Semen Analysis

Semen analysis is also known as sperm count. Semen SEMEN-ANALYSIS-Sperm-count-2analysis measures how much semen a men can produces and also used to figure out the quality and the shape of the sperm. Male infertility is usually caused by low sperm count, abnormal sperm mobility (movement). This test helps to determine if a man is fertile or not. You may go through this test if you’ve recently had a vasectomy.In the vasectomy, there is blockage in the tubes that sends the sperm from testicles to the penis.

How to get prepare

  • Avoid drinking alcohol, drugs,tobacco,cafeine
  • Stop taking herbal medicines
  • Avoid ejaculation at least for 72 hours before test

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For semen analysis we need semen sample.There are many different ways to collect a semen sample.

  • You can collect the semen sample during sex by using the condom,
  • Masturbation is a most common way to collect the semen sample.
  • We can also collect the sample during sex by withdrawing your penis from your partner just before you ejaculate.

Since semen samples may vary from day to day, two or three different samples may be checked within a 3-month period. This helps to get accurate testing.

Semen test results may depends upon the shape, movement, count, volume of the Semen.
If doctors identify the abnormalities in the sperm’s head, midsection, tail. This may sometimes cause fertility problems. More than 35 % of sperm are normally shaped.
Sperm movement is important for fertility. Sperm must able to move forward. It is necessary to shows movements. If a high percentage of sperm can’t move this may leads to the infertility in the man.
Sperm Count
Normal count of the sperm is 20 million or more. If this count is less than it could affect fertility.
Liquefaction Time
It takes 20 minutes after collection. If semen does not liquefy in 20-25 minutes it means it is difficult to conceive.
If Bacteria or red and white blood cells found in test results. It may indicate infection or side effects of the medications. The appearance should be whitish to grey.
The volume of the normal sperm should be in between of 2-5 milliliters. Low volume indicates the difficulty to fertilize an egg.
PH Balance
Semen PH Level should be 7.1-8.0.If semen PH is more than 8.0 it may leads to the low sperm count.
When a semen analysis shows abnormal results, the test is repeated at intervals as determined by your doctor.Abnormal results create trouble in penetrating eggs and also affect infertility. You may undergosome additional tests.
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Genetic Testing
Anti-Sperm Immune Cells Testing
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