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Fertility Center Nepal has a great reputation for delivering best results in the field of infertility treatments .Our main motto is to provide the most appropriate treatment to the couples that provides good success rate, as well as the treatment, is on their budget too. FCN in this way completely takes care of each and every patient individual need.

why_choose_us Infertility treatments like IVM ,ICSI, IVF have found its great use in the recent years due to increasing in the infertility rates and hereby FCN provides the infertility treatment in the prominent cities of Nepal like Nepalgunj,Biratnagar,Kathmandu,Pokhara etc to the citizens of Nepal as well as the foreign citizens too. FCN is able to provide facility using advanced methodologies which are possible only due to advancement in the field of medical sciences only. If anyone of you or your friend is facing infertility issues than FCN is the place where they can find the best solution available to their queries and problems. Routine Checkup is provided to the patient and the patient is assisted on all kind of treatments available at each step to have great results at FCN.

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With the treatment at FCN, the infertile couple and their family have complete support in each are like medical treatments as well as emotional support to the patient .FCN have access to the best treatments available due to the availability of top doctors available from India and Nepal using the best available advanced technology. Here FCN provides the best nursing practice too and thus promise to deliver the best possible results as it has been doing over the years by providing support and providing a back to the patient in every perspective and thus helping the patient to deliver the healthy baby and enabling the infertile couple to enjoy the feeling of parenthood.


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