Natural Modified IVF cycle

Modified natural IVF cycle is a form of Natural IVF cycle involving the medication for not more than 4 days to block the spontaneous ovulation with the small dose of stimulating hormone for keeping the follicles healthy and growing. Similar to the Natural IVF Cycle, the aim is to collect high-quality egg selected in a natural manner.

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Modified Natural IVF cycle permits the collection of more than one egg in a natural cycle.

Modified Natural Cycle IVF may be of benefit for those:

  • Who responded poorly to IVF stimulation in the past
  • If Your results show you have a very low AMH level (<5)
  • If You’ve had repeated failure of conventional IVF cycles
  • Those who want to avoid the risks and side effects of high stimulation.

Modified Natural IVF cycle process

Step 1:Initial scan and consultation

Doctor assess the situation of the patient and design a specialized treatment plan.

Step 2:Medication

After 2 weeks ,prior to your period’s start, the patient needs to meet the doctor to consult about medication and the treatment and doctor will advise the medication required.

Step 3:Scanning

On the first day of your periods, Your first scan would be conducted followed by 2 to 3 further scan performed on the alternate days.

Step 4:Egg Collection

Eggs are collected on the 12th day of the treatment after your scan conducted on the first day of your periods. Egg collection is done under sedation followed by the embryo transfer after few days.

  • High quality: High-quality embryo and egg are used in the treatment.
  • A healthy womb lining: Healthy womb lining is much more favorable for implantation of the embryo .
  • Fewer side effects: Modified Natural Cycle IVF avoids the usage of fertility drugs leading to fewer potential risks and side effects. Thus avoiding the risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) and menopausal side-effects.
  • High Success rate: Modified Natural Cycle IVF has an improved success rate compared with Natural Cycle IVF and retaining  most  of the benefits. We have immense pleasure declaring high success rate even with very low egg reserve, those in older age groups, and poor responders to stimulation drugs.
  • No stress: As the treatment is carried out within your natural menstrual cycle, any kind of stress associated with it like physical or emotional is considerably low.
  • Can perform consecutive cycles: Unlike conventional IVF, patients who choose this option can repeat their treatment in consecutive natural cycles, rather than taking a break of a few months between treatments.
  • Reduced Cost: Modified Natural IVF is more affordable per cycle than conventional IVF treatments as it does not require any medications and avoids the cost involved.
  • Good for women with low ovarian reserve: Modified Natural IVF treatment can be used to treat women who have a low ovarian reserve, poor responders or those who are slightly older.

The needy can choose to undergo Modified Natural Cycle IVF treatment as a single cycle treatment, or can choose from various packages offered by us at a discounted rate. See our Prices page for more details.


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