Test Tube baby in Nepal

Test Tube baby in Nepal


The test-tube baby is a miracle through medical science that gives a reason to smile to some people. It assists people with infertility issues and cannot conceive their children naturally. It has fulfilled the dreams of many couples in successfully becoming parents. If you’re dealing with infertility and desire a child, don’t expect a miracle to happen overnight. Today medical sectors have found better solutions for peak problems. Test tube babies or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) are them.

Nepal is a well-known and affordable country for infertility treatments. These procedures are available in Nepal at a reasonable price than in well-developed countries. Many best centres are presented in Nepal to provide treatments with better results. The test tube baby in Nepal has high chances because various modern technologies are available. You can have IVF and other infertility treatments through the best doctors in Nepal.

Test tube baby is the non-medical form for the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment. It is an Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) that has fulfilled the dreams and families of many couples. It performs with the eggs and sperm fertilization of partners in a laboratory. For test tube baby in Nepal, the best centre is available. The test tube baby cost in Nepal is sensible in comparison to other nations.

How does the test tube baby process in Nepal?

The advanced methods and technology accomplish the test tube baby process in Nepal. It performs by an experienced fertility expert in the lab. The eggs and sperm of partners collect from their bodies. It will fertilize for the formation of the embryo. The ultrasound and other testings assist in the entire procedure.

The test tube baby procedure in Nepal is following:

Medical examination:- The male and female partner will screen by the expert thoroughly. It will help them to determine the infertility condition in the couple. Your specialist will recommend the best therapies and approaches based on your infertility difficulties. It will help you to have the best treatment and process.

Partners counselling:- In the best centre in Nepal, you will undergo counselling to help both of you with your thoughts and queries. They will provide moral and ethical support to calm your psychological health. It will determine your perspectives about treatment results and processes.

Female Ovarian stimulation:- The expert will suggest some fertility medicines to the female partner. It will stimulate the ovaries and increase egg production. With the ultrasound and blood test, the exhibit will monitor and control. One hormonal medication will release the eggs into the uterus.

Female eggs retrieval and Male sperm collection:- Between the 36 hours of the last injectable hormonal medicine, the eggs from the female uterus will retrieve. A catheter will insert into your uterus to collect the eggs. It will have a high-resolution camera and a light to assist the expert. After that, your expert will use a sharp needle to collect them from follicles. The male partner will ejaculate to produce a semen sample. 

It will give to a professional for the treatment process. Your specialist will wash it to find healthy and high-quality sperm.

Fertilization of eggs and sperm: Your eggs and sperm will place on a Petri Plate by your doctor. The sperm will connect the head to the eggs and penetrate to fertilize them through it. Your fertilized eggs will form the embryos after a few days. It will monitor the lab for several more days to determine the growth and development.

Implantation into the uterus: The highly developed one or two embryos will select and, the other can freeze further. It will place on the catheter and inside the uterus through the vagina. Your embryo attachment will monitor with the Transvaginal ultrasound.

Treatment and conception results: It will take two to three weeks to attach to the uterus lining. The female blood test will confirm the treatment results and pregnancy. Your process of becoming a parent will follow the conventional pregnancy.

Can you conceive through the test tube baby treatment in Nepal?

Test Tube Baby

Yes, many infertility issues in males and females can conceive through the test tube baby in Nepal. It assists couples in severe infertility to become pregnant successfully. The test tube baby has helped many couples in pregnancy successfully.

  • It can help in the woman irregular ovulation that causes poor egg quality and quantity.
  • Male infertility reasons like poor sperm quality, motility, and abnormality can assist through IVF.
  • Your unexplained infertility or multiple miscarriages in a year can assist.
  • The congenital anomaly in the female partner that causes no ovaries can conceive with the test tube baby treatment.
  • The inherited or genetic disorder transmission can control through it.

** Females with fallopian tubes blockage and damage still have a chance to become pregnant.  

What has the test tube baby price in Nepal?

The Test Tube Baby Cost in Nepal is fair than in well-developed countries. It will include medicines, retrieval processes, and the IVF cycle. Your test tube baby cost will depend on various factors.

The Test Tube Baby Cost in Nepal approximately ranges from NPR 280000 to 340000. It will depend on the different treatments factors. It is per cycle of the test tube baby price in Nepal.

Your age, fertility health, treatment location, donation assistance (donor egg or sperm), treatment failure, Test tube baby cycles, and approaches will increase the overall costs.

Which centre has top facilities for infertility treatments in Nepal?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best Test Tube Baby Centre in Nepal. All the fertility specialists and medical staff are well educated and experienced. They provide high support to their patients to cope up with infertility issues.

The FCN has an extensive range of approaches for treatments at affordable costs. It provides donor eggs and sperm also to help people successfully become parents. The Best IVF experts for test tube baby in Nepal accomplish the treatments in the centre. The procedures accomplish with the latest technologies and best methods in the centre. Many couples have successfully become parents through the treatments. 

More information our website url : https://fertilitycentrenepal.com/

Contact Number: 977-9808978369

Why IVF treatment in Nepal?

Nepal is a highly affordable destination for Infertility treatment. It is because the best fertility centre in Nepal. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the best Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) that has high possibilities in providing infertility couples with a chance to become parents. The eggs and sperm of the partners fertilize to implant into the mother womb in the IVF procedure. 

The IVF and other infertility treatments process accomplishes with the best specialists and latest technologies guidance. IVF centre in Kathmandu has high success rates that attract couples all over Nepal. The affordable IVF cost in Nepal is the main reason many people select prominent cities of Nepal.

When have to select IVF treatment in Nepal?

Today, many men and women face infertility issues that cause unhappiness in their lives. IVF is the best treatment that assists them to overcome by providing a chance of having a biological child. It helps in male and female factors of infertility. With various approaches, it has high success rates in a successful pregnancy. You can have assistant in the following conditions:

  • A woman ovary begins to fail prematurely after the age of 35 owing to menopause. It affects the number of healthy eggs produced and the quality of the eggs produced. It also lowers the ability of ovaries to create mature eggs. The chance of conception will influence by your maximum age for IVF.
  • The couple cannot conceive because of male partner infertility in many cases. The male partner has a problem producing sperm, either because he does not have enough to help with IVF or because his sperm is of low quality, motility, or morphology.
  • The female may have severe endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or irregular ovulation. When combined with other methods, IVF can help conception and produce better results.
  • The female partner fallopian tube must be in good functional order for a successful reproductive cycle. However, blockages or damage to the process can occur for many reasons, resulting in infertility. The eggs and sperm fertilize outside the body during IVF treatment.
  • Because the pair had previously failed at IUI, IVF can help them and deliver better results than IUI.
  • The couple has experienced multiple miscarriages in the last year and cannot conceive naturally for no reason. IVF may be able to assist them in becoming parents.

What is the IVF procedure in Nepal?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the process that requires the assistance of the latest technologies and methods. For successful conception, your expert can advise approaches with IVF. The test tube baby cost in Nepal will include medicine, egg with sperm fertilization with retrieval and embryo implantation.

Its procedure in Nepal is following: 

  1. The hormonal drugs will stimulate the female ovaries, causing her to produce several eggs at once. For a short time, it suppresses production while another medicine prompts them to create a large number of mature eggs. One injectable medication will encourage the ovaries to release eggs into the uterus throughout the collection phase. Before the fertilized eggs transfer, the uterus lining will prepare using hormonal medicines.
  2. The egg harvesting from the female partner uterus will do using a catheter, which is a long, thin tube. It will have a light and a camera to aid the expert. The process will aid by the use of a Transvaginal ultrasound. A needle will collect the eggs from the follicles.
  3. For fertilization, your specialist will inseminate the eggs and sperm. Both will be placed together on a Petri dish. Alternatively, your experts can provide ICSI advice (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Individual sperm will be injected into each egg for fertilization in ICSI.
  4. The fertilized eggs will divide into cells and create embryos within a few days. For a few days, they will monitor development in the lab. During observation, the expert has the option of selecting multiple embryos.
  5. The chosen embryos will implant into the uterus of the expectant mother. It will be attached to the catheter and inserted into the uterus through the vaginal canal. The supplements will continue to work after implantation to help encourage pregnancy. A blood test will be performed a few weeks after implantation to verify the therapy results and pregnancy status.

How much does IVF cost in Nepal?

IVF cost in Nepal is affordable than the developed countries. It is because many centres provide different processes in one package. IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal, approximately ranges from NPR. 340000 to NPR 4000000. It will depend upon the condition and other factors of patients.

Some cost affecting factors in Nepal are the following:

  • Use of donor egg or sperm with IVF in self has poor quality.
  • ICSI with IVF for the fertilization process and high conception rates.
  • A reputed destination as the best fertility centre in Nepal for high comfort satisfaction level will affect. 
  • Types of IVF can affect as regular and advanced

IVF success rates in Nepal are high then the other destination as various modern technologies and methods assist in the treatment.

Which is the best clinic for IVF in Nepal?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best IVF clinic in Nepal has high success rates. They have 24*7 services for all their patients. With the highly certified and experienced fertility specialists team, they have helped many couples in becoming parents. You can have a high success rate of IVF treatment with various conditions at reasonable costs. It has the best medical team, well-built infrastructure, special care and affordable prices.

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the top fertility centre in Nepal in many prominent cities as an IVF centre in Kathmandu. It provides many latest approaches with IVF to increase the success rates. The treatments they provide are following:

  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • PGD/PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening)
  • TESA/PESA (sperm aspiration and extraction form)
  • Laser-Assisted hatching
  • Donation program (egg and sperm donor

It has all treatments at affordable costs with the assistance of the best fertility doctors in Nepal. They provide 85% success rates in IVF with the egg donor.

Test tube Baby Cost in Nepal

The test tube baby cost in Nepal ranges from NPR 2 80,000 to NPR 3 40,000 for one Single IVF cycle; however, the cost of the procedure depends on several factors such as:

1. Couple’s age: Couple’s age is one of the most significant factors that can impact the test tube baby cost in Nepal. If a couple above 35 is planning for test-tube baby treatment, they need more fertility drug dosage that helps them produce enough eggs for fertilization. The experts at Fertility Center Nepal advise test-tube baby procedure to couples below 35 to have a successful conception at a reasonable cost.

2. Body type: A couple’s body type plays an important role when they plan for test-tube baby treatment. Couples with over or under body weight need extra fertility dosage to produce good quality eggs and sperm to ease the fertilization process, which increases the test-tube baby cost in Nepal. Couples must maintain their body weight according to their body mass index (BMI) to conceive a baby.

3. Unhealthy eating habits: Nowadays, people prefer to have junk food, drink alcohol or consume illegal drugs that impact their fertility. When they plan to have a baby, they cannot conceive naturally because their fertility starts declining, which means the quality of eggs and sperm they produce is not suitable for fertilization. In such cases, the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal give high fertility dosages to improve their fertility, increasing the test-tube baby cost in Nepal. The couples planning for test-tube baby treatment need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to have a successful conception. 

How many types of infertility treatments are available at Fertility Center Nepal & their cost?

The following are some commonly used infertility treatments that are available at Fertility Center Nepal with their costs and these are:

1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF is a commonly used procedure known as a test-tube baby treatment. The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal recommend IVF to couples dealing with infertility issues such as blocked fallopian tubes or unexplained infertility. It is a procedure in which fertility experts collect the eggs and sperm of the biological parents and fertilize them together in an IVF laboratory. Once the embryo gets formed, the embryologist will transfer the most active embryo/s into the woman’s uterus and wait for pregnancy. The couples need to pay between NPR 2 80,000 to NPR 3 40,000 for one fresh IVF cycle.

2. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): IUI is a procedure in which the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal place the man’s washed sperm into a woman’s uterus with the help of an exemplary thin tube that passes through the cervix into the woman’s uterus. IUI is a treatment for women with healthy fallopian tubes that allow their egg to travel from the ovaries into their uterus. IUI is one of the most appropriate fertility treatments at Fertility Center Nepal, which costs around NPR 30,000.

3. Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT): GIFT is a procedure in which fertility experts collect egg and sperm to mix them. It is a procedure in which the experts fertilize the woman’s egg inside her fallopian tube and not outside her body. The experts recommend this procedure to couples with unexplained fertility or male infertility issues. The cost of the GIFT procedure in Nepal is around NPR 1 20,000.

4. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): ICSI is an advanced technique used to treat male infertility issues. It is a procedure in which the fertility experts will pick a healthy sperm and directly inject it into a woman’s egg to ease the fertilization process. The cost of the ICSI procedure at Fertility Center Nepal is around NPR 3 40,000.

5. Egg Donation: The fertility experts suggest an egg donation process to couples where a woman wishes to carry a baby in her womb but cannot produce enough eggs for fertilization. In such cases, the experts will use the donor eggs and artificially fertilize them with the recipient husband’s sperm to ease the fertilization process. Once fertilization occurs, the embryologist will transfer the formed embryo/s into the birth mother’s uterus to establish a successful pregnancy. The cost of egg donation, including compensation of egg donors at Fertility Center Nepal, is around NPR 6 50,000, which is quite reasonable compared to other fertility clinics.

6. Embryo Donation: It is a procedure in which couples who already conceived a baby donate their left-over embryos to another couple that help them in building up their families. The cost of embryo donation at Fertility Center Nepal is around NPR 10 00,000.

Why do people prefer Fertility Center Nepal for fertility treatments?

The following are the reasons that people prefer Fertility Center Nepal for their fertility treatments, and these are:

1. Affordable cost: Fertility Center Nepal offers reasonable & affordable fertility treatment costs to each individual. They believe that every person on this planet has a right to enjoy their parenthood, and cost will not stop them from enjoying this phase.

2. Facilities offered: At Fertility Center Nepal, people will get the best facilities such as 24/7 complete medical & personal care, pleasant & comfortable stay, transparency in the treatment, maintenance of treatment-related documents, CCTV coverage inside the lab through which couples can see what the lab technicians are doing with their embryos, etc.    

3. Success rates: To date, the Fertility Center Nepal has the highest success rates for taking babies home. The success of the fertility treatments are between 40 to 90% depending on the couple’s age, body weight, lifestyle, previous pregnancies, a procedure they choose, etc.

4. Use of high-end equipment: The Fertility Center Nepal use high-end equipment that has been purchased from other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, etc., to treat all types of infertility cases and provide the best solution to couples in conceiving babies.

5. Trained & skilled professionals: Fertility Center Nepal hires skilled & trained medical professionals from different parts of the countries who give their best to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure. They are the ones who make pregnancy possible for couples with increasing age.


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