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As per the development in the field of medical sciences, the infertility treatment offered to the infertile couple who want to conceive has also increased and the most common infertility treatment offered is Surrogacy treatment.

Worried for treatment, take a free second opinion.

So here in Nepal, FCN aims to provide the best infertility treatment for the patient from India, Nepal and the other countries in Nepal at  very affordable prizes and aims to provide the treatment giving full satisfaction to the patient delivering high success rate.

  • FCN have its clinics located in most popular cities of the Nepal which include Kathmandu,Pokhara,Nepalgunj,Biratnagar.
  • FCN clinics incorporate the best experts for providing the treatment from the India and Nepal.
  • FCN uses the advanced technology method for providing the treatment keeping in mind the health of the patient and provides the treatment in a sanitized environment.
  • FCN maintains very good sanitation facility in its clinics so that no disease is caused to the delivered baby from the treatment and the patient from the improper sanitation.
  • FCN keeps in mind the treatment and the medications used for the treatment and the medication given to the patients are given with proper prescription after the proper understanding of their past medical record of health so that there is no reaction to any of the medicine to the patient.
  • The success rate of the treatment offered by the FCN is very high as compared to the results of the treatment from other clinics.
  • And the additional features apart from the treatment is also offered at the FCN clinics and center like the facility to provide access to the surrogate mothers to the intended parents and the subsidiaries like the emotional support and the positivity to the patient.

Hence,FCN provides the best infertility treatment of surrogacy in the areas of the Nepal to the patients from across the globe.


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