Mild IVF

Mild IVF

Mild IVF is one of the form IVF treatment that is to be mild-ivfcarried out within the natural menstrual cycle and uses minimal doses of fertility drugs so as to achieve a mild response to stimulation. Mild IVF is basically used to create fertility. Mild IVF results are more natural which are friendly to our body as well safer and less costly. Mild IVF is also referred to as “Mini IVF” .Mini IVF uses minimal medical doses as compared to others because in another IVF treatment the medication is given for approximately 4-5 weeks and for Mild IVF medication is given for just 5-9 days.

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Mild IVF focuses on the quality of the eggs and the embryos and didn’t focus on the quantity .In Mild IVF treatment gentle stimulation of egg is there working with the body rather than just working against it, a minimal no of eggs which are in good health are taken.

Working of IVF

Mild IVF treatment is almost similar to the conventional IVF treatment but with little changes

  • Lower dosage of fertility drugs taken for a short period of time.
  • Fertility drugs used for the treatment does not suppress your natural IVF cycle whereas the medication in case of IVF treatment suppresses the natural cycle. This shortens the length of drug treatment by two weeks avoiding menopausal side effects.
  • Due to the lower usage of the drugs, lesser number of eggs are available for the collection.
  • The embryos which have not been used for treatment can be frozen and stored for future requirement.
  • One need not wait for long if the treatment is not successful .You may go for another treatment cycle as the lower dosage of drugs is used.

Advantages of Mild IVF


Mild Stimulation IVF provides high success rate avoiding any side effects ,complications and the cost of IVF treatment.

Higher quality embryos

Usage of High-quality embryos and eggs for fertilization.

Better implantation

The wombs are more favorable for implantation in Mild IVF. The high stimulating drugs and estrogen levels in conventional IVF can adversely impact the chances of implantation affecting the future health of the baby.

Natural and patient-friendly approach with less stress
The treatment is carried out in your own natural menstrual cycle and the associated physical and emotional stress in considerably reduced compared with conventional treatment.

Shorter treatment time

The time required for Mild IVF treatment is much shorter taking only 2 weeks. Combined with the reduction in side effects from having fewer drugs, treatment becomes much less stressful.

Safer treatment

Mild Stimulation IVF is safer than conventional IVF. Lower dosage of the drugs reduces the risks and side effects associated with Stimulated IVF, including the risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

 Affordable Cost

Lower dosage of drugs reduces the cost of MILD IVF treatment.

Freezing of embryo for future use

Good quality embryo’s that need not be used for treatment at present can be frozen and stored for future usage.



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