IVF Treatment in Nepal

IVF treatment in Nepal

How does the IVF treatment in Nepal best?

IVF treatment in Nepal – IVF Cost In Nepal is the estimated cost of the best IVF treatment in Nepal is around NPR 3.40,000 per cycle, And the price will increase as per the number of IVF cycles used. Also, the IVF treatment cost in Nepal depends on the place the IVF procedure has taken place, age of the couples, cause of infertility, previous medical history, body weight, eating habits, etc.

Why go for IVF treatment in Nepal?

IVF treatment in Nepal is the topmost process. It helps in couples’ infertility conditions. And you can achieve top pregnancy outcomes. Many issues have managed with the best method. Because it has advanced technologies. And the experienced doctor performs it. Moreover, the couple can top process as per issues. Since, various approaches are present. These help in top procedures and results.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) involves the top method. As it involves the top process. It helps in the couple’s gametes’ fertilization. The expert collects the couple’s eggs and sperm. And these fertilize under their observation. Then, they choose the top embryo for implantation. And the transfer provides the pregnancy outcome. And you will conceive a healthy baby.

Moreover, the IVF best treatment in Nepal is suitable. Because it is more affordable than in developed nations. And couples can have the top method. Since, they cannot afford it in western countries. It is the top process for your pregnancy. So, you can choose the best process. Then, top-notch techniques are available. For it, you can select the best IVF centre in Nepal. They have a high IVF success rate in Nepal.

IVF Treatment in Nepal


Why IVF treatment in Nepal at FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL? 

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(5) State of the ART technologies and methods

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What is the IVF process in Nepal?

There are five steps involves in completing the best IVF treatment in Nepal. These are: Best IVF treatment in Nepal. These are:

1. Suppressing the monthly cycle:

It is an initial step toward the best IVF treatment in Nepal. The fertility experts in the Fertility Center Nepal suppress women’s monthly cycle by giving the fertility drug called Lupron. It is a fertility drug that helps control a woman’s body from ovulation so that the clinic experts can retrieve the eggs on the 14th day after Lupron begins.

2. Egg collection:

In this step of the IVF treatment in Nepal, the fertility experts will retrieve the eggs from the woman ovaries using a hollow needle called a catheter that can be easily inserted through the cervix into the uterus of the woman. Egg collection will be performed under local anaesthesia to reduce the discomfort while collecting the eggs. There are cases where women experience mild cramping and pain during egg collection and treat it by giving the painkillers.

3. Egg fertilization:

It is the most crucial step in the IVF treatment in Nepal in which the fertility expert will mix the eggs and sperm of the biological father or donor sperm in the Petri dishes in the IVF lab, and the experts will monitor the eggs to confirm the fertilization has taken place. Once it is established, the egg will be considered as an embryo.

4. Embryo transfer:

On the day of the embryo transfer, the woman will be taken to the labour room, where the embryologist will transfer the healthy embryo/s into the woman uterus and wait for the pregnancy to have occurred.

5. Pregnancy test:

On the 14th day after the embryo transfer, the couple needs to visit the Fertility Center Nepal for the pregnancy check-up. The fertility expert will conduct an ultrasound to scan the woman ovaries to see a sac in them, and also they hear the heartbeat of the infant, which shows that the pregnancy is confirmed and the good news for the couples are on board. After pregnancy confirmation, the team will be released from the Fertility Center Nepal to their local obstetrician, and she will continue with the further treatment.

Treatments at Fertility Centre Nepal: 

You can have top approaches and procedures for various infertility conditions. These provide the best opportunity to achieve pregnancy outcomes. You can have the best treatment as per issues. It helps in successful conception. Moreover, you will have the utmost facilities and methods in one place. It will provide you utmost care and comfort. 

(a) Male infertility treatments and diagnoses 

(b) Female infertility treatments and diagnoses 

(c) IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) 

(d) IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

(e) ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

(f) IVM (In Vitro Maturation)

(g) Freeze Embryo Transfer (FET)

(h) Laparoscopic 


What’s the best IVF treatment in Nepal costs?

The best IVF treatment in Nepal is a reasonable procedure that each individual can afford, and the estimated cost of IVF in Nepal is around INR 3.75 lakhs per cycle. The price can increase as per the number of cycles is used to achieve the successful result of the procedure. Few factors can impact the IVF treatment in Nepal cost. These are:

  1. Age of the couples:

IVF treatment in Nepal is mainly recommended for the couples below 35 years of age because, with the increased age, the quality and quantity of eggs are declining, due to which couples need a high dosage of fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs for fertilization. The more significant amount of dosage will increase the cost of IVF treatment in Nepal.

2. Lifestyle changes:

If couples are consuming alcohol or chewing tobacco, their fertility is at stake. They cannot produce enough eggs and sperms for fertilization which means they need the high dosage of fertility drugs that can increase the overall cost of IVF treatment in Nepal. Couples should quit smoking and alcohol at least a month before IVF treatment.

3. Body weight:

If couples are overweight or underweight, both will impact fertility. They need fertility drugs in a more significant amount to stimulate the ovaries, increasing the cost of IVF treatment in Nepal. The fertility experts in Fertility Center Nepal advise the couples to maintain an ideal body weight according to their body mass index (BMI) to achieve the best results by spending the minimum cost of the IVF treatment in Nepal.

Our success rates for IVF treatment in Nepal: 

IVF treatment in Nepal is the topmost for better pregnancy results. You can have the highest IVF success rate in Nepal. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has top assistance in performing infertility treatments. These help in managing different conditions and provide the top outcome. 

Still, your success rate of IVF in Nepal depends on various factors. For instance:

(1) Your age because advanced age has fewer conception chances.

(2) The couple gametes have poor conditions.

(3) Your IVF process is as per infertility issues.

(4) The IVF centre in Nepal you choose 

Your IVF success rates in Nepal will be as per age. Such as:

(1) The female partner at the age of 30 has 50% chances

(2) The female partner at the age of 35 has a 40% chance.

(3) The female partner at the age of more than 38 has 32% chances

(4) The female partner at the age of the 40s has 29% chances

(5) The female partner at the age of 45 has 23% chances

What are the non-medical charges for IVF treatment in Nepal?

The IVF process in Nepal has various stages. It helps in a successful pregnancy. Also, the procedure starts with many non-medical processes. These make the treatment better. As you have high conception chances with the treatment. Your expert will recommend them. And only the best IVF centre in Nepal provides it. The following are the non-medical stages of IVF:

(1) Checkups: The expert performs various tests. It helps to know the conditions before starting. You can have the best method. As the expert performs a blood test and ultrasound. It helps determine your issues. Then, they can also recommend the top process. Your fertility issues will confirm. And they also check the disorder’s presence. Because these can affect the pregnancy result. Various tests have different charges. And it affects the entire budget.

(2) Counselling: Your top IVF centre in Nepal will provide sessions. These are from the top counsellors. As they counsel the couple in treatment starting. It helps in a better process. Because, they will manage your stressful issues. And they work on your psychological status. So, you will become tension free during the treatment. It will help in better results. Experienced counsellors have high fees. It causes problems in the IVF cost.

IVF Treatment in Nepal

                                                  Consult for the best IVF Treatment in Nepal

Who all gets benefited from IVF treatment in Nepal?

The IVF treatment in Nepal is a beneficial procedure for couples dealing with the following causes:

(1) For a woman dealing with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, IVF treatment in Nepal is the best option to conceive a baby.

(2) If a male member has a minor problem with his sperm, then the ICSI procedure will be performed along with IVF. ICSI is a procedure in which the fertility experts will extract the sperms from the man ejaculation using two advanced techniques, i.e. testicular sperm aspiration (TESA), percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA). If these two methods failed to extract enough sperms for fertilization, then the fertility expert in Fertility Center Nepal goes with testicular sperm extraction (TESE).

(3) Suppose couples tried fertility drugs such as Metformin, Clomiphene or tried other fertility treatment such as IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) but could not achieve the successful outcome. In that case, the IVF treatment in Nepal is the best fertility treatment to conceive a baby.

(4) IVF treatment in Nepal is the best option for couples trying to conceive a baby naturally after 12 months of their marriage. Still, unfortunately, due to the cause of infertility, they are unable to conceive. For them, IVF treatment is the best solution to have their baby.

What’s the success rate of IVF treatment in Nepal?

At Fertility Center Nepal, the success rate of IVF treatment is very high, around 70 to 80% for women below the age of 35. The fertility experts at this centre are highly qualified. Trained professionals who make the pregnancy possible for women above the age of 40 years with the highest success rate that is around 40 to 50% and this is relatively high as other clinics are failed to treat women above the age of 40 years as they believe that they will not be able to conceive at this age.

However, the fertility experts in Fertility Center Nepal believe themselves, and they are the ones who can treat routine as well as complex cases of infertility and allow the couples to enjoy the parenthood phase happily.

Where to have the best IVF treatment in Nepal?

FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is present. We have various fertility procedures in one place. Our patients can choose us for their top outcome. Because we have the top IVF treatment in Nepal. Moreover, Our highly experienced doctors perform the treatment. They help every couple with their infertility issues. So, the couple can conceive a healthy child. You have a high chance to become a parent.

With it, our IVF success rate in Nepal is high. As we use highly advanced technologies and assistance. Thus, couples can receive the topmost treatments. You can have the best benefits in procedures. Since, these help with affordable charges.

What else about us:


(a) Utmost assistance at every stage during the treatment

(b) Gametes and embryo cryopreservation facilities

(c) Top-notch ART techniques and approaches 

(d) Assistance for the IVF cost in Nepal 

(e) Highly well-behaved fertility experts

(f) Call us at +977-9808978369

(g) Or mail us at [email protected]


Why is in vitro fertilisation the best course of treatment?

The most advanced methods and resources are used in IVF. For fertilisation, the highly qualified individual collects sperm and eggs from the couples. Furthermore, it can be used with cutting-edge procedures and techniques. To get a successful pregnancy outcome, you might use a variety of top-notch methods. The IVF procedure begins with many medical tests. It aids professionals in figuring out the health and infertility issues of partners. They can also suggest the best course of action based on their sterility problems. Can suggest donor assistance or other outside approaches as needed. These contribute to better results.

How may the likelihood of IVF be raised?

IVF is a top art technique whose success depends on medical specialists, technical breakthroughs, and willing patients. Your major infertility problems may hinder your capacity to conceive and cause failure. The odds of becoming pregnant can be increased with IVF treatment. Fit female partners and sound gametes are a must. Additionally, it can be helpful to keep a watch on several factors. You must start by selecting the top IVF clinic with the best aids and techniques. Then select the best remedy for your needs that is suitable for many diseases. Next, keep your physical and mental circumstances in good shape. The outcome of treatment can be impacted by any problem condition.

How many cycles of IVF will I need to have the desired results?

Your partners’ general health and fertility have an impact on the IVF treatment cycles. If you don’t have any major issues, the likelihood will be higher. A second IVF cycle is necessary when the first one fails. To choose the best IVF process, you can evaluate your level of fitness. In extreme infertility situations, the couple may encounter numerous failures. Your several IVF cycles may improve your chances of getting pregnant. The ideal methods might be suggested by the professional if you don’t want to undergo ineffective treatment. With IVF treatment, many cutting-edge techniques and treatments can be carried out. It contributes to a rise in pregnancy outcomes in cases of severe sterility.

Are there any unfavourable affects to the IVF procedure?

IVF uses the most advanced techniques and tools. When a couple is unable to conceive, it helps with the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. In order to achieve better outcomes, the strategy can also be utilised in conjunction with other techniques. There are certain intrusive steps included in the therapeutic process. For a few people, they might be problematic. A gadget is used to implant gametes and harvest eggs. Other organs’ health can be affected. The couple might encounter miscarriage, labour problems, an early delivery, an ectopic pregnancy, and signs of multiple births. You can still manage these conditions if you have access to contemporary assistance and the right course of therapy.

Is there an intrusive process to IVF?

IVF treatment involves a number of surgical steps. If you choose to employ alternate forms of treatment, the process can also change. Retrieving female eggs is a less invasive method. After egg production, the experts collect healthy eggs. They employ a catheter to access the female uterus. The female vagina aids in the development of the uterus and cervix. Additionally, they use a small needle to aspirate the eggs. The fertilized egg then attaches itself to the female uterus after that. The technique is also intrusive. During the expert’s second catheterization. If the male spouse is unable to produce healthy sperm, it can be used. Therefore, the specialist may advise surgical sperm retrieval.

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Natural IVF treatment: An alternative of successful Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift. It is a mind-blowing process where the conceptive cells in the body consolidate to frame a supernatural occurrence – another life, inside the mother’s womb. It is a result of affection from two individuals who long for beginning a family together. Be that as it may, regardless of the regular effortlessness of getting pregnant, there are a large number of couples overall who battle with natural IVF treatment procedure. It possibly due to restorative reasons on either or both accomplices, yet by the by, it causes them much pain.

The process of natural IVF treatment

On the off chance that you are one of these couples, then there is no compelling reason to surrender your fantasies yet, on the grounds that with the progression of science today, there are still numerous approaches to get pregnant. What’s more, albeit huge numbers of these strategies guarantee achievement, it is still best to utilize common IVF techniques. Why is this so? These techniques don’t oblige you to be subjected to incalculable infusions and remedies tranquilizers, and is non-obtrusive and ensured 100% safe.

Our bodies are composed by nature IVF treatment to adjust to the earth it cooperates with, and it is a result of this that specialists have discovered approaches to settle the issue of not having the capacity to get pregnant. The strategies for characteristic IVF fixates on this conviction, and that is the reason one of its proposals incorporate keeping anxiety to a base. Anxiety is characterized by the concealed pressure felt by a man in light of a requesting situation. Stress happens when the individual has depleted his or her assets is still not able to manage the occasion that causes stretch (or known as the stressor). The body reacts to stretch contrarily, and all the more particularly on the regenerative framework, bringing on fruitlessness. To cure this, specialists propose that you ought to attempt to reduce stress by unwinding all the more as often as possible, furthermore set reasonable objectives. Unwinding can be accomplished by the accompanying courses: unwinding on your hot tub following a prolonged day at work, going for a back rub once per week, or basically lighting some scented candles and after that kick back and attempt to unwind.


The other IVF Strategies:

Another supportive insight is to have an uplifting viewpoint in life. Therapeutic science calls attention to that the body is a responsive framework, and our outlook impacts this response. For instance, it has been demonstrated that individuals who experience the ill effects of malignancy yet who think decidedly construct preferred against tumor cells over the individuals who think contrarily. It runs the same route with pregnancy. In the event that you think emphatically, your body will adjust to this outlook by delivering more hormones that support preparation and implantation. Be that as it may, don’t race into getting pregnant, as this will bring about you more stretch, rather attempt to appreciate the procedure and hold up quietly until it happens.

Another tip on common IVF strategies is to begin practicing good eating habits. Having a sound eating regimen influences ovulation, and ovulation is critical to ripeness. Diets that are rich in folic corrosive, for example, green, verdant vegetables and entire grain take into account the correct improvement of the hatchling in the mother’s womb. Notwithstanding that, protein ought to likewise be fused into the eating regimen as incline meat as it considers the auxiliary advancement of your sex cells. Taking supplements that contain iron or just eating iron-rich nourishments is additionally vital as iron impacts ovulation over the long haul.


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