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IVF with egg donor cost nepal

A Marked Down Package of IVF with Egg Donor Cost in Nepal

Nepal is the hub of medical health care department and it is the famous end place for numerous international citizens too. Since we are talking about the ART technique, in this page, we will be discussing IVF Nepal with an egg donor and IVF with Egg Donor Cost in Nepal. ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) is the generic term that encompasses advanced fertility treatment and IVF is that treatment, where sperms and eggs are collected from the couple and then combined in a single petri dish for fertilization procedure.

There are many medications till now to decipher infertility issue, some of them are very efficacious and fruitful too, donating the eggs by the egg donor to the infertile female to attain healthy fertilization is one of the best ART fertility treatments. Based on the latest data, one out of six couples residing in Nepal has the complication of giving birth or have the issue of infertility.

What is IVF?

IVF, as mentioned above, is one of the advanced forms of ART methodology. IVF is simply described as the universal remedy of infertility hiccups. IVF is that treatment, which can be combined with other ART techniques to get a favorable result (according to the infertility issue).

Egg Donor, Nepal – Egg donor is for those infertile women, who are unable to achieve pregnancy by her own eggs. Egg donation with IVF Nepal is that method within which the eggs are collected from a fit donor egg to achieve healthy and successful fertilization in IVF fertilization process.

Who can go for IVF with Egg Donor in Nepal?

Given below are some points why the infertile couple make their mind to opt for egg donor –

  • Those women who are neither mentally fit nor physically, may not perform the natural cycle of fertilization can settle on IVF with egg donor Nepal.
  • Most common reason of female infertility is improper ovulation even if fertility drugs are given, many of the women do not ovulate, so the one, who has the dilemma of ovulation, can opt for Egg Donor.
  • If the ovaries or eggs were removed or damaged, (it may happen in the case of post-cancer treatment, major surgery, or chemotherapy etc.)
  • Eggs that are originated from female may lack in potential or the number of eggs produced at the time of egg retrieval is also of low counts to be effectively fertile by male sperms, this is the best situation turning your mind to egg donor instead of undergoing fertility medication and hormonal injections twice or thrice during your IVF cycle.

IVF with egg donor charges in Nepal – Is it Affordable by the infertile couples?

 Yes, It is affordable and under the budget of the infertile couple. Since IVF treatment is the efficacious and productive fertility treatment to elucidate infertility cause, IVF with egg donor charges in Nepal is quite high than the other basic fertility treatments such as IUI treatment, ovulation induction treatment etc.

IVF with Egg Donor cost in Nepal is not at all beyond the reach by the infertile couples. Fertility Centre Nepal is the ongoing and leading fertility clinic that not only puts forward IVF treatment with egg donor giving a high success rate but also it provides affordable IVF with egg donor charges in Nepal.

IVF with Egg Donor Cost in Nepal –                          Cost in NPR
 This medication involves-

  • Consultation charges
  • Initial tests
  • Fertility medication to the Egg Donor
  • Estrogen supplementation is taken by the intended mother
  • Trans-vaginal ultrasounds & blood hormonal tests of the donor
  • Trigger shot injection
  • Egg retrieval procedure
  • Donor’s care after egg retrieval 
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer into the intended mother’s uterus




NPR 4,90,000

(where egg donor cost is NPR 1,50,000)

Screening and medical checkups of the egg donor before providing her own eggs –

True, if any of the couples go for IVF treatment with an egg donor, the couple also have some knowledge about the minor details of the egg donor such as what is the criteria of choosing egg donor, how the donor fits for IVF with egg donor etc. Let’s read some of the methods before selecting an egg donor, which are –

  •  Fertility Screening: During this step, donor’s ovaries are monitored for the flexibility to supply eggs through the blood tests.
  • Medical Screening: This involves testing of infectious diseases, drugs use and general health. The sexual partner of associate egg donor may be asked to bear screening for sexually transmitted infections.
  • Genetic Screening: Case history is performed to evaluate to lift awareness of attainable hereditary diseases or genetic disorders.

These are all the basic to advance details about IVF treatment with Egg Donor Nepal, its process and IVF with egg donor cost in Nepal. The success rate of egg donation with IVF Nepal depends upon the clinic’s egg donor health, fitness, and intended male partner’s sperms motility. The success rate of egg donation mechanism in Nepal is 70-80%.


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What is Endometriosis

Endometriosis: Chapter and Verse Minutia From Beginning to End

What is Endometriosis; is there any best way to get rid of this disorder, what are the symptoms of endometriosis, its complications, diagnosis and its stages- these are several things, which you need to know about endometriosis. Let’s discuss all the points one by one in order to get the essential information about endometriosis.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is that case, where a female’s endometrium grows outside the uterus, or we can say the tissue that makes up the lining of the uterine wall grows outside the female’s uterus and thus it causes pain.

Endometriosis is generally found to be in female’s lower abdomen, ovaries, fallopian tubes, this tissue sometimes may spread beyond pelvic organs. Women who face with endometriosis, often suffer from lower abdominal pain, she may feel pain during sexual intercourse and pain during the menstruation cycle. Endometriosis largest disorder is infertility; Yes! due to a severe level of endometriosis issue, the female won’t be able to give birth with the help of her partner. The couple has to settle on some of the fertility treatment to get pregnant. On the other hand, some of the women with endometriosis disorder may not have any symptoms at all. Fertility Centre Nepal offers the best medication of Endometriosis in marked down and affordable cost all over the world.

Endometriosis symptoms –

  • One of the common symptoms of endometriosis is pelvic pain.
  • Women with endometriosis suffer pain during menstruation cycle (dysmenorrhea)
  • A female may face infertility issue
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • A female experiences cramps one or two weeks around menstruation
  • Discomfiture with the bowel movement

The stages of Endometriosis –

  1. Minimal
  2. Mild
  3. Moderate
  4. Severe

These are four stages of Endometriosis, on the basis of the level of endometriosis issue; one can find its exact solution. In the first level of endometriosis, there are small wounds or lesions endometrial implants on the ovary and also inflammation around the pelvic cavity.

Mild endometriosis involves shallow endometrial implants on an ovary and the pelvic lining too. In the stage of moderate endometriosis, these occurrence starts taking place deeply on the female’s ovary & pelvic lining, more lesions, and wounds.

During the severe endometriosis level, there are more lesions on the fallopian tubes, deep and extreme endometriosis implants on the pelvic lining and ovaries.

What happens during Endometriosis disorder?

As discussed above, Endometriosis is a disorder, where the inner lining of the uterus starts developing outside the uterus that may be on the female’s ovaries, fallopian tubes, and pelvic cavity. This inner lining of the uterus is known as the endometrium.

It sometimes can spread beyond the female’s pelvic region (it is quite rare but found in some of the women). The tissue that starts growing outside of the female’s uterus is known as an endometrial implant. The disorder of endometriosis occurs when the tissue lining of the uterus (endometrium) starts spreading on the tissue lining of the pelvis, ovaries and the bowel.

Tissue that grows outside of the uterus, they continuously act as it normally would- this tissue becomes thick, gradually it breaks down and then it bleeds with the female’s menstrual cycle. This displaced tissue becomes trapped and has no way to exit from the body.

Tissue that has developed near the ovaries is termed as endometriomas. These all the displaced tissue (if not treated earlier) slowly and gradually causes irritation to the female, eventually form the scar tissue and adhesions that may affect pelvic tissue and other organs to stick with each other. The tissue that has trapped in the female’s pelvis and has no way to exit from the body, can cause –

  • Irritation
  • Adhesions
  • Fertility-related problem
  • Extreme pain during menstruation
  • Formation of the scars

Is there any specific cause of Endometriosis –?

Although the exact cause of this disorder is not proven yet or not certain, possible explanations by the researchers are given below –

  • Retrograde Menstruation – this happens when the female’s menstrual blood starts flowing back through the fallopian tubes into the pelvic cavity instead of making exit from the vagina.
  • Some of the cells in the body outside of the female’s uterus may change to become similar kind of cells, which lines the uterus
  • Surgical scar implantation
  • Immune system disorder
  • Endometrial cell transport

How Endometriosis is associated with fertility related problems?

Approximately one-third of the women with endometriosis have trouble with infertility and struggling phase to get pregnant. Between 20-30% of the cases of female infertility will have the disorder of endometriosis and this is the reason why they struggle with their childbearing phase. Endometriosis seems to affect fertility in given points-

  • Inflammation and irritation caused by the endometriosis disorder
  • Inflammation of fimbria (that picks up the female’s egg and reaches it into the fallopian tube) may result in the egg not arrive at the exact destination.
  • Inflammation caused by the endometriosis disorder also damages the sperm and the egg.
  • Endometriosis, at some case, also blocks the fallopian tubes resulting infertility
  • Scarring of the ovaries and the tubes also results in fertility related issue

How Endometriosis is best treated?

  • By Pain medication (to ease painful menstruation, the medication may involve – Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Advil, Motrin IB, Naproxen sodium etc. It may happen that the female won’t get full relief then she can talk to her doctor and approach for another treatment.
  • Surgery – Surgery is used to remove the endometriosis lesions, also used to get rid of the scar tissue in order to locate the ovaries and the tubes back to their normal place.
  • Hormone therapy
  • Hysterectomy with the removal of ovaries
  • If you are facing infertility due to endometriosis then you have to meet up with the fertility expert, they will recommend the treatment once after knowing the stage of endometriosis. Usually, IUI, IVF etc. is done to get to the bottom of this disorder.






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What Every Woman Should Know about her Fertility?

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You are trying to get pregnant now or considering it for the future, there are certain facts which you should know about your fertility that help you better to make decisions towards planning your family. The following are several things which every woman should know about her fertility and these are:

a) You are fertile for 2 to 7 days every month: Knowing the time of your ovulation is one of the key factors to achieve a successful pregnancy. It is not necessary that you record your timings of intercourse it does help to know how to determine when you ovulate. In most of the cases, it is not difficult to figure out the time of your ovulation. You can track your ovulation time by charting, record a few months of basal body temperature (BBT); cervical mucus tracking and ovulation predictor kits can give more power which increases your desire to conceive. At Fertility Center Nepal, we have highly skilled and trained professionals who will guide you through the entire process of tracking your fertility and ovulation time. Contact at Fertility Center Nepal and book your appointment if you are not sure how to track your fertility and ovulation.

b) Consider your biological clock: According to the study, it becomes difficult for older women to get pregnant as her fertility starts declining with her increased age. The best age to conceive a baby is still 28 years which most of the couples not preferred as they are busy with their careers, not found the right partner etc. can be the reasons.

According to the surveys, it has been found the couples who wish to conceive a baby naturally they have 85% chances till they reach the age of 32 years, however, the couples who wish to opt for an IVF treatment they can conceive a baby at the age of 35 years with 90% of the success rates. For more details in conceiving a baby over the age of 35 years contact Fertility Center Nepal.

c) Unhealthy lifestyle affects fertility: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not cure your fertility 100% as there are several factors involve due to which your fertility gets impacted, however, there are few habits which you need to track while conceiving and these are as follows:

  • Smoking: You know that smoking can speed up age-related infertility and it can illicit earlier menopause.
  • Body weight: Obesity is one of the most common factors which you need to keep in mind while planning to have a baby. According to the study, the weight loss of around 5 to 10% of your total body weight can lead to the restoration of ovulation especially for the women with PCOS. Also, underweight can cause the master endocrine gland which regulates hormones of women. In these cases, you need to maintain an ideal body weight according to your body mass index (BMI) to rebalance optimal hormone levels which are required for fertility.
  • Unhealthy food habits: Your healthy diet will not a fix solution for infertility, however, it has been found that a healthy diet can help in boosting your fertility. By taking proper nutrition will help your body on many levels. For example, the egg cells need a large amount of cellular energy to function properly, and the uterus lining must grow to a certain thickness so a fertilized egg can properly implant in women your uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy. These are only a few of a vast number of biological processes which are mainly depending on proper intake nutrients. At Fertility Center Nepal, the fertility experts educate you on the best foods to eat to increase your fertility and the future health of your child.

d) Irregular cycle and Painful periods are not a good sign: To some extent it is normal to have painful or irregular cycles after your period first begins, until your monthly cycle naturally regulates it; however, the fertility expert says that it is not normal to have consistently irregular or very painful periods during your adult age. You will face some minor discomforts such as mild cramping, fatigue and bloating which are not good signs and cannot be considered as normal, however anything outside of this realm, especially when it does not affects your daily routine, is normal. Yoga, acupuncture, lifestyle, and changes in nutritional diet, herbal therapy, high-quality supplements, and medical foods etc. can help u in balancing your body’s hormones so that your monthly cycle will not be affected and you experience positive results each month.

If you face severe menstrual cramps which are affecting your daily life can be a result of endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or a hormonal imbalance and all these can result in infertility. Chronically irregular cycles can indicate that you are dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is one of the most complex and often diffuse disease processes which have a strong component of insulin resistance associated with it. The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal are highly experienced professionals who will regulate and treat these problems holistically.

What are the other options if the couple has infertility issues?

There are various other options available at Fertility Center Nepal if you are unable to conceive naturally due to the cause of infertility. Medical approaches include using fertility drugs to stimulate ovaries, in some cases surgery is advisable, and fertility procedure like intrauterine insemination (IUI) in which sperm is collected and placed in the women uterus. Some people use an advanced procedure like in vitro fertilization (IVF), in which eggs and sperm are harvested outside the women body, fertilized in a laboratory and then implanted in the women uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy.

The other way is that women can freeze their eggs in their twenties which mean the women healthy eggs are removed in her adult age and preserved for later use. This procedure is mainly used by those couples who do not wish to have a baby at an early age and later they wish to have their own baby by using their own eggs. This technique of egg freezing has produced more than 3000 babies so far.

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infertility treatment nepal

What are the frequently asked questions about Infertility?

There are many questions arises in the mind of couples who were unable to conceive a baby after having unprotected intercourse for more than a year and these question can be:

Are Women are the Only Cause of Infertility?

It’s a myth that only the women are responsible for the cause of infertility. Infertility is a medical problem that affects both men and women equally. According to the study, around 35% of infertility occurs due to a female factor, around 35% is due to a male factor and in rest, 30% both men and women are dealing with the cause of infertility or sometimes the cause of infertility cannot be explained.

What Causes Infertility in Men?

Infertility in men caused by the following:

  • Unhealthy or poor functioning of man’s sperm which includes the quality of the man’s sperm.
  • Low sperm count which can be due to an enlarged vein inside which loses the skin that surrounds a man’s testicles.
  • Hormone imbalance.
  • The tube which carries man’s sperms is blockages can cause infertility.
  • Cancerous or non-cancerous growths.
  • The quality of man’s sperm can also be affected due to a bacterial infection inside the man’s testicles which can also be a sexually transmitted infection (STI).
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Consumption of alcohol, drugs, and smokes.
  • Radiation and X-rays.
  • If previously man had any surgery like vasectomy which is a procedure for preventing the sperms from leaving the testicles.
  • Medicines, especially those treating cancer, fungus, and ulcers.

What Causes Infertility in Women?

The following are the causes of infertility in women and these are:

  • The women who have problems with her reproductive system such as blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, the abnormal opening of the cervix, cancerous or noncancerous growths in the uterus, enlarged ovaries etc.
  • A process in which the women egg is collected from her ovary and mix with her partner’s sperm to facilitate fertilization but there are some women who face difficulties while ovulating every month and pregnancy is a challenge for them.
  • Disease and disorders which include endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease or disorder in which women face challenges as her uterine tissue will grow outside her uterus where she has enlarged ovaries which contain fluid-filled sacs.
  • It is difficult for older women to get pregnant as her fertility decrease with increased age.
  • The women whose menopause stopped before the age of 40 years face challenges to get pregnant and also they face problems like immune system disease, cancer treatments, or a genetic syndrome.
  • If women had cancer treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy etc. can affect her fertility.
  • Medicines, especially those treating cancer, fungus, and ulcers.
  • Consumption of smoke, alcohol or any other drugs can make it difficult for women to get pregnant.
  • An absence of a monthly cycle can also affect the woman’s fertility.
  • Body weight of women can also cause infertility. According to the study, too much or too little exercise can affect a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. So, the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal suggest the women maintain the ideal weight according to her body mass index (BMI) to achieve the successful results of pregnancy.

How do Women Age Affect her Fertility?

According to the study, women who are in their age of twenties are more fertile and their fertility gradually a start declining in ’30s and after the age of 35 it becomes difficult for them to conceive a baby naturally. The women get frustrated as they are not able to conceive after the age of 35 years, however, there are few women who still able to conceive a baby in their 30’s naturally. But if we see overall there are 90% of the women facing difficulties in their mid to late thirties as compared to the women who are having children during their mid to late twenties. The need for fertility assistance is even more common among women who have reached their forties.

For male members, the age does not play a significant role because men continue to produce their sperms throughout their reproductive lives, whereas women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. So, the age of women has a high impact for not conceiving a baby as compared to men’s age.

How Will I Know that I Need Fertility Treatment?

The couples after their marriage get curious that how long it can take for them to conceive a baby when they want to have a child. For most of the couples, the fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal will recommend them to try conceiving a baby naturally for one full year before seeking any medical assistance. If still the couples are not able to achieve the successful results they need to meet their fertility expert who will suggest them some tests and medicines to be taken for several months and it has been found that the couples who are physically and mentally fit can easily achieve the successful results and it is important to try to be patient and realize that, in the majority of cases, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.

However, still, you face difficulties in conceiving a baby naturally then you need to visit Fertility Center Nepal and get your fertility test and on the basis of your medical reports, the fertility expert at Fertility Center Nepal will suggest the best fertility treatment to fulfill your dream of having an own baby.

What Fertility Tests are Recommended by Fertility Experts?

The fertility experts at Fertility Center Nepal will suggest the following testing and these are:

  • The fertility expert will suggest the blood tests to check your reproductive hormone levels estradiol (E2), progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), thyroid hormone, prolactin etc. and she also suggests the male hormone levels test.
  • He/she will ask the male member to have a complete semen analysis.
  • An ultrasound scan will be conducted to confirm the normal appearance of the uterus and ovaries in the woman.
  • To evaluate the woman’s fallopian tubes are opened or not they will conduct an x-ray or a Sonohysterogram.

For more details contact Fertility Center Nepal.


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How infertility affect personal relationships

How Infertility Affect Personal Relationships?

Having a baby is one of the most exciting moments in a couple’s life, but when they are unable to conceive a baby naturally after having unprotected regular intercourse which means one or both of the partner dealing with the cause of infertility. The cause of infertility affects the couples physically, emotionally and financially. In some cases, it has been found that if couples are not careful then it can affect their relationship as well.

According to the study, there are nearly one-fourth of women had a negative impact on their relationships due to the cause of infertility, however, the study says that there are some women who are struggling with the cause of infertility got benefited their relationships with their partners.

What Couples Need to Do in Such a Situation?

First, they need to stop blaming each other after the infertility diagnosis and they both need to work together to achieve the successful pregnancy and visit Fertility Centre Nepal where they will get the solution for all types of infertility issues. Also, they need to keep the following in their mind and these are:

  • Reassure your partner that you both are together to fight with the cause of infertility.
  • Talk to each other about your frustrations as the study says the couples who keep their feelings hidden are much more likely to have problems which can lead to stress.
  • Always be together while going for doctor’s appointments, copy each other with side effects, grieving together, sharing the news together with friends and family.

How to Keep your Relationship Healthy?

At Fertility Centre Nepal, the fertility experts help the couples to build their strong relationship and for this, they need to follow some important tips to maintain a healthy relationship and these are:

a) Focus on yourself: The experts at Fertility Centre Nepal suggest that before you plan a baby you both need to build a strong and healthy relationship to become good parents.

b) Take a break: Like you, both were trying from a long period of time to conceive which is not happening in such cases take some break from your infertility treatment. Reduce your stress and anxiety in your sexual relationship and will ensure that your life will remain a source of pleasure and relaxation for years to come.

c) Involve together in physical exercises: Exercise is one of the most fabulous stress buster for the couples dealing with infertility issues. You can perform physical activities like dancing, playing tennis, bike riding etc. also you can join some yoga classes together which will give strength to your body as well as it will teach you deep breathing which is helpful in relaxing and you can focus on your treatment.

d) Respect each other: If you both dealing with the cause of infertility, so in such cases respect each other’s feelings. Just because men don’t cry doesn’t mean he is not hurt. Men are more likely to distance themselves from such situations and become irritable. So such cases are together and respect your differences.

e) Talk to each other: If you need support from your husband then clearly talk to him, be specific, what you want? If you need to spend some time alone then ask your partner to give you time to spend alone but do not show your anger as he is also going through with the same phase.

f) Seek help outside: You know that your relationship is at stake because of infertility issue still seeking help from outside. You can speak to your friend, relatives or your fertility expert. You can join some support group online of the people who are going through infertility treatments.

g) Share your infertility struggles: It has been found that people who keep their infertility issues secret from their friends and family have more psychological and relationship problems as compared to those who open up. Before sharing your infertility with others it is better than you first talk to each other than with whom you will share your information and how much you will share. In some scenarios, the male member wants to discuss the infertility issues with his mother but you may think his mother’s is more questionable and judgmental. Similarly, he may not want you to discuss his low sperm counts with your friends or many other details of your fertility treatments.

h) Get Counsel yourself: At the time you are unable to deal with the situation by your own in such cases the fertility experts at Fertility Centre Nepal will suggest you meet a counsellor who will help you to communicate with each other and reach mutual agreements. It is just a myth that people require counselling only at the time of their divorce or situation of clinical depression or anxiety. The people need to understand that counselling is for everyone who needs some extra help to come out from the stress or a difficult situation. At Fertility Centre Nepal we have the best counsellor who will help you in making your decision and you will feel supported and will able to tend your relationship in a better way.

How are Male Members Dealing with the Cause of Infertility?

It has been found that male members of infertile couples were quiet and does not show that they are depressed and dealing with erectile dysfunction and other sexual relationship problems. Unfortunately, the male members who are dealing with the cause of infertility try to distance themselves from infertility and keep their feelings to themselves only and they are more focused on the plans to solve the issues of their infertility due to which they are not paying attention to their partners and this can harm their relationship.

At Fertility Centre Nepal we suggest the male members discuss their feelings with their partner and this will allow them to bond over feelings of being out of control. These few tips will help you both to maintain your strong and healthy relationship and you will be able to concentrate on your treatment to achieve a successful pregnancy.

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ICSI Treatment Nepal

How Much Does ICSI Treatment Costs In Fertility Centre Nepal?

ICSI is a similar procedure as conventional IVF where fertility expert will collect the eggs and sperm of each partner. The only difference between the two procedures is the method of fertilization.

In conventional IVF, the fertility expert of your will mix together the eggs and sperm in a dish and the sperm fertilizes the egg naturally. However, there are chances that egg will fertilize naturally but for this large numbers of actively swimming normal sperm are required. In many cases, the number of available suitable sperm may be very limited or there may be other factors that prevent fertilization, in such condition IVF is not the best option. Your fertility expert will suggest ICSI treatment Nepal which provides you a hope to have your own baby.

ICSI is a laboratory procedure where your fertility expert will pick up the men single sperm with a fine glass needle and directly injected into each egg of a woman. This procedure is performed by the highly skilled and experienced embryologist in the laboratory where he/she use specialist equipment. In this procedure, very few sperms are required and the ability of the sperm to penetrate the egg is no longer required as this has been assisted by the ICSI technique. ICSI procedure does not guarantee that fertilization is going to happen as normal, however, still need to occur once the sperm has been placed in the egg.

How the Sperms are Retrieving to Use in ICSI Procedure?

The fertility expert will retrieve the sperms through normal ejaculation for those male members who have low sperm count or sperm with low mobility. In case, a man has had a vasectomy, the microsurgical vasectomy reversal is the most cost-effective option for restoring his fertility.

When a competent microsurgical vasectomy reversal has failed or the man refuses surgery then the needle aspiration or microsurgical sperm retrieval are good alternatives. Needle aspiration allows the fertility expert to obtain easily and quickly the adequate numbers of sperm for the ICSI procedure. They use a tiny needle to extract sperm directly from the men testis.

Needle aspiration is a simple procedure which is performed under sedation with minimal discomfort; however, there are chances for pain and swelling afterward. The sperm that has been obtained from testis is only an appropriate procedure for ICSI when testicular sperm is not able to penetrate an egg by itself.

When the ICSI Procedure is Recommended?

ICSI is a procedure which may be recommended when there is no difficulty in achieving fertilization. ICSI is a treatment which is most often used for couples who are dealing with male infertility factors. A male infertility factor includes any of the below following:

  • Low sperm counts
  • Poor motility or movement of the sperm
  • The quality of sperms is poor
  • Sperm that lacks the ability to penetrate an egg
  • Azoospermia.

When there are no sperms in the male’s ejaculation that condition is known as azoospermia and there are two types of azoospermia: obstructive and non-obstructive.

Obstructive azoospermia may be caused by any of the following:

  • Previous vasectomy
  • Congenital absence of the vas
  • Scarring from prior infections

Non-obstructive azoospermia occurs when there is no production of sperm from the defective testicle. In the case of azoospermia, the probability of obtaining usable sperm is low, and the possibility of using donor sperm may be considered.

What are the Risks of Using the ICSI Procedure?

ICSI is a procedure which can increase IVF success rates but the procedure is not perfect. The following are some more common risks that are associated with ICSI and these are:

a) Damage to the embryos: Fertilization rates with ICSI range from 50 to 80%. However, it has been found that not all fertilized eggs develop into healthy embryos due to which some eggs and embryos do become damaged during the ICSI procedure.

b) Becoming pregnant with the multiple eggs: As we all know, that ICSI takes place as part of the IVF process, hence, there are increased chances of becoming pregnant with multiple eggs for couples who are undergoing for the ICSI procedure. Couples that use ICSI with IVF have about a 35 to 45% chance to have twins and 10 to 15% chance of having triplets or more.

According to the study, if you carry the multiple pregnancies then it will increase your chances of developing the following complications during pregnancy and childbirth which includes:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Low amniotic fluid levels
  • Bed rest
  • Cesarean section or premature labor

When you get pregnant with multiples, your babies are also at the higher risk for complications, such as being born prematurely with low birth weight, or they face difficulty while breathing on their own due to immature lungs. These conditions are more susceptible to infections.

c) Birth defects: According to the study, the birth defects with ICSI and IVF lead to a similar percentage as babies are conceived naturally. However, the risk with ICSI procedure of having a baby with abnormalities is very minimal which less than 1% is.

ICSI Treatment Costs in Nepal?

ICSI is a treatment which fertility experts perform to treat male infertility issues and the estimated cost for treating male infertility depend on the procedure. There are other options also available to treat male infertility apart from ICSI treatment and these are as follows with their costs:

  • IUI is the first line treatment which costs around 50,000NPR Or USD 1,000 for one cycle, however, if the couple requires the ovulation induction, medications, and other screenings which will increase the treatment cost which goes up to Or 3,40 ,000 NPR
  • The cost of ICSI treatment with IVF is around 4, 00,000 NPR OR USD 5500 for one cycle without including medications. ICSI with IVF is the best fertility treatment which increases the chances of conception as compared to IVF alone. In case, the couple needs ICSI with IVF with medications than the cost of the treatment go up to USD 7,000 for the fresh cycle.
  • If you are using egg or sperm donor to increase your chances of conception than the cost of the treatment is around 2, 00,000 NPR for Egg Donors & Sperm Donor 50,000 NPR or USD Amount 20,000.


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Azoospermia Treatment in Nepal

Azoospermia treatment in Nepal – the most overwhelming experience in the whole nation as offered by our clinic

By the time for improving the alignment in the visitor’s eyes must be assessed with the most accused and for better assessment for the Azoospermia Treatment in Nepal for the best services to be allied with our clinic Fertility Centre Nepal that provides the allied and overwhelming experience to be treated for the treatment with the most reputable clinic of ours with the pronounced medical facilities and with the most experienced doctors and consultants to be made available all the time at our clinic for guiding you for the best of your health and maintains the most comfortable and best world class treatments to be probable with the treatments to be of the best curable description in the treatment for Azoospermia Treatment Nepal to be best recognized treatment with best successful results in our clinic.

As Azoospermia is the treatment which is basically relative with men’s and men should be involved in such kind of treatment and it is mainly done when there is absence of qualified amount of sperms within the ejaculated semen which can be processed with it and also many men were facing the disease which involves with the sperm production or with the blockage found in the male reproductive tract or with the problems to be faced up with the whole reproductive part of the male and to remove these kind of problems and for the removal of a particular disease known as Azoospermia, TESA is the recommended treatment for the particular kind of disease and for the removal of such disease TESA should be recommended by the doctors in our clinic.

Azoospermia Treatment in Nepal-the best and widely assessable ART reproductive technology must be allied with efficacy

As the main cause which relates with Azoospermia is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), injuries, congenital scar tissues and previous surgeries for microsurgical vessel reconstruction which can now be cured with the relative precautions to be assessed through these progressions and treatments for male factor infertility.

Once the treatment is to be confirmed then find out the relative cause that for what the treatment must be confined with that to find out what will be the main cause for the treatment and why should the treatment be done for the male reproductive tract which must be because of the blockage and other relative cause.

Non-obstructive Azoospermia can be due to congenital infections and blockage leading with the microsurgical problems related with sperm production and may lead to sperm retrieval process for the man to get woman pregnant by using the wide assessed technology known as Assisted Reproductive Technology for the treatment of the disease to be known as Azoospermia.

Eligibility and non-eligibility of the Azoospermia treatment to be procured within the country

  • Eligibility of the disease Azoospermia and the relative treatment for the removal of the disease from male’s body

The male person who is not at all eligible to get the desired results in getting the female pregnant as not been  able to produce desired sperm and sperm production is low so to get the detailed treatment for the semen or production of sperms which is of utmost importance for males in getting the females pregnant  but the male’s reproductive tract should  produced the abnormal sperms to be of different color like green, yellow, reddish or brownish and tinted as the male is suffering from the disease to be  called as Azoospermia for maintaining the thicker or thinner sperm consistency if all these colored sperms are there then it is a matter to be accused and recommendable to the doctor or experts as our experts should give the best knowledge and experience to be there with the doctors of our clinic at Fertility Centre Nepal for the best recommended Azoospermia Treatment Nepal which must be best accessed with the most powerful ejaculations to be proved with the best eligibility in all the states of the country as in comparison with all the clinics of any state within the country.

  • Non-Eligibility for the treatment of Azoospermia for males

The male person who is eligible in producing healthy sperms and has the capability in making a female pregnant is not able for the treatment of Azoospermia for the males to treat for the infertility for males as the males having in this phase are into healthy sperm production and non eligible for any kind of treatment relative to infertility found in male.

Post treatment facilitations and the recovery period for the males to recover from the treatment of Azoospermia and that too within such a least cost

  • Post treatment guidelines

For all the do’s and don’ts to be easily assessed with what to do and not to do should be properly analyzed in that respect like regular intake of medicines and also for having the nutritional diet plan to take the best diet which is more or less be comfortable helping in producing healthy sperms to be best accused with such proficiency.

Must take care of the side effects to be accessed with such practice to be found out during or may be after the treatment if there is any such kind of side effects to be probably accused that what to do and not to do should be easily clarified with the after treatments to be guided by the experts during or after completing the treatments related to Azoospermia for the best treatment to be defined under the re evaluating phase of the male recovery treatment with the treatment of infertility of the  disease called as Azoospermia for infertile males for which the treatment to be known as TESA must be recommended.

  • Recovery period for the treatment of Azoospermia

Recovery period for the treatment of TESA for the removal of the disease to be called as  Azoospermia must be assessable up to 3 to 4 weeks time period which can be enough for the recovery after the treatment of Azoospermia but in some cases male’s recovery after the treatment must be more than that but it is the rarest of the rare cases to be aroused with some genetic disorders or may be facing some issues to be suffered with diabetes or other diseases for the recovery to be postponed in few cases if the treatment is with the patient of some other suffered diseases in past or in mainly recent years. Weight loss or hormonal balance is the other recovery symptoms for the disease called as Azoospermia to be recovered soon with the treatment of TESA.

  • Price of the treatment of Azoospermia at our clinic

TESA is the treatment for Azoospermia disease recovery which should cost at our clinic in Nepal which is to be of the least and must be within the best price that must be offered at our clinic which must an affordable amount that can be easily invested by the male patient to remove the infertility cause for the disease Azoospermia with the treatment of TESA in such regard to be the most cost effective procedure to be processed with the best alterations to be gained by most of the patients with highest success rates and in minimum costing which can be best suitable for almost many patients and also for every sector of the society whether rich sector or middle class sector all can afford such a best offered price at our clinic with the best leading progesterone.

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ivf in nepal

Why Nepal for IVF Treatment?

The people from other developed countries prefer to have their IVF treatment in Nepal because they have heard about the success stories of other people who had undergone for an IVF treatment in Nepal and also about the achievements that have been made by the fertility experts in Nepal for their patients. The fertility experts in Nepal including other staff members are not biased with caste or religion and they treat each individual with equality no matter in which part of the world they may reside. The purpose of the fertility experts in Nepal is not to make any profit out of the patients pocket; their main aim is to maximize the chances of successful pregnancies without compromising the quality of the treatment. They offer the same international standard quality of the treatment as other developed countries offer but at very reasonable cost which can be easily afforded by people below the poverty line as well.

The best part for which people from other developed countries prefer Nepal for IVF is that the women who are rejected in their own countries are welcomed by Nepal and here the qualified and skilled fertility specialists help those women who have increased age, or not able to produce good quality of eggs which results in unsuccessful pregnancy. They treat every type of infertility in men or in women and make pregnancy possible for them so that they can enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby.

Nepal is a country where fertility experts will also perform other assisted reproductive procedures such as IUI, ICSI, Egg donation, Embryo donation, Sperm donation, Surrogacy etc. to fulfill the dreams of couples who were unable to conceive a baby naturally after having regular unprotected intercourse for more than one year.

Factors that attract other people for IVF in Nepal

The following are the factors that attract many international patients to have their IVF in Nepal and these are:

a) The best and qualified fertility experts: Nepal is a country where the fertility experts are highly qualified and trained professionals who first examine the cause of infertility and also examine that whether men or women or both are dealing with the cause of infertility and after knowing the exact cause and who is dealing with the infertility cause accordingly they will suggest the best infertility treatment which fulfills their dreams of having an own baby. The fertility experts from India and Nepal treat all types of infertility conditions whether it is rare or complex and make the pregnancy possible for the women who are above the age of 40 years with the help of latest and advanced technology they are able to handle these complex cases which were denied by the fertility experts in their own countries. The aim of the fertility experts is that each individual on this planet will enjoy their parenthood as they understand that nothing is so touchy to hear the first voice of an own baby and holding the baby in own arms. This is the world’s best gift and no other thing can compare with it.

b) Best quality of treatment: Nepal is a country which provides you with the best quality of fertility treatment with the same international standard quality which other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Canada etc. are offering. However, the cost which you pay in Nepal for the same procedure is less than what you pay in the other developed countries and this makes Nepal is the most favourable destination for all the people across the globe.

c) Highest Success Rates: Nepal is a country which has the highest success rates of taking the baby home which is around 75 to 85% for the women under the age of 35 years and around 35 to 45% for the women over the age of 40 years which is significantly higher than any other developed countries; however, according to the study, the success rates of an IVF treatment mainly depends on the age of the women. The younger you are the more chances of a successful pregnancy are there because older women need more fertility drugs to ovulate. IVF in Nepal at Fertility Center Nepal is a treatment where “hope grows and miracles happen”.

d) World-Class Technology: Nepal is a country where the fertility experts offer the world’s best lab facilities, equipment, the technology used for treating infertility in couples etc. The Fertility Center Nepal is a center which offers several state-of-the-art technologies such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching, egg donation, Surrogacy and much more under one roof and that too at very reasonable cost which can be easily afforded by each individual. All the fertility procedures offered by the fertility experts at this center improve the chances of pregnancy and IVF with ICSI is one of the best infertility treatment which increases the chances of pregnancy even if the woman had previous multiple failures.

e) Environment: The time you enter the Fertility Center Nepal you will feel the positive energy around you and also you find the doctors and the other staff members are very polite while speaking with any patient and you feel like home there as the fertility experts of this center treat each individual as their own family member and the moment you realize the atmosphere around you is positive which make you think that At that moment they feel that you are at the right place where you will get the most precious gift of your life which is your own baby.

The above are the factors due to which people from other developed countries prefer Nepal for their IVF treatment. This is a country where the fertility experts have resolved the fertility issues in larger number and give couples the best and the most precious gift of their life. If you are the one who has been dealing with infertility issues then visit Fertility Center Nepal for a free consultation or you contact us via email, call or video chat and discuss the issues we are ready to help you in fulfilling your dream of having an own baby.


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IVF Cost in Biratnagar

A Beat Down Package of IVF Cost in Biratnagar

Why the individual settles on IVF treatment? It is because of a single reason- Infertility. Infertility means a couple is unable to achieve a tag of pregnancy after 1 year of having unprotected intercourse. This disorder affects both women and men. A man is considered as infertile if he has too less sperm count or his sperm are morphologically unfit to perform fertilization. A woman is said as infertile when she has tried for more than six months to get pregnant and hasn’t used any of the birth control, still, she couldn’t make the grade to welcome motherhood. This time IVF fertility treatment is the most efficacious option to go for.

If talking about IVF Cost in Biratnagar, it is not that easy to pay neither it is that difficult. Since IVF treatment is one of the advances and productive treatment to elucidate infertility cause, it is quite expensive than other basic fertility treatments such as IUI treatment, ovulation induction treatment etc. However, it is easy to pay IVF Charges in Biratnagar and is not at all beyond the reach by the infertile couples. Fertility Centre Nepal is the ongoing and leading fertility clinic that not only brings forth IVF medication giving high success rate but also it provides affordable IVF Cost in Biratnagar.

IVF in Biratnagar is the best medication to say Goodbye of your Infertility disorder. IVF Cost in Biratnagar is affordable and reasonable by each infertile couple those who are seeking for the best and affordable cost of IVF treatment. IVF Charges in Biratnagar is based on a marked down package and this is the reason why the package of IVF Biratnagar is popular for its logical and fair-minded cost amongst infertile couples.

IVF Cost in Biratnagar is far reasonable and easy to pay by each infertile couple’s pocketbook. IVF Charges in Biratnagar is NPR 3,40,000.

Each and every step, which is included in IVF Cost in Biratnagar mentioned in the given table. Given below is the procedure that comes in the IVF package of Biratnagar.


      IVF Cost in Biratnagar includes –                                   Cost in NPR

This medication involves-

  • Consultation charges
  • Initial tests
  • Fertility medication
  • Trans-vaginal ultrasounds & blood hormonal tests                                  NPR 3,40,000
  • Trigger shot injection
  • Egg retrieval procedure
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer

IVF fertility treatment can be combined with several other ART techniques to get favorable result according to the requirement of male or female fertility issue.

During IVF treatment, many times it is found that male partner’s sperms become unable to penetrate with the egg due to its low sperm count or maybe less motility, this time IVF with ICSI treatment is done. In ICSI treatment, a single sperm (most motile and morphologically fit sperm) is injected into the egg to get the productive result of fertilization.

IVF Charges in Biratnagar differs on the basis of these treatments, when any technique is combined with IVF treatment then IVF Cost in Biratnagar changes. Let’s read some other different IVF Charges in Biratnagar when IVF is combined with another method such as IVF with an egg donor, IVF with sperm etc.

IVF Cost in Biratnagar using egg donor and sperm donor –

IVF- an advance medication, where sperms and eggs are fertilized outside, as soon as fertilization happens, on the fourth day of it, the embryo is placed into the uterus for implantation.

As mentioned above that IVF is that technique which many times applied with several other techniques, right now we will discuss IVF cost in Biratnagar using donor egg and also about IVF charges in Biratnagar using donor sperm.

IVF fertility treatment using egg donor is widely accepted by those infertile females, who are not able to unleash healthy eggs at the time of egg assortment procedure during IVF treatment. For healthy fertilization, female’s eggs must be full of standard quality. If the eggs are not capable to be fertilized with the sperm then it will be hard to get healthy fertilization. When this case happens, then the fertility experts recommend the couple to go IVF with an egg donor.

During egg donor, a female, who will be donating her eggs will have to undergo a traditional normal IVF steps until the procedure of her eggs assortment. Once she gives her eggs, her role is over, rest of her recovery done by the clinic itself. IVF charges in Biratnagar is NPR 4,90,000 (where egg donor cost is NPR 1,50,000)

        IVF Cost in Biratnagar                               Cost in NPR

  IVF Charges in Biratnagar using egg donor                                  NPR 4,90,000

Now, let’s focus our information on IVF Cost in Biratnagar using a sperm donor. During egg donor, a female gives her own healthy eggs at the time of fertilization, and in IVF with a sperm donor, a male gives his sperms at the time of fertilization.

So, you must have guessed when the sperm donor is recommended to the couple, it’s when the male partner is unable to produce average count of sperms, has less motility and morphologically abnormal shape. IVF Cost in Biratnagar using sperm donor is NPR 3,90,000.

        IVF Cost in Biratnagar                            Cost in NPR

     IVF Charges in Biratnagar using donor sperm                              NPR 3,90,000


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Infertility treatment in Nepal, with IVF

Infertility Treatment in Nepal, with IVF

Infertility is not a disease it occurs due to an imbalance of hormones due to which the couples are unable to conceive a baby even after one year of unprotected intercourse. There could be many biological causes of infertility or could be the reason of menstrual cycle behind this.

IVF is one of the best infertility treatments which fulfill the dreams of the couples who are unable to conceive naturally. According to the study, IVF is the first line of treatment for various infertility problems such as PCOD, endometriosis and unexplained infertility. The women with failed IUI treatment can also be benefited by IVF Treatment.

Nepal is a country where the fertility experts offer reasonable fertility treatment by using the latest and advanced technology which will increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Before you undergo for the IVF treatment in Nepal, you and your partner need to sign some consent forms as per the Nepal government policy to run the procedure hassle-free and smooth.

How does the IVF procedure work?

IVF procedure is consisting of 5 major steps which are as follows:

a) Stimulation of ovaries: This is the first step of the IVF treatment in which your fertility expert will give you some fertility drugs which control the timings of the egg ripens and also increases your chances of producing the multiple eggs during one IVF cycle. According to study, multiple eggs are required because there are chances that after the egg retrieval, some of the eggs are not fertilized properly in such case the production of multiple eggs will help your fertility expert to choose the best egg. After this, your fertility expert will monitor the egg development in your ovaries by using an ultrasound and blood test to check the level of your hormones.

b) Egg Collection: This is a stage where your fertility expert will collect the eggs from your ovaries by using a hollow needle through your pelvic cavity under local anesthesia which reduces the discomfort that occurs while egg collection. In some cases, women may experience mild discomfort or the cramping on the retrieval day and the pressure may continue for several weeks following the procedure. To reduce the discomfort your fertility expert will recommend you some painkiller medicines.

c) Secure the Sperm: Your fertility expert will combine your collected eggs with your husband sperm to establish a successful pregnancy. In case, your fertility expert is unable to retrieve enough sperm during IVF then they perform a procedure called ICSI where a single sperm is directly injected into each egg to establish a successful pregnancy. In case, still, sperms are not retrieved then they will use the advanced techniques called PESA or TESA where they obtain the sperm surgically.

d) Fertilization: Fertilization is the most important step in which your fertility expert will mix your collected eggs with your husband sperm and will keep the generated embryo in the laboratory for fertilization, however, in some cases where the fertilization probability is low then your fertility expert will use the other technique of IVF which is ICSI. ICSI is a procedure which is mainly used to treat male infertility and this is a procedure in which a single sperm is injected directly into each egg to achieve the successful fertilization.

e) Embryo Transfer: This is the last step of the IVF treatment in which your embryologist will transfer the best-chosen embryo into your uterus and will wait for the signs of pregnancy. Your pregnancy test will be conducted after two weeks of the embryo transfer. If successful pregnancy is established, monitoring is continued, until ultrasound imaging allows direct visualization of the developing fetus and heartbeat at day 28 following embryo transfers.

Why Nepal for IVF treatment?

Fertility Center Nepal is the reason that people prefer Nepal for their IVF treatment as this is a center which provides the following benefits to all the people across the globe and these are:

  • The reasonable cost of the IVF treatment as compared to other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Canada etc.
  • People whosoever visit Fertility Center Nepal will get the free consultation from the best IVF experts and counsellors.
  • The success rates of taking the baby home are very high at this center which is around 70 to 80%.
  • The fertility experts at this center use the other assisted reproductive methods which will increase the chances of pregnancy.
  • By offering the reasonable treatment cost does not mean that they compromise the quality of the treatment. They offer the same international standard quality of the fertility treatment but at a very reasonable cost so that each individual can easily avail the benefits of the treatment.
  • The other staff members at this center offer the best personal and medical care to all the patients across the globe no matter which corner of the world they are.

Summary of IVF treatment

IVF is a first line treatment for those couples who are unable to conceive a baby naturally even after having unprotected intercourse for more than one year. This is the best fertility treatment which has the highest success rates of taking the baby home that is around 70 to 80% which is quite high as compared to the success rates of other developed countries.

The fertility experts at the Fertility Center Nepal first suppress the women monthly cycle by giving her some fertility drugs and then they collect the eggs from women ovaries and fertilize them with her husband or donor sperm to make an embryo. Once the embryo gets developed the best-chosen will be transferred into the women uterus to establish a successful pregnancy.

IVF is a treatment which is a suitable treatment for the couples under the age group of 35 years because with the increasing age the quality of eggs start declining and the success rates of this treatment then will dip down to 40 to 50%. Generally, after the age of 35 years, the fertility experts also advise the couples to try other assisted reproductive treatments such as egg donor, surrogacy etc. to fulfill their dreams of having an own baby.

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