PGS ( Preimplantation Genetic Screening )

PGS ( Preimplantation Genetic Screening )

PGS is  abbreviated  form of Preimplantation Genetic screening  which  is an infertility treatment technique to be performed on the small embryos biopsy before the transfer procedure and identifies the male and female embryos and also the embryos which are chromosomally normal . PGS technique is based upon the removal of the cells from the embryos on 3 or the 5 day after fertilization.


PGS  technique is the used for the potential couples  who are interested to prevent the pregnancy of a child with some genetic disabilities .PGS  is performed on  the couples once the woman’s eggs have been retrieved and fertilization has occurred.

PGS is preferred why….?

  • PGS technique is widely preferred over other technique for many elder women as women of higher age tends to have risk of pregnancy with genetic disabilities .
  • Patients with variant chromosomal conditions can reduces the chances of inhering the chromosomal disability in a child by the usage of this PGS treatment.
  • Potential couples with the belief in family balancing.
  • PGS is suggested for males specifically because mostly the male embryos are observed with chromosomal disorders thus PGS reduces the chances of passing the genetic disorders to the child.

Procedure for PGS..

PGS technique is based on testing the embryos for genetic disabilities prior to the embryo transfer for pregnancy. PGS technique  involves the biopsy of one or more cell from each embryo that are to be tested from each and every embryo which is further proceeded with genetic analysis using a technique called CGH or NGS(Next Generation Sequencing). Further ,the embryos with with the normal chromosomes are transferred back  to the uterus. The embryos with the correct no. of normal chromosomes are having more potential of getting successful result for implantation of embryo and healthy and prosperous pregnancy.

Pros of PGS.

  • Genetically Abnormal Chromosomes are highly prone to end after implantation and sometimes they cant even be embedded. So if the PGs techniques is used as an infertility treatment that increases the chances of the having healthy pregnancy as it involves the replacement of the normal embryos with the disabilities having higher chances of getting implanted by healthy embryos and leading to the increase the probability of giving a birth to a healthy child .
  • PGS  of aneupolidy has already shown the two fold implantation results that has reduced the risks of the miscarriages and pregnancy failures by more than half and increased the chances of healthy pregnancy  by high rates.

Budget for PGS….

Overall the PGS treatment  cost is added to the IVF treatment cost which may increase by aan amount  approximate to 5000$ to 6000$ which may vary according to the country choosen for treatment and the hospitals selected . In various cases the medical insurances cover the expanses to a greater extent which is a big relief for the patient .

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