TESA Treatment in Nepal- One of the finest Surgery to work out male infertility

If we talk about Family, the first glimpse that comes in our mind is none

tesa treatment in nepal other than the Mother, Father, and their kids. What if there is not any kid in the family, is that appropriate to call this family as a whole-hog family? Anyways, not beating around the bush, we are talking about the major issue that has affected many individuals all over the world. Infertility is the talk of the town matter nowadays. When male or female is impotent to give birth to their young one, the term is known as infertility. Infertility or Sterility has become a troublesome topic in Nepal too. In Nepal, one out of each ten couples is suffering from this obstacle and that’s why couldn’t not able to perform a natural cycle of pregnancy.

Infertility can happen to both, either to male or to female. It can’t be cured by its root, but there is all manner of treatments available to unravel the issue of infertility. Approx half of infertility contributes male member in Nepal and this number is actually increasing day by day. Generally, male infertility is due to the less and scrimpy motility of the sperms and thus making them unable to undergo normal fertilization. There could be many points behind this cause like- improper lifestyle, excessive workout, physical abnormalities, an infection like any STDs, enormous drinking or smoking habit, Genetic factors etc.  Let’s get into one solution of male sterility in Nepal.

TESA in Nepal – Uncomplicated Surgical Sperm Retrieval to solve Male infertility

TESA treatment in Nepal is that advanced technique which is used for retrieving sperm in patients with azoospermia. TESA stands for Testicular Sperm Aspiration, one of the finest surgical sperm retrieval procedures. TESA is performed on those males who have sperms in their testes but due to some reason, it couldn’t reach during the ejaculation. This situation is called as azoospermia. TESA is recommended with ICSI to get better results.

TESA treatment in Nepal is performed when –

  • TESA is recommended for those males who do not contain sperms in their semen, referred to as Azoospermia.
  • Non-obstructive Azoospermia, in this case, male, produces abnormal sperms during ejaculation
  • Oligospermia, during this case the concentration of sperms square measureless
  • Situation of Vasectomy
  • Urethrectomy – Surgical removal of the male urethra.

Fine points and few details regarding TESA (Testicular sperm Aspiration) –

As mentioned above, TESA is a sperm surgical retrieval process; where a fine needle is directly passed into the testes in order to retrieve sperms along with testicular tissue, and then sperms are isolated by andrologist. Cost of TESA treatment in Nepal is INR 35k (excluding the charge of ICSI treatment). TESA clinic in Nepal offers the appropriate treatment for male infertility, never let down the patients hope and gives 100% efforts to make the higher chance of fertilization.

Benefits of TESA –

  • It’s a simple procedure and uncomplicated.
  • This method hardly takes 40-50 minutes of the patient; therefore, it’s not long-delayed.
  • Cost of TESA treatment in Nepal is very reasonable.

How TESA treatment in Nepal works?

TESA is one of the straightforward method and easy to perform. There is not any complication after this procedure.

  1. Local anesthesia is given in the first step of TESA
  2. Then by using a fine and special needle is directly passed into the testes to take out the tissues, which contain sperms.
  3. Sperms, which are retrieved, examined in the laboratory under the guidance of experts.
  4. Sperms are washed carefully.
  5. Best and most motile sperms are selected by the experts.
  6. On the same day, eggs are also retrieved and by ICSI technique fertilization is achieved.

Opt for TESA treatment in Nepal –

If you are planning for TESA treatment in Nepal, then don’t think or wait, as it is the most productive treatment to disentangle male infertility issue. TESA is undeniably higher success rare comparing others male fertility treatments. The success rate of TESA treatment in Nepal is 40-60% depending upon several factors such as the age of the women whose eggs are used for ICSI procedure, number of mature eggs that has retrieved for the fertilization etc. Choose TESA treatment without any delay to get to the bottom of your male infertility soon


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