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IVF Clinic Nepalgunj: After marriage for couples, it is not easy to live without the hope of children. Every couple has a dream to have their baby, and for this, they can reach out to any height to fulfil their dream. But all their dreams are shattered when they came to know that due to some complication, they are not able to conceive a baby. It happens due to changes in lifestyle, late marriages, menopause, blocked fallopian tubes, low or poor quality of sperms, abnormal shape of sperms, etc., and couples start losing their hope to have their babies.

Now, you need not worry as IVF Clinic Nepalgunj has come up with various new and advanced methods which can fulfil the dream of an infertile couple. IVF Clinic Nepalgunj is a blessing for infertile couples, which offer them the best fertility treatment, and IVF is one of them. IVF is a procedure in which women eggs are fertilized by the men sperm outside the women body but in the laboratory under specific circumstances.

This new fertility treatment technique is significantly reached in various parts of the world, and the result of this new technique is outstanding. And with the coming up multiple amendments, this procedure is declared one of the best procedures to fight against infertility and offer the couples the most prestigious gift of their life: their baby. There is nothing so touchy to hear the first voice of your baby. Couples forget the stress, time and money when they hold their smiling baby in their arms.

Why IVF treatment in IVF Centre in Nepalgunj?

   (1)    Several tests and procedures at one destination

   (2)    Top counselling sessions for better process

   (3)   Guaranteed treatment packages

   (4)    Suitable IVF cost in Nepal

   (5)   State of the ART technologies and methods

   (6)     The highest IVF success rate in Nepal

   (7)    Top-knowledgeable doctors for IVF treatment in Nepal

   (8)    Call us at +977-9808978369

 (9)     Or mail us at [email protected]



You can have top approaches and procedures for various infertility conditions. These provide the best opportunity to achieve pregnancy outcomes. You can have the best treatment as per issues. It helps in successful conception. Moreover, you will have the utmost facilities and methods in one place. It will provide you utmost care and comfort.

(1)        Male infertility treatments and diagnoses

(2)        Female infertility treatments and diagnoses

(3)        IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

(4)        IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

(5)        ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

(6)        IVM (In Vitro Maturation)

(7)        Freeze Embryo Transfer (FET)

(8)        Laparoscopic

(9)        IMSI/PICSI 


IVF Clinic Nepalgunj

Our success rates:

IVF treatment in Nepal is the topmost for better pregnancy results. You can have the highest IVF success rate in Nepal. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has top assistance in performing infertility treatments. These help in managing different conditions and provide the top outcome.

Still, your success rate of IVF in Nepal depends on various factors. For instance:

(1) Your age because advanced age has fewer conception chances.

(2)The couple gametes have poor conditions.

(3) Your IVF process is as per infertility issues.

(4) The IVF centre in Nepal you choose

Your IVF success rates in Nepal will be as per age. Such as:

(1)  The female partner at the age of 30 has 50% chances

(2)  The female partner at the age of 35 has a 40% chance.

(3)  The female partner at the age of more than 38 has 32% chances

(4)  The female partner at the age of the 40s has 29% chances

(5)  The female partner at the age of 45 has 23% chances


(a) Utmost assistance at every stage during the treatment

(b) Gametes and embryo cryopreservation facilities

(c) Top-notch ART techniques and approaches

(d) Assistance for the IVF cost in Nepal

(e) Highly well-behaved fertility experts

(f)  Call us at +977-9808978369

(g) Or mail us at [email protected]



How may the chances of IVF be increased?

IVF is a top art technique whose effectiveness depends on medical professionals, technological advancements, and patient hands. Your serious infertility issues may limit your ability to conceive and result in failure. While IVF therapy can boost your chances of getting pregnant. It requires fit female partners and healthy gametes. Additionally, it can be helpful to keep a watch on several factors. You must start by selecting the top IVF clinic with the best aids and techniques. Then select the best remedy for your needs that is suitable for many diseases. Next, keep your physical and mental circumstances in good shape. The outcome of treatment can be impacted by any problem condition.

Does IVF involve any harm?

No, IVF has fewer chances of causing any harm. Because, the IVF process performs with advanced technologies and top assistance. Also, highly experienced IVF experts function in the treatment. So your chances of any problem with IVF are fewer. With it, the couple at an advanced age has higher chances of IVF process effect. Because, fertility medication, egg retrieval, embryo implantation, or other diagnoses can cause problems. As it involves a little invasive stage and affects the treatment chances also. But choosing the best process and place can help you achieve the top outcome.

How does IVF injection help?

The IVF injections will use by the expert to increase female egg production. Also, it improves the health and maturity of the eggs. Your IVF process will have more healthy eggs for successful treatment. With it, the medications have different types. And it depends on your fertility and egg production health. These medications will recommend by your fertility expert to the female partner. And it continues for more than 10 to 15 days. Then, the process involves a hormonal injection. It injects by the expert to release the healthy eggs inside the female uterus.

Can male infertility be manageable with IVF?

Yes, your fertility expert can recommend IVF treatment for male infertility conditions also. Because, the best IVF involves collecting the male semen sample in the lab. Then, the expert prepares it with advanced technologies and selects the highly motile and healthy sperm. It fertilizes with healthy eggs and provides top pregnancy outcomes. Also, IVF can include different advanced approaches and methods. As the top treatment for azoospermia (no sperm count), poor sperm production, abnormal sperm formation, poor mobility, etc. These conditions can manage with the advanced technologies in IVF. And you can achieve a successful pregnancy outcome.

Does the IVF process have any negative side effects?

The best procedures and equipment are employed during IVF. It helps with successful pregnancy outcomes when a couple is unable to conceive. The strategy can also be used in conjunction with other approaches for greater results. In the therapeutic process, there are also certain intrusive steps. These could pose problems for certain people. A gadget is used to implant gametes and harvest eggs. Other organs’ health can be affected. The couple might encounter miscarriage, labour problems, an early delivery, an ectopic pregnancy, and signs of multiple births. You can still manage these conditions if you have access to contemporary assistance and the right course of therapy.

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