IVF Process

Many of the female partners are not able to fertilize and give birth to a new life and to overcome this IVF treatment is taken into consideration. After this IVF treatment by the couple pregnancy rate among the women is increases.IVF treatment is usually used to overcome various fertility issues and improves the chances of the baby.

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So this IVF Treatment is executed in 12 steps. This IVF treatment is completed in around six weeks. Various steps included in this process are:

Step 1: Specialist Appointment at initial

At the initial stage, the appointment is booked with a fertility specialist who will review all your reports for the present and the past reports so that the treatment could be carried accordingly.

Step 2: Consultation before treatment

Once again the meeting is conducted with the specialist to confirm how the treatment would be carried out and all the queries of couples regarding treatment should be cleared at this stage and then all the required documents of the consent are signed .If anyone of you is under any kind of medical treatment it’s important to make the doctor aware of it so that it does not cause any hindrance in the treatment and there are no side effects of the medicines taken in the treatment.

Step 3: Beginning of the treatment

On the beginning of the treatment, the medication needed for the treatment is given by the nurse who further explains the treatment cycle and teaches how to self –administer the Follicle Stimulating Hormone Injections.

Step 4: Stimulation of Hormone

FSH is administered through a diabetic style pen which stimulates the ovaries among the females for the production of more eggs to achieve the high success rate of fertilization and pregnancy .

Step 5: Monitoring the treatment

A Regular blood test is carried out for measuring the hormone levels and the ultrasound to measure the size and no. of ovarian follicles. It helps for the determination of the proper time for egg collection.

Step 6: Trigger the injection

On having the optimum no and the follicle size ,egg collection is planned and the injection of HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin)for triggering purpose and then followed by operation for egg collection after 36 or 38 hours.

Step 7: Egg collection in day surgery

Egg collection is done under the ultrasound guidance during the day surgery

Step 8: Fertilization of egg

Eggs collected in the above step are placed in the culture medium in the laboratory for fertilization with the sperm in this step.

Step 9: Embryo Development

Eggs and the sperms are placed in the incubators and then are examined by the doctors for determining if the fertilization has been carried out.

Step 10: Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer takes 5 days to complete after the egg collection. These embryos are then transferred into the uterus through the cervix.

Step 11: Embryo Freezing

Embryos which are not used in the treatment can be frozen for the future use by oneself or for the donation purpose.

Step 12: Pregnancy Test

The pregnancy test is conducted after the completion of the treatment to evaluate the success of the treatment.


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