IVF clinic Center in Nepal

With the advancement in the technological area and its innovations in the medical field, infertility provided in Nepal are making its own place in the list of the countries providing the best infertility treatment .One of the treatments which are provided in Nepal by the FCN is IVF treatment.

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IVF treatment is the treatment offered to the infertile couples to able to give birth to a baby by some of the other means provided by the medical treatment. In IVF treatment the eggs and sperms of the intended couple are collected and then the sperms is allowed to fertilize the egg in the laboratory in the suitable environment. When the fertilization has occurred, the embryo is then cultivated for the short interval of time before its placement into the uterus. This procedure than in sometimes result into the pregnancy of the female partner of the intended couple.

  • The treatment provided at the clinic for the IVF by the FCN includes the usage of the advanced technologies and the latest equipment.
  • FCN provides the IVF treatment at the best cost suitable to the patient with some of the guaranteed packages offered to them.
  • FCN clinics offering the IVF treatment are located in the top most cities of Nepal that include Nepalgunj,Biratnagar,Pokhara,Kathmandu etc.
  • IVF treatment at FCN clinics is made available to the patients from the experts from the India and Nepal.
  • IVF treatment provided at the FCN clinics hold the best success rate compared to the success rate of the other clinics.
  • FCN aims to provide the intended couple the healthy baby and wants them to enjoy the parenthood to their fullest.


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