Sperm donor

Sperm donation is the way to have a baby when your partner is unable to produce healthy sperm or male partner may go through some disease.For the sperm donation, you may undergo some general physical tests.sperm-donation
The Doctor performs general tests just to check that spermsare healthy and active. Donated sperm can be used in IVF treatment. Before the sperm donation process, doctors start checking your sperm for 6 months. In this time,the doctor will analyze if there is any infection or any disease.
Spermsare only donated on the private legal agreement. Sperm donation is commonly undertaken at a sperm bank or fertility clinic. A sperm donor may donate his sperm directly to recipient women, at a clinic known as a sperm bank or fertility clinic.
The recipient can choose the donor on the basis of age, color, personality, ability and many other factors. The legal agreement is sign between both the donor and recipient.

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Sperm donation commonly assists heterosexual couples unable to produce children because of ‘male factor’ fertility problems; it is also used as a means to enable single women (termed choice mothers) and single and coupled lesbians to have children.

Screening before sperm donation

Before sperm donation,the doctor will check some information.

  • Age:- donor age should be in between 10-39.
  • Physical Test: – some basic test like urine test, HIV etc. test performed on the donor.
  • Semen Testing: – before providing each sample you may undergo semen test for checking the movement, quality of the sperm.
  • Genetic Testing: – a blood sample is analyzed just to check if there is any genetic disease exists.
  • Personal & sexual history: – you need to provide a detailed history of activities, drug use, risk factors, personal history.

If all the reports are normal and you will pass the test, the doctor will ask you to donate the sperm.

Risk of the sperm donation

The main risk in the sperm donation is aninfection, particularly when if thedoctor will use the sperm of the donors who isundergo extensive infection. Sometimes Known donors may be seen as the child’s legal father unless legal donor agreements have been drawn up by fertility lawyers.

Success Rates

The Success rate of the pregnancy by using sperm donation is depending on the many factors like age and health of the recipient. The success rate also depends on the  donor sperm count if the sperm count is good chances of getting pregnant are more.


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