What Every Woman Should Know about her Fertility?

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What Every Woman Should Know about her Fertility?

You are trying to get pregnant now or considering it for the future, there are certain facts which you should know about your fertility that help you better to make decisions towards planning your family. The following are several things which every woman should know about her fertility and these are:

a) You are fertile for 2 to 7 days every month: Knowing the time of your ovulation is one of the key factors to achieve a successful pregnancy. It is not necessary that you record your timings of intercourse it does help to know how to determine when you ovulate. In most of the cases, it is not difficult to figure out the time of your ovulation. You can track your ovulation time by charting, record a few months of basal body temperature (BBT); cervical mucus tracking and ovulation predictor kits can give more power which increases your desire to conceive. At Fertility Center Nepal, we have highly skilled and trained professionals who will guide you through the entire process of tracking your fertility and ovulation time. Contact at Fertility Center Nepal and book your appointment if you are not sure how to track your fertility and ovulation.

b) Consider your biological clock: According to the study, it becomes difficult for older women to get pregnant as her fertility starts declining with her increased age. The best age to conceive a baby is still 28 years which most of the couples not preferred as they are busy with their careers, not found the right partner etc. can be the reasons.

According to the surveys, it has been found the couples who wish to conceive a baby naturally they have 85% chances till they reach the age of 32 years, however, the couples who wish to opt for an IVF treatment they can conceive a baby at the age of 35 years with 90% of the success rates. For more details in conceiving a baby over the age of 35 years contact Fertility Center Nepal.

c) Unhealthy lifestyle affects fertility: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not cure your fertility 100% as there are several factors involve due to which your fertility gets impacted, however, there are few habits which you need to track while conceiving and these are as follows:

  • Smoking: You know that smoking can speed up age-related infertility and it can illicit earlier menopause.
  • Body weight: Obesity is one of the most common factors which you need to keep in mind while planning to have a baby. According to the study, the weight loss of around 5 to 10% of your total body weight can lead to the restoration of ovulation especially for the women with PCOS. Also, underweight can cause the master endocrine gland which regulates hormones of women. In these cases, you need to maintain an ideal body weight according to your body mass index (BMI) to rebalance optimal hormone levels which are required for fertility.
  • Unhealthy food habits: Your healthy diet will not a fix solution for infertility, however, it has been found that a healthy diet can help in boosting your fertility. By taking proper nutrition will help your body on many levels. For example, the egg cells need a large amount of cellular energy to function properly, and the uterus lining must grow to a certain thickness so a fertilized egg can properly implant in women your uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy. These are only a few of a vast number of biological processes which are mainly depending on proper intake nutrients. At Fertility Center Nepal, the fertility experts educate you on the best foods to eat to increase your fertility and the future health of your child.

d) Irregular cycle and Painful periods are not a good sign: To some extent it is normal to have painful or irregular cycles after your period first begins, until your monthly cycle naturally regulates it; however, the fertility expert says that it is not normal to have consistently irregular or very painful periods during your adult age. You will face some minor discomforts such as mild cramping, fatigue and bloating which are not good signs and cannot be considered as normal, however anything outside of this realm, especially when it does not affects your daily routine, is normal. Yoga, acupuncture, lifestyle, and changes in nutritional diet, herbal therapy, high-quality supplements, and medical foods etc. can help u in balancing your body’s hormones so that your monthly cycle will not be affected and you experience positive results each month.

If you face severe menstrual cramps which are affecting your daily life can be a result of endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or a hormonal imbalance and all these can result in infertility. Chronically irregular cycles can indicate that you are dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is one of the most complex and often diffuse disease processes which have a strong component of insulin resistance associated with it. The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal are highly experienced professionals who will regulate and treat these problems holistically.

What are the other options if the couple has infertility issues?

There are various other options available at Fertility Center Nepal if you are unable to conceive naturally due to the cause of infertility. Medical approaches include using fertility drugs to stimulate ovaries, in some cases surgery is advisable, and fertility procedure like intrauterine insemination (IUI) in which sperm is collected and placed in the women uterus. Some people use an advanced procedure like in vitro fertilization (IVF), in which eggs and sperm are harvested outside the women body, fertilized in a laboratory and then implanted in the women uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy.

The other way is that women can freeze their eggs in their twenties which mean the women healthy eggs are removed in her adult age and preserved for later use. This procedure is mainly used by those couples who do not wish to have a baby at an early age and later they wish to have their own baby by using their own eggs. This technique of egg freezing has produced more than 3000 babies so far.

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