Tandem IVF cycle

Tandem IVF cycle is gaining high popularity among the fertility treatments which allows women with the lowered ovarian reserves to have a shot at pregnancy by using their own eggs and simultaneously keeping eggs as a backup side by side through the usage of egg donation. This Tandem IVF cycle is a great escape treatment as it allows the usage the usage of one’s own eggs as possible .And if in case it’s not possible to use one’s own eggs for pregnancy then the expected couple can use donor’s eggs in the same treatment cycle.

Steps for tandem IVF cycle treatment

Step 1: Administration of ovulation-induction drugs
You will be given ovulation induction medication for a few days.
Step 2 - Collection of eggs
You will also be given another drug, about 35 hours before ovulation to regulate it. Next, the experts will collect your eggs.
Step 3 - Collection of sperm
Around the same time the eggs are collected, the male partner would be asked to provide sperm.
Step 4 - Fertilization of your eggs and donor's eggs
Your and donor’s eggs will be fertilized in the laboratory using your partner’s sperm.
Step 5 - Monitoring of the fertilized eggs
Fertilized eggs, now called embryos, will be monitored for a couple of days
Step 6 - You will be briefed about the quality of your embryos and donor's embryos
Some of the expert doctors will examine the process and then make you aware of the quality of the embryos and the donor embryos and further on the basis of this information the couple can the decision among these:

  • Use your embryos only
  • Use donor’s embryos only
  • Use both your embryo and donor’s embryo

Step 7 - Implantation of the embryos
Finally, the doctor will transfer the selected embryo(s) into your uterus

Get an expert medical opinion.

Tandem IVF cycle is best suited for which candidate

Tandem IVF Cycle is the best option suitable for the older women and those women with the elevated FSH levels .A tandem cycle is investing in two different kinds of stocks to divide the risks of the investment and the risk is thus minimized. Tandem IVF treatment is not the first choice for the donor eggs but still it is the backup plan that is used when the possibility of achieving pregnancy using the patient’s eggs is less or in some cases it’s absent.

Tandem IVF cycles Advantages

  • Is the biggest advantage is to the women with the low-quality eggs or the low ovarian response which increases the pregnancy chances in the same cycle without losing the chance of using one’s own eggs for pregnancy.
  • Affordable cost is the other advantage of the tandem IVF cycle .It is costly as compared to the conventional IVF treatment .But it proves to be the cost effective keeping long term goals.
  • Women with tandem IVF treatment have the higher degree of chances to become pregnant in a single cycle of IVF which is not the case with the conational IVF treatment.

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