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We here at FCN aims to build a healthy relationship with the patients and thus achieving our common goal to able to conceive and give birth to a new life.
As the FCN believes in good results with the experienced staff to the patients and achieves high success rate ,FCN provides some of the Guarantee Packages so that these plan proves to be productive for the patients and does not put financial pressure on the patients. Thus FCN emphasizes to achieve aim to have success in giving birth to a baby.

Looking for a free cost estimate for treatment abroad.

Here the prices of the treatment at FCN proves to be quite reasonable when compared to the prices of the treatments made available in other countries and these treatments procedures are very much organized to provide confidence to the patient of the conceiving a baby.
The Clinics of FCN is located in the four cities of Nepal namely Kathmandu,Biratnagar,Pokhara,Nepalgunj etc.
Our Guaranteed Package At FCN speaks about the various “guaranteed surrogacy packages priced at 45000usd for the egg donor surrogacy where if FCN is not able to deliver a baby by its treatment to the intended parent within 18 months of the treatment with his own sperms than FCN would refund 80% of the total cost back to them “.This guaranteed package indicates that either the intended parents will be blessed with the baby or will get back 80% of the total cost given back to them. This package states the refund only when the treatment is completed by the expertise but still does not results in giving birth to a new life to some or the other reasons and not if the patients leave the treatment incomplete.

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