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There is various infertility treatment provided here at FCN.FCN aims to provide the best infertility treatments in Nepal in its various cities which includes Nepalgunj,Pokhara,Biratnagar and Kathmandu.FCN compose itself of various infertility treatment provided by top experts from India and Nepal.

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  • When we talk about the cost of the treatments of surrogacy, Surrogacy treatment is made available to the customers at the very affordable rate when compared to the cost of the treatment provided by the other clinics.
  • The best part of the FCN is that it does provide the facility to find the surrogate mother who is healthy and fit to give birth to a young one and it does not cost anything to the customer. It is the additional facility provided by the FCN.
  • FCN does not provide any exact cost estimation .It varies to the treatment to the treatment and the cost of medication required according to the patients need
  • FCN cost of the treatment also varies in two parts i.e. the cost for the laboratory and the cost of the treatment and the medical costs.

This feature of providing the treatment at the affordable cost within the budget of the patient in the Nepal and further choose the best suitable IVF treatment. This feature is the reason which encourages the  popularity of the Nepal. Hence FCN is worth being chosen for the infertility treatment.


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