PICSI aka Physiological Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is an additional summation to ICSI treatment in terms of the selection tool .PICSI involves the injection of the sperm into to the matured egg, therefore, it’s a selection tool.

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PICSI involves the usage of the dish that contains hyaluronan drops (hyaluronan is protein found on the egg’s surrounding membrane).Sperms are then added to this dish so that the mature and competent sperms can stick to the hyaluronan. Basically, PICSI is based on the principle of sperm cultivation in a dish containing specific protein so that the mature sperm can bind to it. Further, the bind sperms are selected and used for micromanipulated fertilization.

  • Couple facing low fertilization rate after ICSI
  • Couples With compromised embryo development in previous cycles
  • history of miscarriage
  • high sperm DNA fragmentation

On a point, the fertilization occurs to pick the weaker sperms and select the best sperm suitable for fertilization process to occur. More mature the sperm more capable it is for binding with hyaluronic acid thus much suited for fertilization with egg. PICSI is involving a dish coated with this hyaluronan protein dots that are similar to ones chosen for the ICSI procedure and are used for direct introduction of sperms into the eggs for fertilization.

  • Much more clarified and signified way of selecting the best sperm for fertilization.
  • PICSI chooses sperms based on its values and properties to fertilize and function.
  • PICSI dishes are easy to use and much straightforward for usage.
  • Rejecting the process of choosing the sperm based on its appearance as done in ICSI.
  • Reduction of the probability of choosing sperm with chromosomal defects.

At present PICSI does not have specific disadvantages because this treatment process is yet to be developed and examined for future use as it’s not established completely. Like every coin has to face PICSI would also be having some disadvantages are they are yet to be identified because there no such proper evidence based on which we can define the success rate of this PICSI fertilization technique. Every second person has a different opinion based on this treatment and we cannot rely on that without proofs. Whereas there is direct linkage involved in the capability of binding of the sperm with the hyaluronic acid and the sperms mobility and morphology but still it does not define the connection between the sperm’s ability and increased fertilization rate in IVF

Whenever any of the couples is giving a thought to undergo this PICSI treatment. They must consult a doctor firstly and clear all their queries. There are alternatives also present to PICSI treatment and that include IMSI treatment when it is concerned about the sperm selection which is a method used for the selection of the best sperm available for fertilization using a high powered microscope.


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