infertility condition. Eggs do not fertilize in the fallopian blockage which affects the conception chances. Treatments help open the tubes with conventional function or assisted reproductive methods can use for a successful pregnancy.

  1. FTR (Fallopian Tube Recanalization): The process will not include any surgery or invasive technique. Your expert will use a speculum to open the vagina and insert a catheter inside the uterus through the cervix. They will inject a liquid compound inside the catheter and conduct an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian for the blockage. Another catheter or small tube will insert inside to remove the obstruction.
  2. Tubal ligation Reversal: The process involves invasive surgery that performs to reconnect the fallopian tubes. Some women have tubal ligation surgery at a younger age to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In future, if they want to become mothers, experts recommend tubal ligation reversal. It will include general anesthesia, and your doctor will make a small cut in the female abdomen and remove the blockage present inside. After the process, it will stitch and bandage by the expert.
  3. Salpingostomy, Fimbrioplasty : The expert makes an opening inside the fallopian tubes and removes the blockage inside the tubes without damage. They do not stitch the incision and leave it for curing on its own.
  4. Salpingectomy: The fallopian tubes with blockage or damage can remove by an expert. It will increase the pregnancy chances of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). They can remove one fallopian tube o both tubes without a problem.

Do these treatments have health risks in Nepal?  

Yes, every process has side effects but does not happen often to every woman. Some women face health risks after the probes that have other problems

  • The FTR treatment performs by inserting the dye and using radiation frequency. It involves using a device that inserts into the female uterus through the vagina can affect other organs and cause infections. It increases the chance of ectopic pregnancy as the fertilized egg can attach to another part.
  • Tubal ligation reversal does not have confirmed chances of becoming successful after the process. It involves surgery and leads to infection, bleeding, organs injury, and affect from anaesthesia use.
  • Salpingostomy can cause uterine or other infection, scarring, or adhesion on the reproductive organs.
  • Salpingectomy increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy, infection, scarring, and adhesions.
How much does tubal opening surgery cost in Nepal?

The tubal opening surgery cost in Nepal is comparatively lower than in developed countries. People from different countries select Nepal for their infertility treatments at affordable prices. The cost of tubal opening surgery in Nepal will depend on various factors. Your expert recommends that less invasive surgery for the conventional functions will not increase the cost higher. The invasive and conception process will increase your total charges.

Some women require Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs) influence the tubal opening surgery price in Nepal. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the best process of ART that performs in fallopian tubes blockage and damage. It performs with the eggs and sperm of partners that fertilize outside the female uterus.

Where to have these procedures in Nepal with the best results?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best for tubal opening surgery in Nepal. They have top experts for various infertility problems.  They perform procedures with advanced mechanisms and technologies borrowed from developed western countries. Their top specialists and doctors are highly experienced and skilled and focus on the comfort and happiness of partners. Your chances of becoming parents through the treatments are higher because many couples have successfully conceived. It considers the top centre for fertility treatments in Nepal.

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Laparoscopy treatment in Nepal

Is laparoscopic for infertility in Nepal is the right option?

Women face many infertility conditions that affect their happiness and lives. They cannot become pregnant causes many obstacles in their families. In several situations, the internal problem does not disclose in screenings and tests. It requires the doctor to see the inner condition and find the best resolution.

Yes, Laparoscopy is the best process performed to check the inside problems of the female reproductive tract. Because doctors directly introduce a device into the female abdomen, it has more options than other treatments. If required, the surgical process can perform in the same process and does not require other invasive stages to follow again. It is the best choice for different procedures and treatments as helping for many years to remove the gallbladder with stones, hernia, and various issues.

Laparoscopic surgery in Nepal performs with advanced instruments that insert inside the abdomen through a small incision. It has the best method and technique of other surgical and invasive treatments. As compared to open surgery, laparoscopy produces superior results with fewer incisions and less recovery time. It uses a telescope (device) with a camera and light that focus inside and abdomen and provide an inner view to a screen. The laparoscopy cost in Nepal is reasonable in the best centre with fairly advanced packages.

How does laparoscopy assist in infertility problems and increase conception possibilities?

Your fertility expert can suggest laparoscopy for various problems of the female partner to check or remove them through surgery. It can use to diagnose a different issue that can be a reason for infertility. Your conventional reproductive function is affecting and facing problems in conceiving. The doctor can recommend Laparoscopic surgery in Nepal for visible problems present inside the female reproductive tract. It can use surgical tools that assist in the process and provide better results.

The following conditions can diagnose through the process:

  • The female partner faces pain during sexual intercourse due to infertility which causes various problems.
  • You have severe pelvic or lower abdomen pain and unbearable menstrual cramp.
  • Your expert suspects pelvic disease or adhesion that causes infertility problems.
  • You have heavy bleeding during the menstruation cycle reason can diagnose through the process.  

The following present issues can remove by the surgical procedure: 

  • The woman has an endometriosis condition that is abnormal tissue growth outside the female uterus. It causes various problems with infertility in women and can locate and remove with laparoscopy.
  • It can remove any blockage or injury present inside the female fallopian tubes that affect the journey of fertilized eggs to the uterus.
  • The scar tissues possibility in the reproductive tract or any organ that causes infertility issues can assist through laparoscopy.
  • The female uterus has non-cancerous growth (uterine fibroid) that interferes with fertility and causes problems that can remove without affecting the uterus.
  • Ovarian drilling can accomplish with laparoscopy to remove cysts from ovaries in PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) conditions and make them functional.
  • Other abnormalities present in the fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries can assist by laparoscopy to diagnose and treat.

What is the laparoscopy process in Nepal?

Your Laparoscopic surgery in Nepal will depend on the infertility conditions. If you know about your infertility condition like fibroid is present in the uterine lining, the expert will recommend the surgical process that removes the abnormal growth. If you have no idea about the problem or tests are not depicting the issue, the diagnostic process will perform and check for the issue. It can remove in the same process and with no need for another to cause more cost, time, and pain.

  1. Your doctor will prepare you for the surgery by advising you not to eat anything for seven to eight hours before the treatment. They will examine your health, including diabetes and blood pressure difficulties (BP). The medicine recommended by them or used in anaesthesia has no side on your body.
  2. General anaesthesia will use in the procedure that will make you fall asleep and does not feel any pain or uneasiness during the process. After your unconsciousness, your doctor will start the process.  
  3. Your expert will make a small incision near the navel and insert a needle to inject the carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen. It causes more space for them to see the organs and perform the procedure.
  4. A laparoscope will insert inside the same cut and check for the problem present inside the reproductive tract. They can perform a biopsy to remove the tissue and identify the conditions. More than two small incisions can make on the abdomen to support the process.
  5. Your doctor will check the reproductive organs’ health and issues like fibroids, cysts, scar tissues, adhesion, or endometriosis. A dye will insert through the cervix to check the health of the fallopian tubes, which will evaluate using laparoscopy.
  6. In surgery requirements, the small surgical devices will insert through incisions. It will remove the problem present in the reproductive tract and affect conventional fertility. After the successful process, all instruments and gas will retrieve from the incision and stitches.

 What has laparoscopy cost in Nepal?

Your laparoscopy cost in Nepal is lower than in many developed countries. People in these countries cannot have fertility treatments because of their higher costs. Being a growing country, Nepal has top procedures and centres that provide affordable treatments costs.

The laparoscopy price in Nepal is NPR 1,50,000, including anaesthesia, one-day hospitalization, and surgical process. It will fluctuate on your reason and the process requirements for the best results. The surgical method takes more time and instruments to perform the approach. After successful treatment, the surgical technique will require sedative medications for some days. It has the best procedure than other invasive surgeries because of the following aspects:

  • It requires less time in the hospital because people recover faster and does not require several medications.
  • It has a much lower risk for infection as no invasive process will use that will provide the best results.
  • The scar and adhesion will reduce after surgery, taking less time to heal. You can join the standard workups in less than two weeks.

The SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the well-known centre for laparoscopy in Nepal. It is the best place for fertility treatments in Nepal. Their highly experienced doctors and medical staff focuses on patients’ top results and root cause rather than performing the process and earning money. During the entire method, they maintain the high-class comfort and satisfaction of patients to manage the difficult journey of the individual.

How much does azoospermia cost in Nepal?

The cost of azoospermia in Nepal is lower than in many best and most developed countries. It is the centre of attraction for people facing male infertility factors. The best centre in Nepal has highly advanced methods and technologies borrowed from western countries. Your treatment cost will depend on various factors in Nepal like:

  • Which type of azoospermia condition do you have? (Obstructive or non-obstructive) Because in obstruction, surgery will need to remove the blockage and regulate the function, and in non-obstructive, medicines or other non-invasive therapy will perform.
  • Whether you become pregnant naturally or through ART? After the process, your sperm production starts flowing conventionally, so you have a chance to conceive the baby yourself. If you require any ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) will increase the treatment cost higher.
  • If you have a genetic disorder that causes no sperm, your therapy process will include PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Disorder). It will influence the cost highly to select a healthy embryo for the fertilization process.
  • If you choose to receive treatment in Nepal from another nation, you will charge differently until the process completes successfully. You need to pay expenses for living, travelling, food, and others.
  • Your centre for the treatment is the best as they provide various approaches with advanced technologies. They have financial assistance for comfort and high satisfaction for patients.

What is azoospermia? What causes it in Nepal?

Azoospermia is a male infertility condition that is spreading its feet deep down in many countries. It affects many men and their families by causing infertility issues that do not let them impregnate their women spouses. It is no sperm count present in the male semen sample that produces through ejaculation. Even if the female spouse has no sterility issues, she will still be unable to conceive and face male infertility issues. It is not a problem that is visible to the male partner or sense but faces sterility.

Azoospermia in the male can happen due to any obstruction or non-obstruction. Various conditions and problems cause no sperm in men. You have any genetic disorder, previous surgery, radiation-based treatment, medications consequences, etc. You still have a chance to have successful pregnancy that results in azoospermia conditions. Various therapies are present to assist with these problems and regulate conventional reproduction.

Azoospermia in Nepal is the best process that is helping many Nepalese couples in the best pregnancy results. The azoospermia cost in Nepal is more reasonable than in many developed countries. Many top centres are available in Nepal for infertility treatment with higher outcomes. They have highly top-notch techniques and modernizations.

The azoospermia causes depend on its type as if you have obstructive or non-obstructive. Any damage, deviation, or obstruction in the ejaculatory duct will result in obstruction. The medicines’ side effects, radiation contact, and any infection will cause non-obstructive problems. The following are the azoospermia reason in the male partner:

  • The male partner has faced any trauma or past injury near the genital areas.
  • You have an infection or inflammation that can affect sperm health.
  • To stop sperm flow, you may have had surgery or vasectomy in the past. Any surgery to the pelvic area will affect the production.
  • You have developed cysts or fibrous cysts that will affect the sperm’s health and fertility.
  • Different genetic disorders cause it in men like the Kallmann syndrome, Klinefelters syndrome, and Y chromosome deletion.
  • The male partner has an ejaculation problem that causes sperm release in the bladder and no production in the semen sample.
  • The hormonal changes or disorders affect the reproductive system and cause azoospermia.
  • Some diseases like cancer, diabetes, and kidney failure can be a reason for azoospermia condition.

How does a couple become pregnant with azoospermia in Nepal?

  1. TESA/PESA: (Percutaneous Epididymal sperm aspiration) PESA performs by inserting a sharp needle inside the duct behind testicles. It aspirates the sperm sample, and the expert will collect it to check in the lab. It will check for the healthy sperm present in the semen sample and select for the ART process. TESA (percutaneous testicular sperm extraction) follows the same methods as PESA, except the sperm will collect through the testis and seminiferous tubules. The TESA cost in Nepal is NPR 3,90,000 for the less invasive process.
  2. MESA/TESE: (Microsurgical Epididymal sperm aspiration) MESA involves a surgical process that performs with local anaesthesia. It accomplishes by making tiny cuts in the Epididymal and inserts a microscope that checks for sperm presence and removes the blockage present inside the tract. It is the best process for obstructive azoospermia treatment Nepal. The TESE (Testicular sperm extraction) procedure is also invasive, but the sperm will collect from the testes. It recommends that no sperm signs are present in the Epididymal.
  3. ICSI: The sperm collected in TESA/PESA can use in fertilization with eggs in ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). It has high results in providing successful pregnancy results in several infertility conditions. The process performs by injecting a healthy sperm into the egg’s cytoplasm directly and provide conception results. ICSI cost in Nepal is NPR 3,40,000 without including other sperm retrieval methods.
  4. IVF: The collected sperm can fertilize with eggs in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedure. The female partner’s eggs retrieve from their uterus for insemination with sperm in the lab and monitored by the expert for development. It transfers inside the female uterus for pregnancy results. It provides biological children and can perform with PGD for genetic testing. Conventional IVF cost in Nepal starts from NPR 3,40,000 with self gametes.
  5. Donor sperm:- If no sperm is present or can use in the ART process, your expert will recommend donor sperm that will provide the best result in successful conception. IVF with donor sperm can range from NPR 3,90,000.

What is the best centre has azoospermia cost in Nepal?

The best centre for azoospermia treatment in Nepal is FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. It has a top procedure with highly up-to-date technologies that provide the best pregnancy results. You can have various treatments and techniques for different infertility conditions of partners. They have affordable treatment costs with packages that help with the fair expenses and do not drill a hole in the pocket.

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Azoospermia cost in Nepal:-

  • Does IVF cost include it?

No, IVF and azoospermia are different treatments, but IVF can use after the sperm retrieval process to conceive the child. IVF price in Nepal is NPR 3,40,000, and the azoospermia process cost will influence the IVF higher.

  • Which is the best centre for it in Nepal?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best centre in Nepal for various infertility treatments. They have a high success rate for azoospermia treatment and provide the best results.

  • Is Nepal is the best option for male infertility?

Yes, Nepal has a highly affordable cost for various treatments than developed countries. Obstructive or non-obstructive azoospermia has advanced therapies in Nepal for a satisfactory conclusion, and everyone is happy.

Test tube baby in Nepal

Is selecting the test tube baby in Nepal is the best?

A test tube baby is a procedure suggested in the case of partner infertility. It ensures that partners with sterility issues have a successful and healthy kid conception. It performs by a fertility expert using the couple gametes. Many couples select to become parents at an advanced age does not provide the desired results. The test tube baby process is the best approach for successful pregnancy at an advanced age. It has successful results in various infertility problems for partners. It increases the chances of having a healthy child as different approaches can perform in the treatment. The eggs and sperm of partners use in the process and provide a biological child.

It is a well-known method in Nepal to become parents to different infertility problems. It is also known as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in the medical form and performs on a Petri plate. Many people select it for their reasonable test tube baby cost in Nepal. Many centres provide the test tube baby and other top assisted reproductive techniques. The best centre has the latest technologies and advanced procedures that help patients in successful pregnancy results.

Test tube baby in Nepal has helped many partners to become pregnant successfully. It is the best ARTs since it may incorporate various strategies and approaches to achieve better results. The eggs and sperm health is crucial, and in any problem, donor help can suggest by the expert. It provides the best pregnancy for partners with no hopes left.

Can anyone select a test tube baby in Nepal?

In Nepal, the test tube baby process uses the eggs and sperm of spouses in gruelling infertility situations. It recommends by your fertility expert after various medical checkups of the couple. In any inherited disorder condition, the resulted child can be healthy through the process. You have the following situation fertility expert can suggest for the test tube baby in Nepal:-

  • Unexplained infertility: Partner infertility problem cannot diagnose through various tests and still cannot become parents, recommends with test tube baby treatment. It reduces all chances of fertilization problems.
  • IUI failures: Your previous conception process was unsuccessful like the IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). It performs by placing the male sperm directly into the female uterus for pregnancy results.
  • Ovulation disorder: Missing menstruation or ovulation in the female partner cause poor eggs quality and failure of pregnancy results. In the test tube baby, the health of the eggs increases with the fertility medicines.
  • Sperm problems: The male infertility factors can manage in test tube baby treatment. The donor sperm, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) can perform in IVF for the best results.
  • Endometriosis:- In this condition, the endometrial lining develops outside the uterus, causing infertility issues in the female spouse.
  • Tubal dysfunction:- The female reproductive system has blocked or damaged fallopian tubes that will affect the conception but can manage with IVF.
  • Premature ovarian failure: In the advanced age of the female partner, the reproductive system, organs, and function deprives that causing poor eggs condition and pregnancy.
  • Genetic disorder: The inherited disorder transfer into the child that can assist with IVF and conceive a healthy child.

How does the test tube baby perform in Nepal?

In Nepal, the test tube baby procedure will use to successfully conceive partners in a lab (in a test tube). It collects the eggs and sperm of the couple outside the body and fertilizes them in the lab. Numerous approaches and methods help in the successful pregnancy results. It provides a biological and healthy conception of the couple. The experienced fertility specialists accomplish the process in the lab and provide successful pregnancy. It completes the following steps in Nepal and offers the best conception results:-

  1. Checking: before starting the treatment cycle, the expert performs medical checkups of partners. It serves with blood tests, ultrasound, physical screening that confirm your medical history, fertility conditions, and conceiving capability.
  2. Support: The top centre provides sessions to manage the psychological trauma and circumstances of the couple starting the process. Counselling helps partners rival the treatment process, pain, results, healthy child, etc. Your stress level should be lower because a high level affects the process.
  3. Fertility medicines: The hormonal medications prescribed by the fertility expert helps produce more eggs from the ovaries. The ovarian stimulation procedure boosts egg production from the ovaries and encourages them to produce more mature eggs. For more convenience, the ovaries produce the eggs in the female uterus.   
  4. Moving eggs: The doctor will move out the mature eggs released by the ovaries into the uterus. The sedative can assist in the process because it involves inserting a device. It (a catheter) will have a light and camera to insert into the female uterus through the vagina. Your expert will insert a thin needle inside the uterus and locate the egg follicles to aspirate and move the eggs outside the uterus.
  5. Combining sperm and eggs: The male partner semen sample will prepare in the lab. It will mix on a Petri plate with the eggs. It will float and attach its head to the egg outer layer and pushes inside the cytoplasm. It will place in the incubator for some days and observe by the expert.
  6. Move back into the uterus: The fertilized eggs will implant into the female uterus with the catheter. It will place on the device and insert through the vagina to leave on the uterine lining. Your embryo will stick to the lining and start growing for pregnancy ten days after, a blood test will confirm the pregnancy.

Does test tube baby cost in Nepal affect patients budgets?

The test tube baby price in Nepal starts from NPR 2,80,000 to NPR 3,40,000. The Test tube baby Cost in Nepal will depict the methods and situations of the couple. At an advanced age, the chances of becoming parents deprive and cause IVF treatment failures. You will require several procedure cycles that increase your Test Tube Baby Cost. When you use donor eggs or sperm, your treatment costs will go up, but the results will be better. 

FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best test tube baby centre in Nepal. They perform various fertility treatments with top-notch technologies and advanced methods. Their success rates of treatments are higher in Nepal. They have the latest instruments to provide the best process of treatment. Many people select their treatment in the centre for better results. They have packages according to patient infertility conditions and budget. The highly trained and experienced experts and doctors perform treatments in the centre and provide the best outcomes.

Know about Mild IVF – affordable cost in our clinic

Why mini IVF treatment in Nepal for better pregnancy? 

Infertility is the most common issue among couples wanting to have children. It resists them to become parents and starting their families. Many people suffer from various infertility issues that prevent having children and leave them childless. They try to become pregnant but face failure or miscarriages that affect their psychological situation more. Sterility problems of partners require assistance to conceive a healthy baby. Several assisted reproductive methods are present to assist different infertility problems of partners.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the top ART that performs in different conditions of men and women infertility. It produces the best benefits when a child is healthy, and it aids patients in overcoming past trauma. IVF is a procedure that uses the eggs and sperm of two spouses to produce biological children. Many people choose the process because of its positive and healthy outcomes. It improves the odds of live birth, allowing for conception while preventing the transmission of serious illnesses. It has processes for different conditions that cannot conceive or require more time. It performs according to the couple’s infertility and health conditions. In advanced age with severe male infertility, the doctor can recommend IVF with ICSI for the better treatment results. If you have PCOS or PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or low ovarian reversal, reacts with the fertility medicines used during the process. It causes more severe life-threatening problems than happens to females. ARTs have assistance for it, such as mild or mini IVF.

Mild IVF in Nepal is the best choice to become parents successfully at an affordable price. The mini IVF cost in Nepal is lower than in developed countries.

Many centres and clinics offer the best light or mini IVF treatment in Nepal. It regulates serious health complications arise in female partners because of fertility medications. The process performs with the fewer medicines used in the IVF treatment and provides conception.

Why does mild IVF recommend in Nepal?

Mild IVF is the best process to conceive a baby with fewer side effects of IVF treatment. It uses rarer medicines than conventional IVF to produce eggs. Your fertility expert will recommend the process in your severe conditions that cause the body to react to fertility medicines. Some women do not face any such problem with fertility medicines, but their bodies respond differently. It affects the normal hormones of the female body and increases their function to boost eggs production and produce more eggs at one time. It recommends in the following conditions of the female partner that will provide better results:-

  • The female partner is younger, which means she can generate quality eggs and has a high probability of becoming pregnant.
  • You have tubal factor infertility issues such as blocked or damaged fallopian tubes that affect the sperm movement.
  • The malefactor is the concern of your infertility issues, and only the female partner has sterility issues.
  • Women who have PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disorder or syndrome) both affect female infertility. Its symptoms react with the fertility medicines used in IVF treatment.
  • You have poor or low ovarian reverse that causes no function with the medication and cause process waste.

Is IVF and mild IVF process different from each other in Nepal?

No, the IVF and mild IVF treatment process in Nepal is similar to that performed with the eggs and sperm of partners. The mini IVF treatment functions with minimal stimulation for egg production. It uses a Low dose of FSH to produce eggs from the ovaries. Fertility medications use in IVF to increase the quality and quantity of the eggs produce from the ovaries. Just ovarian stimulation in both IVF processes is different, and the entire process is similar. Your eggs and sperm will retrieve outside the body for fertilization and transfer back into the female womb. The following is the mild IVF process in Nepal:

  1. Screening and counselling: Your fertility and health will confirm through medical screenings performed in the IVF treatment by your expert. It will analyze the eggs and sperm quality and condition of partners. Your doctor will perform some blood tests, ultrasound, and other examinations. It will check your different conditions, disorders or inherited diseases, etc. After it, the centre counsellor will counsel partners for providing support and managing their stress level.
  2. Ovarian stimulation: Your expert will suggest some oral medicines rather than injectable medicines used in conventional IVF. Your expert will monitor the follicles’ formation with ultrasound and blood tests. The doctor will provide lower doses of fertility medicines or medications with fewer reactions. Your eggs will retrieve from outside the body and released into the uterus using injections.
  3. Egg retrieval: The eggs from the female uterus will collect by the expert as a device. They retrieve your healthy eggs produced through medications. The procedure will involve inserting a catheter with a camera and a light into the uterus, collecting the eggs with a sharp needle, and retrieving them outside through the vaginal opening. The eggs will not have much quantity than in conventional IVF. It will fertilize with sperm that will gather through the male partner and prepares in the lab.
  4. Insemination: In conventional and mini IVF, the eggs and sperm of partners fertilize outside the body. Your specialist will place it on a Petri plate to help sperm float and mix with eggs. It will fertilize some embryos with less quantity than in the conventional IVF process.
  5. Implantation: Your expert will check for the fertilized eggs’ development for some days and select the best to move into the female womb. The catheter will employ again as the embryo will place on it and insert into the uterus.
  6. Pregnancy: The embryo will implant into the female womb, and a blood test can confirm the conception results after two weeks of the process.

What has the mild IVF cost in Nepal? Is it more affordable than conventional IVF?

Mini IVF cost in Nepal is lower than traditional IVF because it performs with lower medications. Fertility medicines have high prices that can affect the entire treatment cost. Chances of a High success rate in mini IVF treatment are low because fewer eggs produce and recover from the female uterus. It will cause some eggs to fertilize and form embryos that one or no fertilized egg for another IVF cycle. You will require another treatment or follow the entire IVF cycle follow again. It will increase the cost of mild IVF in Nepal.

The leading mini IVF Clinic in Nepal is FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. They have advanced technologies and the latest guidance that provides top results in treatments. Your chances will increase through the centre as the process will perform by the top experienced IVF specialists.

IVF Centre Nepal – A hope of bringing new life with a baby

The best centre for IVF treatment in Nepal performs processes with cutting-edge technologies. They believe only in providing everyone happiness through treatments. Many people from different countries select the best IVF clinic in Nepal for the topmost facilities and comfort during the treatment. You do not have to travel to different destinations for other processes and facilities because they provide various approaches and tests required in the treatment. They have many diagnostic testing for IVF procedures and provide accurate rates. Never deprive anyone of expectation for treatment and manage to empathize with them.

The best centre has fertility specialists and doctors with high knowledge and experience performing treatments. Your centre’s process and costs will be transparent, resulting in a low treatment budget. They focus on patient results and pregnancy through the treatment thus have packages for the IVF cost in Nepal. Before starting the IVF process, the best counsellors of the centre provide counselling sessions for couples. It helps in achieving better results with managing stress levels.

Why IVF in Nepal is the best?

Infertility is the most concerning part in some people during the reproductive phase. It affects their ability to conceive the baby, become parents, and have happiness. Many people have problems during pregnancy, some have mild issues that manage through guidance and other easy processes by experts. They recommend top Assisted Reproductive Techniques that provide better results in conception. It helps them manage other problems with infertility and performs by fertility experts.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the leading process of ARTs that provides better results in different problems. Today, many couples globally select IVF for their desired outcomes and have healthy children. It is the treatment that performs with the eggs and sperm of partners to provide the biological child. It accomplishes beneath the guidance of the latest technologies and advanced procedures.

Nepal is the best place for IVF treatment because many centres are present. The IVF cost in Nepal is highly lower than in developed countries. In comparison to industrialized nations various processes and treatments cost in Nepal are reasonable and do not affect patients budgets. It is the best destination for people from different places because IVF and other infertility treatments have the latest technologies. The egg donor IVF cycle in Nepal is available that provides high results.                

How does IVF help infertile couples in Nepal?

The IVF treatment (In Vitro) means in the lab, so the eggs and sperm of partners remove from their bodies. It fertilizes in the lab by the fertility expert and advanced technologies. It provides the best results without a healthy reproduction system that works outside. After it, the expert transfers the fertilized eggs inside the female uterus for pregnancy results. The donor eggs or sperm can help in fertilization, if you do not have healthy self gametes. Other concerns, such as hereditary abnormalities, male infertility, and so on, can be addressed through the IVF process. IVF recommends highly in the following conditions of men and women:-

  • Partners have unexplained infertility reasons and cannot conceive the child
  • The couple has faced several miscarriages, and conception failure need assistance
  • The woman has poor ovulation, ovulation disorder (PCOS) causes poor eggs health
  • The poor fallopian tubes health like blockage or damage
  • The female has uterine fibroids that cause infertility by affecting the embryo implantation into the uterus.
  • The man has improper function and production of sperm through the reproductive tract
  • Anyone has a genetic disorder and risk of transmission into the child

How does IVF work in Nepal?

Before starting the IVF process, the expert will prepare partners. It will perform through various screenings or tests. Your specialist will suggest counselling sessions to help you control your stress and calm your inner revolution. The IVF process provides successful pregnancy results in different infertility problems of partners. It takes place in the lab by the fertility expert and uses advanced technologies for fertility treatments. The IVF treatment cost in Nepal includes different steps and provides successful conception results to the couple, such as:

  1. Preparation: Your fertility expert will perform many stages to prepare you well before the process. It will deliver the best treatment and healthy child through IVF. It includes the ovarian reserve testing that performs with the fertility medicines to know the ovaries reaction to medications. The different infectious diseases will examine that can transmit and affect the child. Your expert will perform uterus checkups to understand the possibility of pregnancy. The centre’s counselling team will offer assistance to the couple and assist them in reducing their stress levels.
  2. Ovulation Induction: It will accomplish through fertility medicines prescribed by the expert. Your ovaries will produce healthy eggs with high maturity of IVF. It stimulates the function and increases the production to release the number of high eggs inside the uterus. Your expert will monitor the step with a blood test and ultrasound.
  3. Collecting eggs and sperm: After 36 hours of the last hormonal injection, the expert will collect the eggs from the female uterus. It will use sedative medicines or general anaesthesia. The retrieval process will perform with a catheter, a flexible and thin tube with a light and camera. It will place into the female vagina to inside the uterus. The eggs will gather through the eggs follicles inside the female uterus. The expert will take a sample of male sperm and prepare it in the lab to select healthy sperm.
  4. Mixing: An expert will fertilize the obtained eggs and sperm in the lab. They place both gametes on a Petri dish where the moving sperm attaches the head to the egg’s shell and enters the cytoplasm. It will make eggs divide into cells and take some days to fertilize. After four to five days, the fertilized eggs and sperm will develop into embryos.
  5. Transfer and results: Your expert will check the fertilized eggs’ growth in the lab for selecting healthy. It will transfer into the female uterus through the vagina using the catheter. It will implant into the uterus lining for pregnancy, and after two weeks, a blood test will confirm the pregnancy result of the couple.  

What has IVF cost in Nepal?

You can have a highly reasonable IVF cost in Nepal than in developed nations. The IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal includes many processes with the latest technologies and provides the best results. It approximately starts from NPR 3,40,000 to NPR 3,50,000. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the topmost fertility clinic in Nepal. They offer packages for various treatments at a reasonable price. They provide the best and most affordable egg donor IVF cycle in Nepal. Their success rate of IVF treatment Nepal is higher because of experienced experts.

How much does the cost of IVF treatment with egg donors?

Why IVF with donor eggs in Nepal?

Infertility is digging feet into the lives of many couples by affecting their chances to become parents. It causes childlessness and the unhappy life of partners. Different conditions are responsible for infertility in men and women. People are living hectic and stressful lives that create problems with their health and fertility. Many couples face infertility issues during the reproductive age and cannot conceive the baby. They want to become parents successful, and the assisted reproductive techniques help them. It works with their gametes to determine whether or not they are pregnant. Because of their additional issues, not every couple can achieve success just through ART procedures. For effective results, healthy eggs and sperm from both spouses will require.

They can have eggs or sperm (gametes) from another healthy person. It is donor assistance as healthy people donate gametes to help people with infertility issues. It collects through the person with better health to perform fertility treatment of the infertile couple. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) provides pregnancy results with donor eggs or sperm. It is the best process for becoming parents successfully and managing other issues. The fertility expert performs it with the egg and sperm of partners.

Nepal has the best facilities and top centres for infertility treatments at affordable costs. Fertility treatment prices in Nepal are significantly lower than in industrialized Western countries. You can have Egg Donor IVF treatment in Nepal with top results. It provides highly successful results of conception in different conditions of female infertility. The IVF cost in Nepal including the donor eggs is still more affordable than in other countries.

What conditions can donor eggs assist in Nepal?

The donor eggs with IVF in Kathmandu Nepal can helpful in different infertility conditions of the female partner. It works with donor eggs that will collect from another healthy lady. It improves conception results in various situations of the female partner causing difficulty conceiving. Your expert will recommend Egg Donor IVF treatment in Nepal in the following problems:

  • Advanced age: The female partner has higher age according to conventional reproductive age. It causes menopause in women and poor egg quality or no egg production. They have fewer chances to become pregnant with self eggs.
  • Premature ovarian failure: Some women face premature menopause that causes poor eggs before 40 years of age. It affects the eggs’ health as poor quality, quality, and function.
  • Inherited disorder: In some conditions, a partner has a high risk of transmitting the genetic disorder into the resulting child. It is the main cause of their several miscarriages. The donor eggs collect through the healthy woman and after genetic disorder diagnosis.
  • IVF failures: If you cannot conceive in several IVF cycles, your expert will recommend donor eggs for healthy eggs and better IVF outcomes.
  • Congenital anomaly: Some women born without ovaries do not make or produce eggs for fertilization. It causes severe infertility in women and no chance of becoming pregnant without third-party reproduction.
  • Treatment: After the cancer treatment, radiation therapy affects the ovaries and causes poor egg quality.

How does IVF with donor eggs processed in Nepal?

The donor eggs increase the IVF success rate in Nepal. It will collect through the healthy woman with good fertility health. The fertility expert collects the eggs through the donor after extensive screening. It will fertilize with the male partner’s sperm and transfer into the prospective mother’s uterus for pregnancy. The egg collects through an anonymous person or the couple can select the donor according to their characteristics as similar eye, skin, and hair colour. The following are steps of IVF with egg donor in Nepal:-

1. Selecting: Once you decide on the IVF with the donor eggs, your expert will recommend selecting a donor or asking the fertility centre. They anonymously supply healthy donor eggs. 

2. Medical screening: The fertility experts will perform different medical and other checkups of the donor and both partners. It will include blood tests, ultrasounds, medical history, and other testing. It will confirm the health and fertility condition of the donor and partners.

3. Counselling:– It will perform for partners that calm their psychological situation before starting the process. They support and educate the couple about the process and their relationship with the child.

4. Synchronization: The fertility expert will prescribe fertility medicines to the egg donor and female partner. It will make the egg donor ovaries produce healthy and more eggs for the fertilization process. It will release into her uterus for retrieval. The prospective mother’s uterus will prepare the medications that increase the uterus function and prepare the uterine lining for successful conception.

5. Collecting eggs and sperm: The eggs will collect through the donor uterus as a device will insert by the expert through the vagina. It will have a sharp needle to aspirate the eggs from follicles and gather outside the uterus. The male partner will produce a semen sample and provide it to the fertility expert. They will prepare it for further function.

6. Insemination: The fertility expert can place the donor eggs and sperm on a Petri plate for fertilization. It can perform through ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) as healthy sperm will inject into each egg directly for insemination. It will form embryos after some days for fertilization.

7. Implantation: Your expert will monitor the fertilization and process of embryos formation in the lab for some days. They will select healthy fertilized eggs for transfer into the female uterus. A catheter will insert with the fertilized egg inside the female uterus through the vagina and set on the uterine lining.

What has IVF cost with the donor eggs in Nepal?

The IVF treatment cost in Nepal is highly affordable than in different countries. It includes top processes with high technologies and approaches in Nepal.  

The donor eggs IVF cost in Nepal ranges from NPR 4,80,000. It includes the donor eggs, medical checkups, eggs, sperm retrieval, fertilization, and insemination. 

The ICSI process need will increase the cost of IVF treatment in Nepal.

The best IVF clinic in Nepal is FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. It has advanced technologies and topmost cutting-edge methods for infertility treatments in Nepal.  You can have reasonable egg donor cost in Nepal through the centre. They have packages and financial help for IVF price Nepal.

Egg freezing for women – Know about the process with a cost.

What is egg freezing in Nepal?

Today, many couples want to hold their pregnancy and parenthood. Meanwhile, they want to give their children a better environment and a brighter future. It requires stable financial background that they will have working and after standing on their feet. They desire to start a family later in life, but reproductive age does not wait for anyone’s wishes. Over time, a person’s reproductive time shortens, leaving them with fewer opportunities.

Egg freezing is the process to save your eggs at a younger age to have pregnant in later years. Many top firms provide their workers egg freezing that will help preserve the eggs. You can use them when you want to become pregnant. It requires healthy eggs that cryopreserve through the fertility expert in a laboratory. For pregnancy results, it thawed and fertilized through the assisted reproductive method.

Egg freezing in Nepal is available with the latest technologies and advanced procedures. It performs to preserve women’s fertility and can conceive in later years. You can have the process done before any radiation therapy that may impair the quality of your eggs and lead to infertility. The egg freezing cost Nepal is more reasonable than in industrialized nations.

When does egg freezing recommend in Nepal?

Your health care advisor will advise the method, will provide healthy eggs after an age or treatment. A successful pregnancy requires a good amount and quality of eggs for fertilization. It will demolish after the age of 35 in females. For pregnancy, it will use in IVF or other assisted reproductive techniques. You have the following situation, egg freezing in Nepal will help you:-

  • You wish to become pregnant in later years as you do not have any plan for conceiving a baby in the current time. It will cause advanced age and later poor eggs quality and numbers. You want to focus on your career and studies first before becoming a mother.
  • The female partner has cancer that treatment will require radiation contact. It will affect the health of the eggs and cause severe infertility in women. Your expert recommends if you are childless or want to become parents in the future.
  • You are selecting IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) that requires collecting the eggs and sperm of partners to collect outside. Your expert can suggest freezing the leftover eggs for future pregnancy. It will help you in the failure of the IVF cycle; another cycle will not require performing the eggs retrieval.
  • You have a high risk of premature ovarian failure that will cause premenopausal and poor egg quality. Your eggs can conserve, will provide conception results in the future.
  • You are undergoing surgery that will damage your ovaries and can cause infertility. It can manage to cryopreserve your eggs before the process.

How do the eggs freeze in the lab? How does it provide conception in Nepal?

Egg freezing performs by collecting the female eggs outside the body. You can preserve your eggs many times and become parents according to your need. In the IVF process, the eggs retrieve from the female uterus. Both are similar, but after collecting the eggs in IVF, they fertilize with sperm and freeze them in the lab. You can have egg freezing in Nepal at a very affordable cost. It is highly affordable than in developed countries. The following is the egg freezing process in Nepal:-

  1. Checkups: The doctor will examine your health to produce healthy eggs of high quality. Your fertility condition will check in the process before collecting the eggs. The blood tests and ultrasound will confirm it, and genetic testing will perform for inherited disorders.
  2. Preparation: The female ovaries will prepare with fertility medicines to produce more eggs at a time. Your doctor will give medications to stimulate the ovaries and increase egg production artificially. It will release with high maturity and released into the uterus.
  3. Collecting: Your doctor will use a catheter will insert inside the female uterus through the vagina. It will equip with a light and a camera to aid in the procedure. The eggs are extracted from the follicles inside the female uterus using a sharp needle. In the lab, it will assemble outside the female uterus.
  4. Freezing: Your expert will freeze the eggs before injecting a solution that will not allow them to form ice crystals. It can damage the eggs, and the entire process will fail.

The following are the steps through you will conceive with frozen eggs in Nepal:-

  1. Melting: for pregnancy, your expert will thaw the frozen eggs in the central lab. It will take back to the conventional temperature by heating or other processes.
  2. Sperm preparing: The expert will collect a semen sample through the male partner or use donor sperm. It will prepare by them that will help in selecting healthy sperm.
  3. Insemination (ICSI): The selected sperm will fill into injection and inject into the mature eggs. It will reach the cytoplasm and fertilize them in a few days.
  4. Transfer: Your doctor will monitor the condition of the embryo for four to five days and select healthy ones. It will place on a catheter and insert inside the female uterus for pregnancy.
  5. Results: The blood test of the female partner after two weeks will confirm the results.

Does egg freezing has any risk to health in Nepal?

Women face similar problems they face during IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). It performs by collecting the eggs through the female uterus. To increase the eggs health, experts prescribe fertility medicines. It causes the effect in some women. You can have the following problems after collecting eggs through inside your uterus:-

  • Egg retrieval: In the process, a device will insert into the female uterus and collect the eggs with a sharp needle. It can cause severe bleeding, pain, bowel, and other parts damage.
  • Psychological damage: It does not assure successful results after egg freezing. After the freezing, they may lose their normal function and do not have any prediction time.
  • Medicines:  The fertility medications used to increase the health of the eggs will provide better results. It affects the body hormones and can cause nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloating and vomiting, etc. Sometimes in rare cases, it causes severe problems in the female such as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).
What has egg freezing cost in Nepal? 

The egg freezing cost in Nepal is fare than in developed countries globally. You can preserve your eggs for a lifetime and become pregnant as per your choice. The cost of egg freezing Nepal depends on various factors required in your process. It will affect the time limit you select for the freezing, medical checkups performed for your health screening, and fertility medicines type.

The egg freezing price in Nepal includes fertility medicines, retrieving the eggs, and freezing them. The best centre has low cost egg freezing in Nepal with advanced facilities. The egg freezing cost Nepal ranges from NPR 50,000 to NPR 70,000. Many fertility centres are present in Nepal with their particular process price. The best egg freezing clinic Nepal has top procedures and the latest technologies. They have highly affordable egg freezing cost in Kathmandu. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best fertility centre in Nepal with top approaches and advanced methods.

Hysteroscopy treatment in Nepal at affordable cost.

What is hysteroscopy in Nepal?

Today, the advancement of science is touching the sky and has made the journey more convenient. Just a single switch touch manages your entire household. The latest methods through science ensure that any disease or problem is not left untreated. Hysteroscopy is the best process that views the inner condition of a female uterus. It performs by inserting a device inside the female uterus through the vagina. It has a light and a camera to make the inside visible to the expert. They can locate any issue present inside the uterus and treat it for better health. It is an advanced approach that does not require incisions or cuts on the female abdomen. It does not leave any scars or take a long time for recovery. Patients can continue their work in just a few days after the procedure.

People in developed countries cannot afford the procedure because it is too expensive. Many patients select growing nations for their more reasonable and suitable processes. The hysteroscopy cost in Nepal is highly affordable than in Canada, the U.S.A., the U.S., Russia, and other countries. Hysteroscopy Nepal is available in many centres with the latest technologies.  

How does it help in female infertility in Nepal?

Hysteroscopy is the best procedure for testing female infertility issues. It examines the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes’ health inside the body. Your expert can use the process to check the inside condition or perform surgery to remove the problem.

It can examine different issues:-

  • The various symptoms can check through it as the uterus’s health and other organs condition will show on the monitor.
  • The woman has heavy bleeding, irregular menstruation, spotting, or bleeding between periods.
  • You have symptoms or a risk of having uterine cavity issues or fibroids,
  • The female who is suffering from the severe lower back, abdomen, or pelvic pain
  • Multiple miscarriages or inability to conceive after many attempts

It can treat different problems:- 

  • You have fibroids, non-cancerous growths inside the uterus that hysteroscopy can remove.
  • The woman has endometriosis and a heavy uterine lining that causes infertility.
  • Dilation and curettages perform with hysteroscopic surgery that removes the abnormal growths inside the uterus.
  • Any adhesion or uterine malformation can treat by the process.  

What is the hysteroscopic procedure in Nepal?

Hysteroscopy in Nepal is the best process for different problems related to female fertility. It performs with an advanced instrument inserts inside the female vagina and uterus. It locates the difficulties present inside the female reproductive tract and removes them with the latest technologies. It is the most successful and least invasive method of eliminating the infertility problems present inside the body. It has two modes of operation: diagnostic and operative.

  1. Diagnostic: This process uses to determine the issues that produce the symptoms that women are experiencing. Your expert will recommend it in pelvic pain, heavy periods, spotting, abnormal bleeding, heaviness in your abdomen, etc. It will diagnose the problem through a camera attached to the instrument.
  2. Operative: It can treat the issue right away by locating it. The small surgical instruments will insert into the uterus to remove the problem and manage the conventional function. It treats fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, and other issues causing infertility or other difficulties.

Hysteroscopic Procedure in Nepal:

  1. Your expert will prepare you for the process with general anaesthesia. It will put you in a state of unconsciousness, and you will not feel any pain or discomfort during any incision.
  2. A speculum will use by your expert to open the vagina and cervix. It will help them insert the hysteroscope inside the female uterus.
  3. A light and camera-equipped instrument (hysteroscope) will be inserted into the vagina to examine the cervix and uterus.
  4. Your expert will insert a solution or carbon dioxide gas inside the uterus will expand and clear the blood and mucus from the female reproductive tract.
  5. The light will focus on the different parts, and the camera will send images to the expert monitor. Your doctor will check the uterus and fallopian tubes for health.
  6. Your conditions will require surgery or removal so the expert will insert the small surgical devices inside the uterus through the vagina. It will remove the problems and manage the functions.
  7. The surgical instruments and hysteroscope will remove from the female uterus.  

How can hysteroscopy costs vary in Nepal?

The hysteroscopy cost in Nepal is lower than in different countries. The affordable cost of Hysteroscopy in Nepal includes anaesthetic, liquid solution, and other expenses, is very reasonable. Your hysteroscopy price in Nepal will depend on different parameters and factors.

Uterus problems

Your uterus condition has the problem of endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, or any other non-cancerous growth. The size and location of the problem will influence the hysteroscopy cost Nepal.


If you have a critical problem or severe allergy to anaesthesia, will not perform as your expert will use different sedative medicines that increase the cost of hysteroscopy in Nepal.

Process requirement:

You are selecting a process for diagnosing the issues that locate the problem so surgery will perform at the same time.

Additional process:

Other approaches like dilation and curettages or laparoscopy will increase the cost of your hysteroscopy Nepal.

What are the hysteroscopic benefits and risks to female health?

Hysteroscopy has many advantages that make the process more beneficial in different infertility problems of the female. It performs with minimal pain because no incision or cut requires making on the body. It will lower your risk of infection from the wound or any cut. Only anaesthesia performs in the process, and some pain-relieving medicines do not affect the health, unlike in other surgeries.

Some females have a few consequences of the process that affect their health, like:-

  • Uterine infection can cause by the device inserted inside the female uterus.
  • A few females have problems with anaesthesia use that cause allergies.
  • Breathing issues
  • Heavy bleeding and severe pelvic pain
  • Any reaction to the liquid solution used in the process.

The best hysteroscopy clinic in Nepal (FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL) tries to perform treatment procedures with minimal pain and discomfort. They have top fertility doctors and specialists with extensive expertise and certification. They perform processes with the latest technologies and top-notch approaches.


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