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The Egg donor is a woman who donates their egg to infertile couples so that they can have a child. Using donated eggs is a major decision; donor needs some time to discuss their feeling with professionals or friends, family before proceeding.DonorEggs
AWoman who is willing to have their eggs cultivated and harvested will donate eggs. Sometimes women ready to donate their eggs for financial compensation. Mostly donors under 35 as the risk of birth defects are low.
To become the egg donor you should be healthy. You may undergo some test before selection. The medical evaluation will include several tests, blood work, a vaginal ultrasound, and also training so that you will know how to inject your medication when the time comes.
Once clearance from the psychologist, you will meet with a doctor to review your donor contract. Once contract signed between both the donor and the recipients, doctor will call the donor fertility center to arrange for your medical evaluation

Worried for treatment, take a free second opinion.

Some medicines will be given to the donor to keep your hormones and your ovaries, in a uniform, non-ovulatory state while waiting to begin suppression. Depending on when the recipient’s menstrual cycle falls in relation to yours, the egg donor team will assign you a date to begin suppression and to stop the medicines.
Sometimes couples choose an open donation, where the egg donor meets with the couple directly and male couples used his sperm to fertilize the donor’s egg and implanted in the recipient uterus.

Procedure of egg donation

A needle is passed through the top wall of the vagina and is inserted into the ovary to remove an egg. This process is repeated for each egg. This procedure usually takes 30 to 60 minutes total. There are two types of egg donation procedure.

In Ovarian hyperstimulation donor receive a series of hormonal drugs which cause the ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs. Sometimes drugs are given to the donor to control the menstrual cycle. Drugs may be given by injection or pills.

In the egg retrieval,a surgery is performed under conscious sedation. a tube attached to an ultrasound probe, a physician guides a suctioning needle into each ovary and removes mature oocytes from the follicles. An antibiotic is given to the donor just to prevent the infection.The donor will stay in  the clinic for 2-3 hours after the procedure.

Egg donation helps infertile women/couples to start a family. For women who are thinking about being egg donors, it’s smart to look into several programs to learn about the more specific procedures, criteria, and support for the donor. The donor who iswilling to give their time to the process gets benefits for both financially and emotionally and willing to give their time to the process.


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