Initial Consultation

A variety of consultations, tests, medications, and procedures are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. The Initial consultation is necessary if you are thinking of taking infertility treatment.The Initial consultation depends on your age and personal health history. Your doctor may recommend you some tests. A woman gynecologist or a men urologist can help you to determine what kind of test required in infertility problem.


Everyone’s experience is different during the initial consultation. The first thing to know is that initial consultation may take an hour or more. Your doctor will review your all medical history and discuss your family building goals.

You need to go into thefirst consultation with a relaxed attitude. You have to be comfortable with your doctor so that you can share everything with the doctor.Many people are surprised to learn that infertility is a medical disease, defined as the inability to conceive after 12 months of unprotected intercourse.

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During the initial consultation, you may meet egg donor, genetic counselor,financial counselor.In the initial consultation,the doctor will check ovaries, the Fallopian tubes, the sperm count.

Doctor will give some general instruction to couples for healthy pregnancy and delivery.

  • Eat balanced Diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Take Vitamins Daily

Things you should remember at the time of Initial consultation

  • Bring your all medical reports
  • Make a list of medicines and vitamins you take
  • Provide the details about miscarriages or any health issues
  • Make a  list of the questions you want to ask

Both your partner and you will likely to have a comprehensive infertility evaluation.Evaluation can be expensive and in some cases involves uncomfortable procedures.

The results of these tests will assist your doctor in formulating the type of procedure that will provide you with the optimal chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.Your doctor will give you weekly or monthly appointments depending upon your test reports.

These tests and treatments can be expensive, and health insurance plans offer varying degrees of coverage. The cost of the initial consultation is vary according to the clinic and the country.e




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