IUI Insemination what it is….?

Couples who have been trying to conceive but cannot due to infertility are suggested to undergo IUI insemination. Infertile couples are made to undergo a proper test before this process is undertaken.

The process of IUI insemination involves the operation of inseminating the sperm inside the female’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. The motive of IUI insemination is to increase the no of sperms that have path destined to fallopian tubes and subsequently increment the chances of fertilization.

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IUI can be used by whom?

IUI insemination is used in following cases:

  • When a female’s cervical mucus is unfavourable to sperm, through IUI, sperm directly reach the sperm, thus bypassing the cervix and the cervical mucus.
  • Male infertility due to antibodies to their sperms. Those Sperms that are not damaged by the antibodies will be separated and can be further used in the IUI insemination process.
  • Couples who cannot have intercourse naturally due to disability, injury or premature ejaculation.
  • Male with a low sperm count but with healthy sperm.

The IUI insemination process involves the natural fertilization of the eggs with sperms even though the sperm is pushed into the female’s uterus, affecting both the partners meeting the essential criteria to have high chances of success IUI.

IUI not Recommended For patients:

  • Females with history of pelvic infections
  • Females with medium to high endometriosis
  • Females with the diseases of the fallopian tubes.

Requirements From Male Partner:

  • Movement of sperm
  • Shape of sperm
  • Sperm Count

Requirements From Female Partner:

  • Open Fallopian Tubes
  • Healthy and Normal ovulation Cycle
  • Open Uterine Cavity

Procedure of IUI insemination ?

IUI insemination can be performed with or without the use of fertility drugs within few minutes involving  minimal discomfort as followed :

  • Before IUI ,Ovulation stimulating  medications  are used while careful monitoring during the maturation of the eggs.
  • Followed by IUI insemination during ovulation process about  24-36 hours after the surge in LH hormone indicating the ovulation process.
  • Then semen sample is washed by the lab authorities for the separation of the sperm from the seminal fluid.
  • Catheter will be used afterwards for the insertion of the sperm directly into the uterus thus  increasing the no of  sperms being placed in the uterus , maximizing the chances of the conception.

Risk Factors Of IUI Insemination ?

IUI insemination is a very smoothly going process but still involving some of the risks. The usage of fertility drugs increases chances of pregnancy by the IUI insemination but still is the most commonly used Conception method. Several risks included are minor cramping of the uterus, Infection in the uterus, Transmission of severe disease from donor sperm, hyperstimulation syndrome, etc.

Do you know how much successful IUI is??????

The IUI success depends on various factors. In a single cycle of IUI insemination, the success rate may lie between the range of 15 % to 30% with the initial condition of high sperm count and healthy female fallopian tube. Further including various depending factors like Women’s age, infertility reasons, which fertility medication the patient has undergone including other variable factors.

Doctors specifically recommend patients for trying two to three IUI cycles due to its less expensive option and being less invasive before trying other infertility treatments like IVF as the success rates of IUI is lower as compared to IVF. So if any of the patients are interested in IUI, the patient should consult their doctor and take proper medication for IUI.

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