Natural IVF treatment

Natural IVF treatment

Natural IVF treatment is also referenced as “Natural Cycle IVF”. It is referenced as natural because it does not use any kind of fertility drugs for the treatment .It is completely based on natural treatment which includes the collection of one egg naturally selected by the body during your normal monthly cycle and is fertilized. Using this natural selection way, we are able to collect good quality eggs and thus increasing the chances of creation of the good quality embryo.

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Working of natural IVF treatment

Natural IVF treatment is similar to the old IVF treatment in many terms but differs from that in terms of no usage of fertility drugs. In natural IVF treatment, no fertility drugs are used for the process for initiating and boosting the production of eggs and the eggs stimulating hormones.
No rest is required when the couple undergoes this treatment because no artificial stimulation of ovaries is done in this when compared to conventional IVF treatment.

Who is suitable for Natural IVF cycle?

Natural IVF treatment can be a suitable option for the women’s who having regular periods and ovulate regularly. Natural IVF is best suitable for the elder women who have the low ovarian reserve or those who respond poorly to the fertility drugs.
It’s the best opportunity for some of the couples as it enables the female partner to have the child of their own eggs.
Natural IVF treatment is also the first infertility treatment preference by those who want to avoid the usage of fertility drugs and by those who for either the personal beliefs or some religious beliefs don’t want to have surplus eggs or embryos stored and those who want to avoid the risks associated with the other treatment options available.


  • Giving a chance to everyone: It gives the chance to elder older women also who are not able to respond efficiently to the fertility drugs and the ones who have low ovarian reserve.
  • Growing success rates: Combining with good knowledge of ovarian physiology and the advanced ultrasound techniques or medical expertise deliver successful results of this treatment.
  • Natural and patient-friendly: This process involves the collection of produced egg naturally with the fertilized embryo being placed in the womb back. It is carried out in the normal menstrual cycle rather than suppressing  the ovaries as done in conventional IVF thus reducing the side effects of the usage of medicines and complications.
  • Affordable Cost: Natural IVF is affordable as it is less expensive per cycle as it does not require daily dose and cumulative dose of costly medicines.
  • Safe Option: No risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) with Natural Cycle IVF and avoids the risk associated with the treatment as no usage of fertility drugs is there.
  • Repetition in consecutive cycles possible: Patients who choose this option can repeat their treatment in consecutive cycles.


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