IVM (In Vitro Maturation)

IVM referred to as IN Vitro Maturation is one the revolutionary infertility treatment offered to provide a safer and cheaper alternative to other IVF treatment.
IVM treatment is similar to the IVF treatment with a little bit of difference. During IVM treatments, the eggs are removed from your ovaries when they are immature .They are matured in the medical laboratories before their fertilization takes place.

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The minute difference which is there between the IVF and the IVM is that in IVM immature collection of the eggs enables the women to reduce the medical drugs intake compared to those when the egg is collected when mature.

IVM procedure is as follows:

  • Eggs are collected at the stage when they are immature thus preventing the usage of OHSS before the egg collection procedure.
  • Eggs are then matured by keeping them in a dish which is to be placed in the incubator in the laboratory for one or two days.
  • As the eggs get matured they are fertilized by with the donors or the partner sperm. Thus, the embryo developed is then cultured and transferred to the womb.

  • More embryos: IVM creates more embryos without using the stimulating hormones on the eggs which collected when they are immature. These eggs are further cultured in the laboratory. Due to the creation of more embryos these extra embryos can then be frozen and used for the future purpose.
  • Success rates: Collection of immature eggs in the IVM treatment induces the creation of high no of embryos and hence increasing the chance of pregnancy.
  • Healthy babies: Increased no of successful treatment has to lead to high no of babies delivered successfully.
  • Safer Treatment: IVM is much safer treatment as it avoids the usage of the stimulating drugs like OHSS and the risks associated with it. This IVM treatment is carried out in the women’s regular natural menstrual cycle and thus the female counterpart does not need the usage of hormone stimulating drugs avoiding any of the menopausal symptoms. There is no artificial cycle used therefore female feel much safer that they are in the control.
  • More affordable: IVM treatment is much more affordable than the other infertility treatment as there are no medical drugs used and hence reduced the cost of the medicines.

The known risks of IVM are:

  • Fewer eggs are collected than in conventional IVF
  • The usual risks involved in having a general aesthetic.


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