Eggs and embryos which are followed after fertilization are surrounded by a shell referred as zona pellucida which isbeautiful baby looking out from under blanket said to play an important role in the fertilization process as among the numerous no of sperms that reaches the eggs only one sperm is able to make its way to complete the fertilization process. This layer (zona pellucida) protects the egg as well as the pre-embryo too from the immunological and the mechanical effects while the sperm is traveling towards the uterine cavity from inside the tube.

For the implantation of the egg in the endometrium layer on reaching the uterus, it needs to be hatched from this protective shell. This process of implantation takes place on the 5th day when the embryo is in its blastocyst stage. As the embryo grows and burst out ,the shell breaks down and if this shell does not breakdown due to some of the reason then this embryo will not be able to get implanted and grow further.

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Assisted hatching is one of the micromanipulation process involving a small hole formation with the usage of special techniques or by making the membrane thinner inside the zona pellucid layer ( which surrounds the embryo) directly before transplantation. This small hole is the key factor assisting the process of embryo hatching and its implantation afterward.

At what age is AHA encouraged?

  • Age factor– the female partner is older than 37
  • Egg quantity and quality factor – cases in which the woman’s day 3 follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) level is elevated, or with a low AMH level or low antral follicle count
  • Embryo quality factor– cases with poor quality embryos (excessive fragmentation or slow rates of cell division)
  • Zona factor– cases with embryos that have a thick outer shell (zona pellucida)
  • Previous IVF failure– cases that have had one or more previous failed IVF cycles

Pregnancy rates for AHA treatment

Pregnancy rates for IVF treatment with assisted hatching(AHA) are higher than other IVF treatment without hatching .The rate of the embryo implantation with assisted hatching ahs increased over the time leading  to high pregnancy rates in most of the clinics offering IVF treatment.

Proper care is to be taken while the assisted hatching is done and it needs to be done by the expert embryologists only as the embryos are likely to get damaged without the hatching and thus leading to the lower pregnancy rates.

The success rates of the various IVF treatment vary from one IVF center to the other depending o the hatching technique used, the overall  quality of the laboratory and the individuals skills of the person performing the hatching and the transfer skills of the embryologist.

Cost for AHA

The cost for the Assisted hatching is likely to less as compared to the other infertility treatment like ICSI or any other. But the main pricing for the treatment detail varies widely from clinic to clinic.

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