It’s very difficult to deal with the problem of infertility and due to this, the couples face various emotional imbalances and the self-mental imbalance in some cases. And in case if the intended couple is HIV positive then the possibility to enjoy the parenthood is even more difficult. But due to the improvement of medical science in every corner, it is now possible. Yes … Now it is possible for the HIV positive couple also to feel the happiness and enjoy the moment of being a parent of a new life.
Here it needs to keep an eye on the thing that if the couple is HIV positive the additional care is to take for the new intended baby to protect the baby from this disease and this care should also be specialized so that it implies us the surety of a healthy baby without any risk.

Various factor which is to be kept in mind and also be followed are:

  • Underline illness stability and control by a specialist with more regular follow-ups.
  • Fertility related advice in order to program the pregnancy under the best possible conditions or to rule it out in some cases at all.
  • Artificial Insemination with washed sperm for HIV cases
  • Assisted Reproduction Techniques in cases where a fertility problem may exist in either of partner.

We all second that HIV positive can now conceive due to medical advances and it’s undoubtedly expected to have rigorous medical and financial drain for the IVF treatment for the patients who are HIV positive.

There are two different procedure those can be used if the male partner is HIV positive or the female is HIV positive or if both the partner are HIV-positive. The sperms can be washed by the separation of seminal fluid that contains cells carrying the virus from the sperm. These sperms are then suspended in neutral fluid and then can then be tested for the presence of any remaining virus. When the sample found is HIV negative, then the sperm can be inseminated into the female.

Worried for treatment, take a free second opinion.

If the male’s sperm count  is inefficient ,the ICSI procedure is done whereby a single sperm is injected into each egg with 100% safety and high success rate .If the female is HIV positive then she needs to continue antiretroviral treatment and deliver the baby via caesarean section and feed the bottle with an infant. The transmission rate is very less even less than one percent when these procedures are used.

When the Woman is positive and men HIV negative ,artificial insemination is preferred preventing couples from unprotected intercourse .It is important to take care of each and every step of the female like when she gets pregnant and whether she is receiving proper treatment. On an average, the risk of transmission of HIV virus is 15% to 20% but due to this advancement in medical sciences the risk percentage is reduced at a high scale to even less than 1 % .This same can be performed when both partners are HIV positive .

The fertility treatment for HIV requires specialized doctors and the technique used therefore this treatment should be conducted in the specialized clinics only in Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj) and the local clinics.


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