Which is the best IVF clinic Nepal?

ivf clinic Nepal

As everyone understands IVF clinics are multiple choosing the best one can become difficult. Because, the couple has already faced many problems. So now, you need the perfect place that does not cause more issues and provides, you with better results. It is only possible through the best IVF clinic Nepal. We know how couples facing infertility feel during this stage. Therefore, we are ready to take you on the best journey. You can have your healthy and biological baby through us. Also, we will support you on every step during the treatment.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the best fertility treatment for various infertility conditions. It provides top results in different problems. The procedure involves healthy eggs and sperm fertilization outside the reproduction system. It inseminates with advanced technologies and under highly experienced fertility experts. They can use other top-notch approaches for successful results in different infertility problems. The IVF centre Nepal will support you with high care and top-notch technologies. IVF has a track record of providing the best results. It will help you achieve top pregnancy successfully in various infertility conditions.

How to select the best IVF clinic Nepal?

Many IVF centres are present to help in providing the best centre! But are they genuine? or have any problems? The process includes various stages with advanced technologies and methods. It helps in successful results with high success rates. You need select the best IVF clinic in Nepal that can provide better approaches and facilities. It provides you with services that focus on patient comfort and high satisfaction. They have highly experienced surgeons, doctors, and counsellors that support encourage and perform the best treatment. We understand that partners face many pressures during their infertility conditions. Thus, you have less focus on any centre’s true identity during selecting them. The couples need to look at different aspects before choosing the best centre.

You have to choose the best ivf centre in Nepal on the following basis:

1.Team: IVF Clinic Nepal

The IVF treatment needs advanced and highly experienced medical staff through the best ivf centre in Nepal. They not only perform procedures but also supports and care for you. Their team must have high qualifications, experiences, specializations, and behaviour toward their patients’ matters. You need to check the centre staff as doctors, specialists, counsellors, nurses, ward boys, and other staff.

2.  Charges: IVF Centre in Nepal

You need to confirm because every centre has different costs. It can affect your budget, therefore, knowing the price prior helps in better charges. The treatment cost depends on the couple’s infertility, health, and many other factors. It helps in their budget if the centre has a transparent cost. We suggest not selecting any IVF clinic in Nepal offering free cost treatment. Because, it is never true and can make you a fool. Also, IVF needs advanced approaches, technologies, and procedure that has high charges. With it, you can look for the centre price assistances. It helps to have affordable treatment costs and services to pay the higher bill.

3. Success rates: IVF clinic Nepal

Many centres mention the highest IVF success rates. But you need to confirm their actuality because success rates can never be more than 80%. Even 80% cannot be much true. As, IVF success depends on various factors of partners, such as health or infertility. The best IVF clinic in Nepal will have less or more than 50%. It means they are genuine and do not have any scam doubts.

4. Reviews or feedback: 

The best centre always have top reviews from previous patients. You can check their websites to learn about their treatment success and care. As, many previous patients mention their gratitude towards the achievement of the centre’s help. You can have the best process through the clinic with highly well-known patients. On the website, you can look for their treatments, experts, results, and other qualities.

5. Procedures: 

Every best IVF clinic in Nepal must have various strategies and techniques. It supports with topmost treatment and result. You need to confirm the best process through the centre. They have various procedures and approaches for a successful outcome. Also, IVF cannot singly function in severe problems and need different approaches. It manages the conditions and delivers results accordingly.

The IVF process starts with the expert with different checkups and medical tests. It helps in determining couples’ infertility conditions. They need to check your problems to recommend the best treatment. The procedure will start after knowing your issues. You will have the best counselling sessions to manage the psychological conditions for the treatment. Then, the doctor will prescribe fertility medications to the female partner. It will produce healthy and multiple eggs from the female ovaries. After it, they will retrieve the eggs from the female uterus. With it, the male partner’s semen specimen will collect and prepare. They will separate the healthy sperm from the sample. It will fertilize by placing together on a Petri plate. With it, your expert will monitor them for forming a top-fertilized egg. And they will select the highly developed embryo for further processing. For pregnancy, it will implant inside the female uterus by the expert. Ultimately, the pregnancy result will confirm after two weeks of implantation.

Why does IVF in Nepal much better?

With the advancement in the technological area and innovations in the medical field, infertility provided in Nepal is making its place in the list of the countries providing the best infertility treatment. One of the treatments which are provided in Nepal by the FCN is IVF treatment. We are the best IVF centre in Nepal with top facilities and assistances. IVF treatment offers to infertile couples to give birth to a baby by some of the other means provided by medical treatment. In IVF treatment, the eggs and sperm of the engaged couple will collect, and then the sperm is allowed to fertilize the egg in the laboratory in a suitable environment. When fertilization will perform, the embryo is then cultivated for a short time before its placement into the uterus.

This procedure sometimes results in the pregnancy of the female partner of the engaged couple.

  • The treatment provide at the clinic for IVF by the FCN includes using advanced technologies and the latest equipment.
  • FCN provides IVF treatment at the best cost suitable to the patient with some of the guaranteed packages.
  • FCN clinics offering IVF treatment are located in the top cities of Nepal that include Nepalgunj, Biratnagar, Pokhara, Kathmandu, etc.
  • IVF treatment at FCN clinics is made available to patients from India and Nepal.
  • IVF treatment provided at the FCN clinics holds the best success rate compared to the success rate of the other clinics.
  • FCN aims to give the intended couple a healthy baby and wants them to enjoy parenthood to the fullest.
What are the FCN approaches and qualities?

FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has much more successful treatment with advanced approaches and procedures. The procedure involves various stages that need to be perfect with top care. You can select us for many treatments and processes. The best ivf centre in Nepal will help you with different steps from looking for the right answer to taking the baby home.

We have assisted many couples in becoming parents successfully. With our approaches and top-notch methods, the couple can achieve their parenthood. We have highly experienced and well-educated experts. They have top behaviour as never misbehaving with any patient and never discriminating on any basis. Any couple can select the best procedure for their infertility and health problems. It provides them with successful results in conception and assists different conditions.

The following advanced procedures are available through the best centre:
  1. ICSI: The male partner has poor sperm health and does not inseminate with the female eggs. It will also not form healthy fertilized eggs as fertilization will not happen. You will need the best procedure as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. It involves collecting and preparing the male sperm. Then the expert will fill healthy sperm into injection into each egg. It will help in successful fertilization and provides a fit embryo for transfer.
  2. SSR: The Surgical Sperm Retrieval performs in severe male infertility conditions. The couple wants a genetically related child but does not have healthy sperm. It happens when their reproductive tract does not produce sperm. The problem can occur due to any blockage or non-blockage condition. The procedure can provide healthy sperm. Your expert can use invasive or non-invasive procedures to get healthy sperm. It will fertilize with mature eggs and use in fertilization.
  3. Donor: Many partners cannot provide healthy gametes due to their infertility and health conditions. If cannot produce healthy eggs and sperm, the expert recommends donor gametes. It helps in a successful pregnancy as provides fit fertilized eggs for implantation. As the female partner cannot provide mature or fit eggs for the process. So, they will suggest donor eggs in the IVF treatment. In severe male infertility conditions with no sperm, the donor sperms are successful in providing results.
  4. LAH: Partners’ age is the most concerning factor in the reproduction and IVF process. It affects the chances to become pregnant. Your expert can perform or suggest Laser Assisted Hatching. It involves puncturing the fertilized eggs’ outer layer. The embryo chances will increase in implanting inside the female uterus.


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