Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

Vasectomy is a treatment to control the birth. Reverse vasectomy_picvasectomy is a treatment to reconnects the tubes which were cut at the time of vasectomy. Vasectomy is usually an outpatient procedure; you need to stay in the hospital at least for 1 day.

Vasectomy is done under a special microsurgery. When the tubes are joined sperm start flowing through theurethra. If the excessive inflammation or scarring has occurred in this process, sperm may be blocked from getting to the vas deferens.

Vasectomy reversal is done when men want to be fertile again. Normal vasectomy increases the success rate of pregnancy around 50%. After the reversal vasectomy Sperm pass through the tubes in the semen and you may able to get your partner pregnant.

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Vasectomy is less expensive and most common approach used to reconnect the vas tubes. In the Reversal Vasectomy, a general anesthesia is given to the patient before the surgery.

Before reversal vasectomy is done, your wants to confirm some points.

  • You were fertile before vasectomy or not.
  • Tests are performed to check whether you have antibodies in semen or not.
  • Complete medical history

  • The Doctor makes the small cuts in the scrotum to check the vas deferens and try to find out the vasectomy.
  • Doctor first check there is ablockage in the tubes or not. If there is no blockage doctor exacts the fluids from the vas deferens and check if it contains sperm.
  • If sperms are present,thedoctor will perform areverse Doctor will rejoin the tubes.
  • If your doctor finds some damage or blockage;thedoctor will find another way around the damaged section and then reconnect the tubes.

  • Infection at the site of surgery
  • Sometimes fluid may be build up in the scrotum
  • Internal injury may occur around the scrotum

The success rate of reversal vasectomy can be 90%. Success rate becomeshigherif experience micro surgeon performs the procedure. The success also depends on the age of the patient. If the age of the patient is



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