Egg Donor IVF Process

Egg Donor IVF Process

Egg Donor IVF Process– In vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs offers you a chance to become pregnant even after an infertility diagnosis. Donated eggs are fertilized with the donor sperm by In vitro fertilization and then transfer into your uterus. The wide range of donor available here for donating the eggs.images (2)

There are two types of eggs that are used: fresh egg and frozen egg. Both the fresh and frozen egg is equally good for infertility treatment. The egg donors are going through the various tests before they donate their eggs.The egg donors are monitored closely through blood tests and ultrasound, ensuring that the ovaries are responding well and not going into hyperstimulation.

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Egg donors are usually women between the ages of 21 and 34. They are young enough to have many good quality eggs and to respond well to fertility drugs. All information about the egg donor given to the recipient, such as a donor profile that includes ethnicity, height, weight, body type, skin type, eye colour, hair colour, and texture. You can then decide whether or not to select the donor.


  • Before using the donor eggs, a test has been made for matching. After matching the egg, your doctor will start the process.
  • Donor eggs are fertilized with the partner sperm. ( always try to use fresh sperm)
  • After fertilization, the embryo is placed in the recipient uterus.
  • The Recipient will have a pregnancy test two weeks after the embryo transfer.

Donor egg success rates with IVF are quite high. The success rate of donor egg affected by the age of the woman. A woman’s chances of having a live birth decreased from over 40% in her late twenties to 30% around the age of 38 and 10% around 43.

Many women who are not able to become pregnant use this method. IVF transfers with fresh donor embryos. There are so many reasons why people prefer IVF treatment.

  • Diminished ovarian reserve
  • Premature menopause
  • To reduce the chance of passing along a genetic disease

The male partner sperm count plays an important role in IVF. If your partner sperm count is less, then it will increase the chances of failure. It is very important to choose the best donor wisely. If your donor passes all the criteria, this will increase the success rate of the IVF treatment.

You should remember some points while choosing the IVF treatment

  • Stay healthy
  • Choose fertility clinic wisely
  • Check the donor History
  • A genetic condition that she does not want to be passed on

There are so many risks in IVF Treatment

  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
  • Multiple Pregnancies
  • Birth defects



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