How much does azoospermia cost in Nepal?

The cost of azoospermia in Nepal is lower than in many best and most developed countries. It is the centre of attraction for people facing male infertility factors. The best centre in Nepal has highly advanced methods and technologies borrowed from western countries. Your treatment cost will depend on various factors in Nepal like:

  • Which type of azoospermia condition do you have? (Obstructive or non-obstructive) Because in obstruction, surgery will need to remove the blockage and regulate the function, and in non-obstructive, medicines or other non-invasive therapy will perform.
  • Whether you become pregnant naturally or through ART? After the process, your sperm production starts flowing conventionally, so you have a chance to conceive the baby yourself. If you require any ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) will increase the treatment cost higher.
  • If you have a genetic disorder that causes no sperm, your therapy process will include PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Disorder). It will influence the cost highly to select a healthy embryo for the fertilization process.
  • If you choose to receive treatment in Nepal from another nation, you will charge differently until the process completes successfully. You need to pay expenses for living, travelling, food, and others.
  • Your centre for the treatment is the best as they provide various approaches with advanced technologies. They have financial assistance for comfort and high satisfaction for patients.

What is azoospermia? What causes it in Nepal?

Azoospermia is a male infertility condition that is spreading its feet deep down in many countries. It affects many men and their families by causing infertility issues that do not let them impregnate their women spouses. It is no sperm count present in the male semen sample that produces through ejaculation. Even if the female spouse has no sterility issues, she will still be unable to conceive and face male infertility issues. It is not a problem that is visible to the male partner or sense but faces sterility.

Azoospermia in the male can happen due to any obstruction or non-obstruction. Various conditions and problems cause no sperm in men. You have any genetic disorder, previous surgery, radiation-based treatment, medications consequences, etc. You still have a chance to have successful pregnancy that results in azoospermia conditions. Various therapies are present to assist with these problems and regulate conventional reproduction.

Azoospermia in Nepal is the best process that is helping many Nepalese couples in the best pregnancy results. The azoospermia cost in Nepal is more reasonable than in many developed countries. Many top centres are available in Nepal for infertility treatment with higher outcomes. They have highly top-notch techniques and modernizations.

The azoospermia causes depend on its type as if you have obstructive or non-obstructive. Any damage, deviation, or obstruction in the ejaculatory duct will result in obstruction. The medicines’ side effects, radiation contact, and any infection will cause non-obstructive problems. The following are the azoospermia reason in the male partner:

  • The male partner has faced any trauma or past injury near the genital areas.
  • You have an infection or inflammation that can affect sperm health.
  • To stop sperm flow, you may have had surgery or vasectomy in the past. Any surgery to the pelvic area will affect the production.
  • You have developed cysts or fibrous cysts that will affect the sperm’s health and fertility.
  • Different genetic disorders cause it in men like the Kallmann syndrome, Klinefelters syndrome, and Y chromosome deletion.
  • The male partner has an ejaculation problem that causes sperm release in the bladder and no production in the semen sample.
  • The hormonal changes or disorders affect the reproductive system and cause azoospermia.
  • Some diseases like cancer, diabetes, and kidney failure can be a reason for azoospermia condition.

How does a couple become pregnant with azoospermia in Nepal?

  1. TESA/PESA: (Percutaneous Epididymal sperm aspiration) PESA performs by inserting a sharp needle inside the duct behind testicles. It aspirates the sperm sample, and the expert will collect it to check in the lab. It will check for the healthy sperm present in the semen sample and select for the ART process. TESA (percutaneous testicular sperm extraction) follows the same methods as PESA, except the sperm will collect through the testis and seminiferous tubules. The TESA cost in Nepal is NPR 3,90,000 for the less invasive process.
  2. MESA/TESE: (Microsurgical Epididymal sperm aspiration) MESA involves a surgical process that performs with local anaesthesia. It accomplishes by making tiny cuts in the Epididymal and inserts a microscope that checks for sperm presence and removes the blockage present inside the tract. It is the best process for obstructive azoospermia treatment Nepal. The TESE (Testicular sperm extraction) procedure is also invasive, but the sperm will collect from the testes. It recommends that no sperm signs are present in the Epididymal.
  3. ICSI: The sperm collected in TESA/PESA can use in fertilization with eggs in ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). It has high results in providing successful pregnancy results in several infertility conditions. The process performs by injecting a healthy sperm into the egg’s cytoplasm directly and provide conception results. ICSI cost in Nepal is NPR 3,40,000 without including other sperm retrieval methods.
  4. IVF: The collected sperm can fertilize with eggs in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedure. The female partner’s eggs retrieve from their uterus for insemination with sperm in the lab and monitored by the expert for development. It transfers inside the female uterus for pregnancy results. It provides biological children and can perform with PGD for genetic testing. Conventional IVF cost in Nepal starts from NPR 3,40,000 with self gametes.
  5. Donor sperm:- If no sperm is present or can use in the ART process, your expert will recommend donor sperm that will provide the best result in successful conception. IVF with donor sperm can range from NPR 3,90,000.

What is the best centre has azoospermia cost in Nepal?

The best centre for azoospermia treatment in Nepal is FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. It has a top procedure with highly up-to-date technologies that provide the best pregnancy results. You can have various treatments and techniques for different infertility conditions of partners. They have affordable treatment costs with packages that help with the fair expenses and do not drill a hole in the pocket.

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Azoospermia cost in Nepal:-

  • Does IVF cost include it?

No, IVF and azoospermia are different treatments, but IVF can use after the sperm retrieval process to conceive the child. IVF price in Nepal is NPR 3,40,000, and the azoospermia process cost will influence the IVF higher.

  • Which is the best centre for it in Nepal?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best centre in Nepal for various infertility treatments. They have a high success rate for azoospermia treatment and provide the best results.

  • Is Nepal is the best option for male infertility?

Yes, Nepal has a highly affordable cost for various treatments than developed countries. Obstructive or non-obstructive azoospermia has advanced therapies in Nepal for a satisfactory conclusion, and everyone is happy.

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