Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

Vasectomy is a treatment to control the birth. Reverse vasectomy_picvasectomy is a treatment to reconnects the tubes which were cut at the time of vasectomy. Vasectomy Reversal Surgery is usually an outpatient procedure; you need to stay in the hospital at least for 1 day.

Vasectomy is done under a special microsurgery. When the tubes are joined sperm start flowing through the urethra. If the excessive inflammation or scarring has occurred in this process, sperm may be blocked from getting to the vas deferens.

Vasectomy reversal is done when men want to be fertile again. Normal vasectomy increases the success rate of pregnancy around 50%. After the reversal vasectomy Sperm pass through the tubes in the semen and you may able to get your partner pregnant.

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Vasectomy is less expensive and most common approach used to reconnect the vas tubes. In the Reversal Vasectomy, a general anesthesia is given to the patient before the surgery.

Before reversal vasectomy is done, your wants to confirm some points.

  • You were fertile before vasectomy or not.
  • Tests are performed to check whether you have antibodies in semen or not.
  • Complete medical history

  • The Doctor makes the small cuts in the scrotum to check the vas deferens and try to find out the vasectomy.
  • Doctor first check there is a blockage in the tubes or not. If there is no blockage doctor exacts the fluids from the vas deferens and check if it contains sperm.
  • If sperms are present, the doctor will perform are verse Doctor will rejoin the tubes.
  • If your doctor finds some damage or blockage; the doctor will find another way around the damaged section and then reconnect the tubes.

  • Infection at the site of surgery
  • Sometimes fluid may be build up in the scrotum
  • Internal injury may occur around the scrotum

The success rate of reversal vasectomy can be 90%. Success rate becomes higher if experience micro surgeon performs the procedure. The success also depends on the age of the patient. If the age of the patient is

What are the vasectomy reversal surgery success rates in Nepal?

You can achieve the highest fertility treatment success rate in Nepal. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has the top procedures and technologies. It helps in achieving the top outcome. Also, the best fertility expert performs the treatment. It provides better results in different conditions.

Still, your fertility treatment success rate in Nepal depends on the following factors:

(1)   Age: Age is the biggest factor in conception chances. The female partner in advanced age has fewer chances. And the couple at a younger age has high possibilities. Because their reproductive system produces healthy gametes. And in advanced age, the couple’s eggs and sperm health decreases.

(2)   Infertility: Your infertility conditions need the method accordingly. In severe issues, advanced and multiple procedures require. It helps you achieve a top outcome in various problems. If you choose the right treatment, the conception possibilities are higher.

(3)   Treatment: Many fertility treatments in Nepal are available. This helps in the conception result of the couple. Also, their expert recommends the best method with advanced approaches.

(4)   You need to choose the best centre with highly advanced approaches and technologies. It will help in your treatment process and better results.

(5)   Doctor: The highly experienced fertility doctor provides the best treatment. They also focus on every patient’s comfort and high satisfaction.


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How does IVF injection help?

The IVF injections will use by the expert to increase female egg production. Also, it improves the health and maturity of the eggs. Your IVF process will have more healthy eggs for successful treatment. With it, the medications have different types. And it depends on your fertility and egg production health. These medications will recommend by your fertility expert to the female partner. And it continues for more than 10 to 15 days. Then, the process involves a hormonal injection. It is injected by the expert to release the healthy eggs inside the female uterus.

Can male infertility be manageable with IVF?

Yes, your fertility expert can recommend IVF treatment for male infertility conditions also. Because, the best IVF involves collecting the male semen sample in the lab. Then, the expert prepares it with advanced technologies and selects the highly motile and healthy sperm. It fertilizes with healthy eggs and provides top pregnancy outcomes. Also, IVF can include different advanced approaches and methods. As the top treatment for azoospermia (no sperm count), poor sperm production, abnormal sperm formation, poor mobility, etc. These conditions can manage with the advanced technologies in IVF. And you can achieve a successful pregnancy outcome.

What are gametes freezing in IVF?

Eggs and freezing is the best technique to save your healthy gametes in IVF. As IVF involves multiple eggs and sperm retrieval. Then, one or two fertilized eggs implant inside the female uterus. It means the process still left many fertilized or non-fertilized gametes or embryos. So, your expert can recommend cryopreservation. Because, it will provide healthy eggs, sperm, or fertilized eggs for future pregnancy. You can have the best IVF process again without facing the invasive stage again. It also saves your treatment charges.

Does IVF include anaesthesia?

The IVF treatment has the best procedure. It is the topmost that includes only a few stages with the invasive method. Yes, IVF includes the anesthetic approach for a better and pain-free method. It uses by the expert during the collection of the female eggs. Then, anaesthesia needs in implanting the fertilized egg inside the female uterus. It helps in calming the female partner and makes them unconscious for a little time. Because the expert inserts the catheter inside the female uterus through the vagina. Then, they use a needle to collect the eggs by aspirating the follicles.

How can I become pregnant with poor eggs?

Your conception chances with poor egg conditions are lower. Because, they have a few chances of fertilizing with the sperm. And it will not form healthy fertilized eggs. So, your expert can recommend the donor eggs. These are the healthy eggs from the fit donor. It fertilizes by the expert with the male partner’s sperm. And implant inside the female uterus for a successful pregnancy outcome. It provides better pregnancy results because healthy eggs have used.

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