Surrogacy is the boon for the infertile couple and is the way of reproduction in which one woman agrees to give birth to a child of other couple and becomes pregnant. The lady who gives birth by the surrogacy procedure is called the surrogate mother. She may be a gestational carrier i.e. carry the pregnancy to delivery once she is implanted with the embryo of the lady who is not able to conceive as she is not able to provide the needed environment to mature to the embryo .


Surrogacy in general means substitutes whereas, in medical language, surrogacy means using the substitute mother in place of the actual mother whose embryo is to be matured inside the surrogate lady.

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Types Of surrogacy

  • Traditional Surrogacy
  • Gestational surrogacy

Find a suitable surrogate

In some of the cases, one of the family member or the friend becomes ready to be o surrogate which results into the reduction in the surrogacy cost to a large extent.

There are some organizations also that helps the parent to find the surrogates .All the queries related to the surrogacy cost, responsibilities of agencies etc must be asked in the starting only.

Sometimes some of the intended parents choose to find a surrogate themselves and for these kinds it’s of top most priority that both the intended parents and the surrogates obtain legal advice before making any agreements. Intended parents need to do a research over potential surrogate’s history so that there is no point of concern in future.

How does surrogacy work?

Gestational surrogacy involves the implantation of the embryo created using one of the following:

  • The donated egg which has been fertilized by the sperm from the intended mother.
  • Embryo created using donor’s egg and sperm
  • The egg and sperm of the intended parents.

Success Rate of having a baby by means of surrogacy

It’s difficult to determine the exact success rate for it as it is dependent on many factors like:

  • Ability of surrogate to get pregnant
  • Age of egg donor when involved
  • Success of procedure such as IUI and IVF
  • Quality of gamete given by the intended couple

Age of the woman whose egg is to be used is the prime most factor affecting the chances of pregnancy.

Cost For surrogacy treatment

Clinic surrogacy fees depend on the arrangement involving insemination only or the iVF procedures whereas it may vary according to the clinic where treatment is taken and the no of attempts taken. The intended couple needs to ensure that they are aware of the complete cost for the treatment and is under their budget.

Risks of the surrogacy

  • Risk depends on the type of surrogacy undertaken
  • Risks with the gestational surrogacy are same s those of the IVF.
  • Risk involves the transfer of the HIV Aids and hepatitis therefore as precaution screening of surrogate mother should be done well in advance.

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