Mini IVF is the abbreviated form of the minimal stimulation IVF and also known by IVF Lite. Mini IVF is a unique concept in the assisted reproductive technology. Mini IVF is an another alternative to the the IVF and is a lot popular among the patient due to its advantage it offers over IVF with the pillar of thought of not overstimulating the body for the production of average quality eggs very much similar to the human natural reproduction process which involves the discharge of one mature egg every month although the women body produces multiple good quality egg ready to for fertilization thus helping the infertile female to get pregnanent in natural way.

Mini IVF is the done by the minimal stimulation with retrival of eggs + Vitrification and the accumulation of the embryos for the transfer . Eggs retrieved are the best eggs those are selected by the body before the mini IVF cycle starts. Thus fewer eggs utilized and therefore decreasing the risks of hyperstimulation. The medication given to the selected eggs are given in low doses to avoid the distortion of follicle and egg development because the high doses of medication may harm the production of the enzymes and other biological products necessary for the development of the embryo and hence interfering the the process of embryo development.

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    • Mini IVf involves low dose of FDA- i.e approved fertility drug Clomid administered from the day 3 of the femal menstrual cycle and continued till enough growth of the follicle is observed through ultrasonography.
    • On 8th,10th,12th day of  the mini IVF cycle patient is given a low dose of gonadotropin .In Which further  nasal sniff of LUPron  is administered to induce ovulation.

    Maximum of 4 eggs of very high quality are retrived from female and allowed to fertilise resulting into transfer of embryos in the range of 2-3 .Clomid given in FDA prevents premature ovulation affecting the lining odf the uterus due to which the implantation of embryos id not possible aand to avoid this Vitrification is done i.e freezing of the embryos and then transferring them to the further stages of cycle. Some of the doctors feel that it reduces the chances of the hopeful parents to conceive in the given IVf cycle as of possibility of damage of embryos during this vitrifiaction process even after being the safest and  mostly used method for embryo frezzing . Mini Ivf experts incontrast to thise doctors say that if the uterine lining of the female is observed as healthy under USG scans,then in those cases the embryo transfer can be made in the same Ivf cycle.

    • Close to natural way of getting preganent for female.
    • Assuring security with high comfort level for the infertile couple.
    • Minimum Side Effects due to lower usage of Clomid in FDA.
    • Cost effective compared to IVF.
    • Less Medication facility required.
    • No painful injections.
    • High Success rate of over 28%.
    • Recommended for older woman by doctors.
    • Short Waiting time among cycles .In case of failure MINI iVf can be carried the next month immediately.



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