Surrogacy process

Being a parent of a baby and that to enjoy the parenthood is the best feeling anyone can have on this earth. And to give this feeling of happiness to each and everyone we here at the IVF Nepal aims to provides the best infertility treatment and the surrogacy is one of them.

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Below written steps are the basic guide for the patient or anyone else to know how to get your treatment involving surrogacy to give birth to the child. Your guide to the treatment procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Consult with the Expert doctor

An intended parent should consult the doctor and clear the queries one have and then choose the best option to plan the family.

Step 2: Selection of Surrogate mother / Egg donor or Sperm Donor

At this step the surrogate mother needs to be chosen ,this could be either done by the intended parents or the clinic staff can help the patient’s out to find the one and familiarize them with the surrogacy process.

Step 3: Medical Examination and Documentation

After the selection of the surrogate mother, she has to undergo all the medical examination to determine her health and then the required legal documentation can be carried out and finalized by the attorneys.

Step 4: Commencement of IVF Medical Cycle

After all the documentation work that needs to be done has finished and the medical examination has been done, IVF treatment cycle starts with the IVF doctor syncing everyone’s cycles together. After this, all the medical treatment is started for the intended mother and the surrogate mother or the egg or the sperm donor. After that, with some weeks the retrieval of the eggs can occur and the transfer of the embryos can also take place for 3-5 days followed by the egg retrieval process from the intended mother or the egg donor.

Step 5:Pregnancy Test

Now finally this is the step where the procedure results are experienced and the intended mother, as well as the surrogate mother, have been waiting for. At this step, the surrogate mother that have been selected now undergoes the pregnancy test .This test is to discover and find if the surrogate mother is pregnant and is ready to take stairs to give birth to a new life and further plan the creation of the family of the intended mother.

Step 6: Final Step

So ,now this is final step that holds the breath of the intended mother, surrogate mother or the egg or the sperm donor. The surrogate mother is now prepared to give birth to the baby on one side and on the other side, all the parental rights paperwork is done. Now the intended mother and her family are ready to have a new member in their family and also let’s enjoy the intended parents to enjoy the parenthood.


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