Surrogacy success rate

Infertility treatments in Nepal are offered with the exclusive service across some of the cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj etc. at an affordable range that does not even burn a hole in the pocket of the intended mother.

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Treatment is offered to the resident of the Nepal as well as to the foreign residents which come to the Nepal for the infertility treatment. Surrogacy treatment in Nepal is offered at a very reasonable rate due to the availability of the surrogate mothers at affordable prices in Nepal.

The surrogate mother once declared as fit medically they are eligible to be a surrogate mother and they simultaneously help to increase the success rate of the surrogacy whereas the success rates of the surrogacy depends on multiple factors like:

  • Infertility cause
  • Age of the intended mother
  • Genetical reasons
  • Quality of the sperms
  • Quality of embryos
  • Response to ovarian stimulation.

Like in the case of the IVF, the age of the intended mother and the surrogate mother is the high deciding factor for the success of the surrogacy .The success rate of the surrogacy is quite high for the woman under the age of under 30’s as compared to the results for the woman above 40 yrs in age .The success rate of surrogacy in Nepal is almost 60 % for the intended mothers and  75 % for surrogacy with OD for the woman.


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