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How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal? Gather the relevant Information about IVF Cost in Nepal

Infertility also involves a biological incapability of an individual who cannot give a birth to a child. There are many treatments available to treat infertility. A Technique which you may need will depend largely on the cause of your infertility. IVF is one of the infertility treatment which is very effective and has higher success rate.

IVF is used in couples whose infertility is caused by blocked Fallopian tubes, or where their infertility is unexplained. It may also be used where there are certain problems with ovulation or a combination of factors causing infertility. Apart from infertility, Nepal is the best beautiful tourist destination as well. Nepal offers infertility services to foreign tourists at most affordable price.

IVF treatment involves the fertilization of an egg outside the body. The treatment can be performed either using own eggs and sperm or using donated eggs and sperms. There are many cities in Nepal like Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Biratnagar those are famous for infertility treatments.

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IVF can be time-consuming, expensive and invasive. If more than one embryo is implanted in your uterus. Today’s IVF is common. IVF is the process by which eggs are removed from your ovaries and mixed with sperm in a laboratory culture dish and then transferring the embryo to the uterus.

Nepal provides the best IVF programs in affordable cost. Nepal offers the complete package in between 3-4 lakhs with higher success rates. Every program as a package which is provided by the clinics includes all necessary organizational, medical and legal services.

Nepal is the only destination for egg donor destination for Intended Parents of all ages, Parents of all types and Parents of different interests. There are many clinics in Nepal those offers refund programs also. It is a good idea to discuss all of the potential cost options with the clinic prior to seeking alternative methods

When a couple faces trouble achieving pregnancy by following natural procedure – means trying to have a kid for a year after attempting regular and unprotected intercourse and unable to get a successful outcome, it’s time for the medical advice from the best IVF centre in Nepal. Best IVF clinics provided by the Fertility centre Nepal offer the most reasonable IVF Cost in Nepal serving the best fertility treatment to the couples seeking IVF treatment for the conception. What is IVF and from where you will get the best and authentic IVF treatment in Nepal – these questions are here answered. Let’s begin with the IVF definition.

Nepal has become the most preferred destination for IVF treatmentfor Intended Parents of all ages, couples who have unsuccessful results from the basic course of fertility medication, or the one who have advanced issue of fertility and thinking for the IVF with egg donation program. This country has come up with the most reasonable IVF Cost in Nepal for the couples who are in the need of authentic IVF cost and the best treatment to have own baby.

IVF is utilized in couples whose infertility is brought about by blocked or damaged fallopian tube, premature ovarian failure, ovulation issue, irregular menstruation issues, or where the fertility issue is unexplained. It might likewise be utilized where there are sure issues with ovulation or a blend of components causing the infertility. Aside from the infertility, Nepal is the best delightful visitor goal also.

IVF treatment includes the preparation of an embryo from the eggs retrieved from the woman’s ovary and the sperm provided by the male partner on the day of the egg-retrieval procedure of IVF in Nepal. During the IVF treatment, eggs must be of good quality in order to get fertilized with the sperm and sperm must be of motile nature for self-penetration into the egg. The treatment can be performed either utilizing own eggs and sperm or utilizing the donor’s eggs and sperms. IVF procedure can be tedious, costly and intrusive too.

Why IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal Varies?

IVF Cost in Nepal can be categorized into two parts – the first is basic one or standard IVF cost and the other is advanced procedure of IVF, which always cost a bit higher than the standard one. If the couple has been diagnosed with advanced fertility issue, then they might need the advanced IVF procedure and it increases the couple’s budget too.  IVF is the procedure by which eggs are expelled from the woman’s ovaries and blended in with sperm in the fertility laboratory of Fertility Centre Nepal on a culture dish and afterward moving the embryo to the uterus.

Based on an individual’s fertility issue, the treatment is organized and performed under the best IVF clinics in Nepal. Additionally, consider what! TheIVF Cost in Nepal relies upon the treatment plan of the couple. When a couple has advanced fertility problemsay an example, the male’s sperm becomes unable to self-penetrate into the egg’s wall by that time the fertility specialist might go for IVF treatment with ICSI techniqueor other advanced technique of ART. On the other hand, if the woman’s egg lacks the quality of fertilization then the centre might give the couple option – to settle on IVF with donor egg (only if IVF treatment didn’t get a successful outcome).

Not getting quality eggs mean trouble in the IVF fertilization. Regardless of whether the IVF fertilization occurred at this case, there won’t be healthy embryo accomplished after the fertilization. Subsequently the success rate of pregnancy goes descending. In this condition of instance of the lady’s fertility issue, the AMH level is low and thusly treatment is tough to achieve by mother’s egg so here the egg donor by the best IVF centre in Nepal. Her eggs will be utilized during this instance of the IVF treatment- egg retrieval and fertilization. This case increases the treatment cost and hence there would be additional charges add up to the IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal.

In case IVF is gotten together with further developed strategy of assisted reproductive technology, for example, IVF with ICSI, PICSI, IVF treatment with LAH technique, IVF with PGD, IVF with Surgical Sperm Retrieval procedure, and other ART methodology then these prescriptions are requested as Advance IVF treatment. IVF Cost in Nepal with advance ART treatment is to some degree high than the standard IVF treatment (standard IVF implies – where the couple provides own egg and sperm for all the strategy till the transfer of the embryo). If a couple is going up against advance level of issue, by then the fertility doctor of the best IVF clinic pick the most fitting and propelled ART treatment that ought to be applied.

The Standard and Advanced IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal 

IVF Cost in Nepal, talking about the standard method ranges between NPR 3, 40,000

  • Initial Consultation with the specialist
  • Fertility Medication and Hormonal Injection
  • Ultrasounds and blood test    NPR 3,40,000
  • Retrieval of the eggs
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer
  • Fertility Lab costs

Along these lines, so, we can summarize the charge of IVF Cost as NPR 3, 40,000 that consolidates the cost of each stage for IVF and other pertinent lab costs. There are no additional charges from this fixed cost and we moreover offer insight to the patients clarifying the best treatment alternative and its breakdown of the expense.

Age of the woman always play a vital role for a couple’s pregnancy, age assumes a crucial job accomplishing the fertilization, as the age goes up, lady’s egg quality decreases; henceforth the specialists suggest the couple to plan for their baby by the appropriate age. After 35, declining phase of egg accelerates, in this manner it makes difficult to have child by own eggs. At this stage, IVF with the donor egg is the best choice to accomplish the days of parenthood. Talking about the treatment cost of the IVF with donor egg, it costs NPR 4, 80,000; the expense of donor egg in Nepal is NPR 1, 40,000-1, 50,000.

The charge of IVF with Donor sperm is exceptionally less contrasted with the donor egg IVF in view of no incitement, no fertility medication and drug and so forth, sperm donor needs to just give his semen test to the inside for treatment procedure. The cost of IVF in Nepal with the donor sperm is NPR 3, 90,000; the expense of donor sperm is NPR 50,000.

We at the best fertility service provider, serve most authentic price of IVF Cost in Nepal giving all the facilities to the couple making sure they won’t face any kind of hurdle throughout the IVF procedure. We have the best and fit donors available for the advanced assisted reproductive technology procedure, who have been screened properly and eligible for the donors.

IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal by the Best IVF Centre in Nepal 

IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal Cost in NPR

IVF (using self-eggs & sperm)






IVF (using Egg Donor)





IVF (using Sperm donor)






IVF treatment with IMSI or PICSI









The Bottom Line 

Nepal is one of the famed countries that provides the best IVF programs at very affordable cost. Nepal offers the complete package in betweenNPR 3, 40,000 with higher success rates. Every program as a package which is provided by the best clinics includes all the advanced amenities, and legal services.

Fertility Centre Nepal is one of the leading fertility service provider furnishing IVF with ICSI on same range as the standard IVF treatment costs. So, in short, IVF cost in Nepal can cost in between NPR 3, 40,000-3, 50,000 with all the prescription and the steps incorporated with the IVF procedure. As mentioned above, IVF cost in Nepal always based on couple’s fertility issue whether the treatment can take place from the couple’s own egg and own sperm or need further guidance of advanced ART technique. The range of IVF treatment in Nepal can go high up to NPR 5, 00, 000 and it can even low between NPR 3, 40,000-3, 50,000.

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