Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

The process of storage of females eggs and freezing them  to preserve their fertility is called egg freezing. Fertility eggsamong all living organism is said to be age-dependent and is more likely for the human beings, therefore, the age of the woman is the key factor in determining the fertility chances, the eggs of a woman of 30 yrs of age are more successful for the conception purpose than those elder than this age.

Egg freezing is done at early stages of reproductive age as it increases the chances of fertility in our future age if in case you face any of the fertility problems in future and also preserves one’s fertility.

Nowadays, there is an increase in the number of miscarriages and other certain abnormalities like Down’s syndrome due to carelessness or it may be due to increased age therefore as a precaution one may adopt freezing their egg to reduce their risk by freezing their eggs for future usage as and when required. By the improvement in the field of medical sciences, there is an increase in the successful egg freezing process also which resulted in the birth of many babies around the world using that frozen egg which was matured further.

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Freezing of eggs is encouraged why?

Due to many social and the medical reasons the egg freezing process is encouraged these days  as it’s risky to give birth to a new life when the one is at the most fertile stage so egg freezing is encouraged .A lot of medical reasons are also prevalent which are taken into consideration as the precaution of egg freezing which ranges from impaired ovarian function to preempting chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

For the storage of eggs, one needs to understand the limits of the storage time and needs to be in contact with the clinic.

  • On agreeing to the egg freezing and storage process, your physician will explain the complete process and the risk involved with them. The physician should be very open to discussing the donor’s feeling and other concern.
  • The donor will be screened for the infectious diseases like HIV Aids, Hepatitis B, and C.
  • The donor needs to give consent in written form for the egg storage.
  • The freezing solution is added for the egg storage to protect the eggs when they are frozen.
  • The Eggs are frozen by slowly cooling them or by the vitrification .

  • Storage period for eggs is normally 10 years and this period may be exceeded in some circumstances only. Your physician need to explain whether if you can do this, and for how long your egg can be stored.
  • •    Your Clinic must be aware in the case in case of any address change .This is done so that the clinic is able to get in touch with you when the storage period is about to end otherwise they may destroy your eggs if you were unable to be in touch with them.


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