IVF cost in Nepal

IVF Cost in Nepal

How much does IVF cost in Nepal?

Nepal is one of the most famed and established destinations for Infertility and IVF. Also, IVF in Nepal is a miracle technique. Cut the childlessness tag from each infertile couple’s life. IVF is a lucky-go treatment in the ART method. It uses several other ART techniques to achieve parenthood. Based on the couple’s infertility case, IVF Nepal performs, and by doing so, IVF Cost in Nepal varies. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) involves collecting healthy eggs and sperm from the reproductive tract. It fertilizes by an expert with advanced technologies and implanted into the female uterus for pregnancy results.

Infertility problems are the most concerning conditions affecting family happiness. You need the best procedures based on issues to become parents. As, various approaches are available to support them and provide successful pregnancy results. The process can accomplish with advanced procedures and methods. Moreover, IVF is the ultimate procedure for many problems and is topmost among other treatments. IVF in Nepal has assisted many couples with top results. Couples from different countries highly select the process here. It is because the IVF cost Nepal is highly affordable and reasonable budgets.


IVF treatment is one of the most successful fertility treatments. When every other treatment fails to give a positive outcome, IVF works as a saviour. You have tired of failed attempts with other fertility treatments. So, IVF treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal, is worth it to meet positive results. But first, you must know the IVF cost in Nepal at the best centre. Do you know that IVF has a track record of providing biological results? Yes, as many couples want to conceive their genetic-related child and IVF functions with their eggs and sperm. The process can function with more approaches and technologies. It will help with severe infertility problems for better results.

Fertility centre Nepal is one of the leading IVF centres in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have a high success rate of up to 60%. The cost of IVF treatment in Nepal is quite affordable as well. Our fertility experts have a high reputation and are well known. They have experience of so many years in the field of fertility treatment. It is the best IVF centre in Nepal.

The centre has the best infertility doctor in Nepal. With it, you can have different cost assistance for an affordable budget. Our IVF treatment cost in Nepal is much more suitable than in developed countries. Also, we have high transparency that, you will not get from other clinics. We believe in openness and honesty towards our patients. Thus, never perform any treatment that causes a problem for anyone. Most of all, our only dream and motif are to provide every couple happiness through the child.

List of treatments at Fertility centre Nepal- best IVF centre in Nepal

Various infertility treatments are available for the couple’s conception. It depends on partners’ health and sterility conditions. As, the expert will perform various checkups to determine them and recommend the process accordingly. Along with IVF, fertility Centre Nepal offers other fertility treatments, such as

Mini IVF









Female infertility treatment

Male infertility treatment

Egg freezing

Above we gave an overview of IVF and other treatments in Nepal. Now, you can have the breakdown of the IVF cost Nepal for your better understanding. Also, we will discuss the IVF procedure in Nepal.

What are the reasons to choose Kathmandu Nepal for IVF treatment?  

IVF can become time-consuming, expensive, and invasive for implanting in your uterus. Besides, today’s IVF is common. IVF performs by removing eggs from your ovaries and mixed with sperm. It will perform in a laboratory culture dish and then transferred the embryo to the uterus.

Nepal provides the best IVF programs at an affordable cost. Nepal offers the complete package for between with higher success rates. The success rate of IVF in Nepal is higher. Every program provided by the clinics includes organizational, medical, and legal services.

Nepal is the only destination for all ages, types, and different interests. Moreover, many clinics in Nepal offer refund programs also. Thus, it is necessary to know the cost of the clinic before seeking alternative methods.

When do you need a fertility treatment?

If a couple cannot become pregnant with natural reproduction, need the best process. It means you are trying to become pregnant for a year with unprotected intercourse. Still, you cannot have a successful outcome, it’s time for medical advice from the best IVF centre in Nepal. The best IVF clinic in Nepal offers the most reasonable cost and treatment for conception. So, what are IVF, the best centre and reasonable cost in Nepal? All want to know these aspects before selecting the process. Let us begin with the IVF definition.

How IVF helps a couple with infertility?

IVF is a top-notch procedure performed with advanced technologies. It successfully provides pregnancy results in various infertility conditions. Also, the couple can conceive a healthy and biological child. IVF includes fertility medications, many checkups and other stages. With it, the couple can select other approaches for better results. As, you can have donor gametes that help in successful fertilization. Moreover, the IVF cost in Nepal is much more affordable. IVF recommends for various infertility conditions, such as:

  • The female fallopian tubes have damage or blockage.
  • You have premature ovarian failure, ovulation issues and irregular menstruation.
  • The male partner does not have healthy sperm for reproduction.

Many other infertility problems can manage with the process. Aside from infertility, Nepal is the most delightful visitor destination. Also, the IVF cost Nepal is much more affordable than in developed countries.

IVF treatment includes forming healthy fertilized eggs from partners’ eggs and sperm. The expert uses high-quality healthy gametes in fertilization for better results. Moreover, the sperm must be motile for self-penetration into the egg. The treatment can perform by utilizing the partners’ eggs and sperm or the donor’s gametes. IVF procedure can be tedious, costly, and intrusive too.

Why does IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal Varies?

IVF Cost in Nepal can categorize into two parts. The first is a and the other, an advanced IVF procedure. Its cost is always a bit higher than the standard one. As the couple has severe fertility issues so need an advanced procedure. It will increase their budget. The treatment charges can include different approaches for better results.

Moreover, many people from other countries select their process in Nepal. It includes different charges for living, travelling and other accommodations. You can need advanced approaches, such as ICSI, donor eggs, sperm, SSR (for sperm retrieval) etc.

Along these lines, we can summarize the charge of IVF Cost as USD 3,700. It consolidates the cost of each stage for IVF and other pertinent lab costs. There are no extra charges for this fixed cost. And we offer insight for patients clarifying the best treatment alternative. Also, its breakdown down expenses and help with affordable price.

These will increase the treatment expenditure higher and can create problems. You will need to confirm the expert and infertility conditions. It will check with different medical checkups.

So, when the expert performs various examinations to know the problem.

Various factors are responsible for increasing the IVF price in Nepal. Through the centre, you only have the estimated charges. It will arise to your needs and conditions. If you do not get healthy eggs and sperm, the results and budget will be in trouble. So, you need to confirm the process as per the problems.

The Standard and Advanced IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal

IVF Cost in Nepal: The cost of IVF treatment in Nepal talking about the standard method ranges from USD 3,700:

Initial Consultation with the specialist

Fertility Medication and Hormonal Injection

Ultrasounds and blood test

Retrieval of the eggs


Embryo transfer

Fertility Lab costs

In poor eggs and sperm conditions, the process will not have healthy embryos. And, the expert cannot perform implantation and no pregnancy as result. For healthy eggs, IVF involves using fertility and hormonal medications. These have different types and prices. Your expert will recommend them according to the female partner’s capability. And the high price of medications impacts the treatment budget. Moreover, if any partner has poor egg or sperm health conditions, IVF can face the problem. So, your expert can suggest donor gametes. It will provide better results but also increase the best IVF cost in Nepal.

IVF can provide better results with the developed strategy of assisted reproductive technology. For instance, IVF with ICSI, PICSI, LAH technique, PGD, SSR, and other methods. Then, these prescriptions will request as Advance IVF treatment. IVF Cost in Nepal with advanced ART treatment is higher than the standard. As, standard IVF performs with the couple’s eggs and sperm for embryo transfer. But, the couple has extreme problems, so IVF needs upgrading. It will recommend by your expert as advanced approaches and procedures.

The donor eggs’ price in Nepal is USD 2,000. If it will include IVF, the entire expenses face the problem. It will form more than USD 5,700, IVF with egg donor cost in Nepal.

The following factors cause problem with the best IVF cost in Nepal:

  • The woman’s age always plays a vital role in a couple’s pregnancy. Because the advanced age affects the quality and production of the eggs from ovaries. And it will cause problems in the IVF results and can cause failure. After 35, the declining phase of the egg accelerates. In this manner, it makes it challenging to have a child on its eggs. IVF with the donor egg is the best choice for the days of parenthood at this stage.
  • The IVF price in Nepal with donor sperm is lesser than the egg donor need. Because no incitement, fertility medication, and the invasive process will need. As, sperm donor needs to provide his semen test to the inside treatment procedure.
  • Moreover, the male partner has sperm (in the reproductive tract) but cannot produce it. The process can face failure, and the expert will suggest SSR. Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) has an invasive and non-invasive procedure based on conditions.
  • Your expert can suggest Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH) in advanced age. It helps in advanced age as the egg quality will deprive and cause the problem in embryo health. LAH involves a careful procedure to puncture the fertilized egg’s outer layer. It functions before implanting the embryo inside the uterus.
  • As the best fertility service provider, we serve the most authentic IVF cost price in Nepal. We give all the facilities to ensure our patients do not face hurdles throughout the IVF procedure. With it, we can provide the best and fit donors. As, the expert will examine the donor before suggesting for the process.
The Bottom Line

Nepal is one of the famed countries that provide the best IVF programs at a very affordable cost. Moreover, Nepal offers the complete package from USD 3,700 with higher success rates. Also, our program includes all the state-of-the-art amenities and legal services.

FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is one of the leading fertility service providers. We furnish IVF with ICSI in the same range as the standard IVF treatment costs. So, the IVF cost in Nepal can cost between USD 3,700. It includes all the prescriptions and the steps incorporated with the IVF procedure.

Again, the IVF treatment cost in Nepal is different for every couple. It will depend on various factors, such as fertility issues. Also, the treatment can perform with the couple’s gametes or with advanced ART techniques. So, the range of IVF treatment in Nepal can go up to USD 6,000, and it can even be low as USD 3,700.

You may have questions or need some extra information related to IVF Treatment costs in Nepal. So, please feel free to reach out to us at Call Our Clinic in Kathmandu: +977-9808978369


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