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We have to be very greatful to the medical sciences for providing us with the treatment for infertility .Being a parent is one of the beautiful gift from the god and the one’s who are deficit of child due to infertility issues face very hard times in society,personal life,family life,social life etc. . So various Infertility Treatments in Nepal are made available for those infertile couples requiring IVF treatment because of the best IVF treatment center In Nepal.


What Is IVF?

IVF stands for In Vitro fertilization.IVF is the process by which the infertile couple can hope to enjoy the gift of Parenthood. IVF treatment is the process in which the egg cells from the women are made to fertilise by the sperm but outside the female’s body thts why, called in vitro .IVF treatment has a high success rate over other infertility treatments as it involves controlling the fertilsation process carefully by controlling the ovulation process involving the rempval of the egg also called “ovum” from the female reproductive organ and then letting it be fertilized by the sperm in the fluid medium.

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IVF treatment can also be availed as surrogacy or Egg donation, i.e. the woman whose eggs are to be fertilized can be carried by the another woman also and thus the another woman will be giving the birth to the new life.

IVF Treatment In Nepal At affordable prices.
IVF treatment In Nepal provides high success rates at affordable prices with the best IVF Treatment Center . Doctors In Nepal believe to make the clients happy by giving them the present of the chances of successful pregnancy at the very effective cost which suits their pocket .

Stages Of IVF Treatment In Nepal

  • Proper medication is prescribed to the mother intended to improve the possibility of fertilisaty among her . Improved fertilisationn is necessary as it offers high chances of ollection of numerous eggs among which some may fail for fertilisation but still leaving a chance behinf=d for fertilization. Thus numerous eggs are required to increase the chance of fertilization.
  • Second stage includes the removal of the eggs produced inside the female body with the help of needle that is passes through the cavity of the pelvis . This stage proves to be highly pain giving to the female taking part as it involves the passage of the needle . And in case if the healthy eggs are not produces by the expecting mother , the egg donor can be contacted by the hospital Staff.
  • Third Stage is Insemination stage. It involves fertilization of eggs in laboratories which invoves proper monitoring for the smooth IVF treatment.
  • Fourth Stage includes Transfer of fertilized egg to the womb of the intended mother or the surrogate mother . The surrogate mother can be hired easily if the intended mother are not efficient to provide the suitable environment in the womb to new life in exchange of some money as surrogacy cost for IVF Treatment in Nepal
  • After all this process of IVF treatment last stage include rest for the women and look for the pregnancy signs which needs to be further confirmed by the blood test followed by the ultrasound.
Advantages of IVF Treatment In Nepal

  • Chidlren are Free from health issues which are born from IVF treatment.
  • Provides Infertile couples and theor families with the inner satisfaction of having their own blood in the new child.
  • Proves to be one of the greatest gift from the medical sciences to the infertile couple those who cant conceive in a natural manner.




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