Fibroid removal surgery tests & costs in our clinic.

What is Fibroid removal surgery in Nepal?

Fibroids are abnormal and unwanted growth that forms inside the uterus lining and interferes with infertility. It requires assistance to remove the growth without affecting the uterus. Several approaches are present to remove uterus fibroid and have high results. These are the non-cancerous growth that causes infertility in women. Some females with fibroids have other symptoms like heavy periods bleeding, painful cramps, spotting, and infertility.

Your doctor will perform some screening to diagnose the fibroid condition and location. It will help them to treat the problem and provide better results. In the case of uterine fibroid symptoms, the expert will recommend a few tests to confirm the diagnosis and suggest a treatment. The ultrasound and other lab tests will include in the process. Your fibroid removal treatment will depend on the test results and your condition. If you want to conceive a baby after the treatment, the expert will recommend none or a minimally invasive process.

Nepal is the best country for affordable treatment costs than in developed countries. Fibroid Surgery in Nepal performs in numerous centres. It has better results because different conditions and fertility factors assist with the process. The Fibroid removal surgery cost in Nepal is reasonable compared to western industrialized countries.

What are the fibroid testings in Nepal?

Numerous testings perform in Nepal for fibroid conditions in women. It is the main factor affecting female fertility and causing them childlessly. It can check through the regular pelvic exam where the expert checks the female uterus shape, size, or abnormality presence. In other fibroid symptoms, your expert will recommend the following diagnoses:

  • Ultrasound:- It is the process that uses sound waves and gets an abdominal internal picture. It will recommend by your expert to confirm the problem with correct measurement and size. It can perform through the vagina (Transvaginal ultrasound) involves inserting the device with a camera inside the uterus through the vagina.
  • Blood testing:- Your expert will perform some blood testing or CBC (complete blood count) that will confirm the blood loss and presence inside the body.
  • MRI:- This is the most accurate test for determining the location, size, and type of uterine fibroid. It recommends highly to women approaching menopause or who have a large uterus.  
  • Hysteroscopy: Through it, the expert inserts the device into the female uterus and assists the conditions causing other troubles.
  • Hysterosonography: This procedure involves inserting a prepared compound into the female uterus, which clears the way and aids in the correction of any issues that may exist.

What is fibroid removal surgery in Nepal?

Conventional surgeries:- These are the only remaining options for treating fibroid and other related issues. Fibroid removal surgery in Nepal performs by a fertility expert or surgeon.

  1. Hysterectomy: It involves removing the entire uterus with or without ovaries. It removes the problem caused by fibroids and is the only method left for the female. After the procedure, the female cannot become a mother because she cannot bear the child.
  2. Abdominal myomectomy: It performs through the open surgery of the abdomen as the expert removes fibroids through the incision on the lower abdomen. It involves massive scars and fertility in the future. 

Minimal invasive: It will save your uterus and does not cause much scar or incisions that cause other problems to the female. They still have a chance to become a mother and conceive their baby. Many latest technologies are helping in the process and providing long-term safety with effectiveness.

  1. Uterine artery embolization:- This procedure involves injecting small particles into the uterine arteries, which supply blood to the fibroids. It will stop the blood production and cause shrinking and destruction of fibroid. In some cases, it causes problems as the particles will inject into different arteries. 
  2. Radiofrequency ablation: It performs through laparoscopy or Transvaginal procedure. It involves the energy of radiofrequency that damages the fibroid and their blood carrier arteries.  
  3. Laparoscopic: It recommends some amount of fibroid present inside the uterus. It entails making a few small incisions in the lower abdomen and inserting a device (with a camera) inside to remove the fibroid with small surgical instruments. It does not affect the uterus, and you can still conceive after the procedure.
  4. Endometrial ablation:- It is the process of using energy to destroy the uterine lining from the inside but does not affect the outside growth of the uterus. It is highly successful in reducing heavy menstrual flow. 
  5. Hysteroscopic myomectomy:- It requiresAn instrument will that removes the fibroid present inside the uterus by inserting it inside the vagina and cervix. 

Noninvasive:- It entails medication treatment with no incisions or other discomfort. The doctors recommend tablets to shrink the fibroids present inside the female uterus. It manages the heavy menstrual bleeding and pelvic heaviness. Different medications are available to assist the condition and have better results. 

  1. Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists: It blocks the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones and causes a menopausal condition. The fibroid shrinks, and the medicine can continue for some months, but high use relates to severe side effects. 
  2. IUD (Intrauterine Device): It is the device that fits inside the uterus and produces progestin hormones. It helps relieve heavy bleeding during periods but does not affect the fibroid. 
  3. Your expert will suggest other medicines to reduce the pain and manage heavy flow during menstruation. They do not affect the fibroid or does not shrink them.  
  4. MRI process: It performs during your MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) diagnosis that sends high-resolution waves inside the female abdomen and helps in locating the exact location of fibroid inside the uterus. It send sound waves (sonication’s) inside the targeted area that heat and destroys the fibroid without causing any cut or incision to the female abdomen.

Which centre has the affordable cost for fibroid removal in Nepal? 

The Fibroid Surgery cost in Nepal starts from NPR 50,000 to NPR 1,12,000. Different treatments and procedures have varied Fibroids Surgery price in Kathmandu. Your Fibroid removal Surgery price in Kathmandu will depend on the treatment type and condition. The The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best centre for Fibroid Surgery in Nepal. It has the best fibroid surgeon in Nepal. The cost of fibroid surgery in FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is more affordable than in other centres.

l starts from NPR 50,000 to NPR 1,12,000. Different treatments and procedures have varied Fibroids Surgery price in Kathmandu. Your Fibroid removal Surgery price in Kathmandu will depend on the treatment type and condition. The The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best centre for Fibroid Surgery in Nepal. It has the best fibroid surgeon in Nepal. The cost of fibroid surgery in FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is more affordable than in other centres.

Are you looking for infertility treatment in Nepal?

Many partners key issue is infertility impacts their life and prevents them from becoming parents. The different nations have couples of reproductive age confront various infertility issues that cause a slew of other issues.

Infertility issues in males and females are different and equally responsible for the couple childlessness. Healthy organs, the reproductive tract, and gametes require a successful natural pregnancy. Infertility treatment in Nepal has an extensive range that provides better results in various severe issues of partners infertility. Nepal has reasonable charges for several infertility treatments than in developed countries.

What is IVF in Nepal?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the top process for different infertility problems in men and women. It is the assistance method that accomplishes outside the female uterus. The eggs and sperm of partners collect outside and fertilize for embryos that transfer into the female uterus for results. IVF cost in Nepal is reasonable than in developed countries. It is the best infertility treatment in Nepal that provides better results in numerous infertility issues.

Female infertility treatment in Nepal

  • Hormonal therapy refers using fertility medications to promote ovarian activity and boost egg production. The eggs produced with maturity into the uterus helps in the easy fertilization with sperm. It performs in the IUI and IVF treatment cycle for the healthy eggs in the procedure and has better results. It involves different medicines that work with the body hormones. It is a helpful method for women with ovulation disorder and poor eggs condition. Medications have some side effects that diminish the chances of using the technique for pregnancy.
  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination): It recommends mild infertility issues of the female partner such as endometriosis condition that involves abnormal growth of uterine lining. Women have thick mucus that affects the sperm travel into the uterus assists with IUI. Other cervical issues can manage through IUI and have the best results.
  • IUI performs by placing healthy sperm directly into the female uterus. The eggs have release into the uterus for fertilization with sperm. It is process work in several conditions that
  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization):- It is the best process for numerous female infertility conditions. Its process involves collecting the eggs and sperm of partners outside the body and fertilizing. The fertilized eggs observe through the fertility expert for culturing and transfer into the female uterus for conception results.
  • IVF assist in fallopian tubal blockage and damage of females. It is a successful process in the ovulation disorder of the female that causes poor eggs production. The severe endometriosis condition, several miscarriages, IUI failures, and uterus conditions can assist through IVF. You can use different approaches with the IVF process as ICSI, PGD, cryopreservation, etc. The donor eggs can have in the treatment for better outcomes.
  • Laparoscopy: It performs to remove the uterine cavity issues that cause infertility. The fibroids, polyps and non-cancerous growths, uterine adhesion diagnose and fix through laparoscopy. It involves making a less invasive incision that heals faster and provides a better outcome. The doctor inserts a device (a laparoscope) inside incisions with a camera and light to assist. Tiny surgical instruments help in a surgical procedure in laparoscopy.

Male infertility treatment in Nepal

  • Surgery: Any obstruction or blockage in the male reproductive tract can treat through the surgical process. Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) is the best method that performs with a needle injecting into the male testicles and collecting the aspirated fluid for the fertilization process. TESA/PESA is the technique of the SSR process that is highly successful in having healthy sperm in the hormonal imbalance and any obstruction.
  • IVF: It is the top treatment for male factors infertility issues such as poor sperm quantity, quality, movement, and morphology. Several methods can use in IVF for successful conception like PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), ICSI that helps in severe male infertility problems, SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval). It involves collecting the male sperm outside the body and selecting after preparing healthy sperm. It inseminates with the eggs for fertilization and transfers into the female uterus. You can use the donor sperm for better results.
  • ICSI:- Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection performs in the severe infertility issues of the male sperm. It recommends by the expert in the poor sperm movement that causes a problem in the travelling and egg fertilizing. It performs in the IVF cycle that collects the eggs and fertilizes them with sperm. Its process includes injecting healthy sperm directly into each egg for insemination that does not require sperm movement.
  • Medicines:- The fertility medicines help release healthy sperm quantity in many hormonal imbalance conditions of the male partner. It is a non-invasive process that produces sperm without having any surgery or pain. It works by using body hormones and increases sperm production.

How much does infertility treatment cost in Nepal?

Nepal has affordable costs of numerous treatments to assist infertility conditions of partners. IVF cost in Nepal includes medicines, eggs retrieval, sperm preparation, fertilization, and embryo implantation. Other approaches and processes increase the cost higher. Numerous factors will affect the cost of your infertility treatment in Nepal.

  • IVF cost in Nepal with self eggs, sperm ranges from NPR 3,40,000.
  • IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal with egg donors is NPR 4,80,000.
  • IVF with sperm donor is NPR 3,90,000
  • IVF in Nepal with ICSI cost is NPR 3,40,000
  • IVF with TESA is NPR 4,00,000

Which fertility centre is the best in Nepal?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best infertility treatment clinic Nepal. It provides treatments with the latest technologies and advanced methods. Well-educated and highly experienced doctors and specialists perform treatments.

They have top approaches that accomplish with the latest technologies and top-notch facilities. Every patient’s treatment performs with a view of comfort and satisfaction.

The entire medical staff of the centre is fully jabbed and performs every procedure following the COVID-19 Government norms. It is the top IVF centre in Nepal with top assisted reproductive techniques.

IVF treatment cost in Nepal

Why IVF treatment in Nepal is the best?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a well-known approach of assisted reproductive technology. Its process performs outside the human body and fertilize. It is commonly known as Test tube baby treatment that provides pregnancy results to infertile couples. Partners can use numerous other approaches and processes for successful IVF conception and avoiding issues. It is the best treatment that helps in severe infertility problems of men and women.

Infertility is a highly affecting issue that targets many couples of reproductive age and causes sterility. Many Nepalese people suffer numerous challenges and cannot conceive. It requires assistance for better results. Many people in Nepal are childless and impacted on their happy marriages. It is because younger people are leaving their hometowns moving to cities that cause changes in lifestyle and habits. They require assistance for pregnancy and have healthy babies.

IVF is not a cost-friendly process because several processes perform with the observation of the latest technologies and top experts. IVF treatment cost in Nepal is lesser than in industrialized countries. It works by collecting the eggs and sperm of the couple outside to fertilize and transfer into the female uterus for pregnancy. IVF cost in Nepal includes numerous steps with advanced technologies.

What cost does IVF have in Nepal?

The IVF treatment requires some invasive steps accomplished by experienced experts and the latest technologies. It includes experts collecting the eggs and sperm through partners. Your fertility centre will contain the following expenses into the IVF treatment cost in Nepal:

  • Testings:- Starting the IVF process involves many medical checkups and screenings of partners. It includes blood works, ultrasounds, physical analysis, and other tests. It will confirm your fertility condition and health to conceive the child successfully.
  • Medications: It will use in the procedure to prepare the female uterus and ovaries. Several medicines will prescribe by your expert to increase the quality and health of the eggs. It will also release the eggs into the uterus so that the expert can collect them. Some medications will prepare the uterus to adapt to the fertilized eggs.
  • Anesthesia: It requires during the invasive procedure such as female eggs retrieval and embryo implantation inside the uterus. Experts use it for the calm process and less pain for patients.
  • Egg retrieval and sperm preparation: It performs through the fertility expert in the lab that involves the invasive process of inserting a device inside the uterus and collecting the eggs. They also prepare the male sperm by washing and separating healthy sperm.
  • Embryo culturing and storage: It will accomplish by the doctors after eggs fertilization in the lab. The eggs will store till the implantation into the female uterus. It will monitor by the expert and culture in the lab to have healthy ones.

You can select the best process of IVF in Kathmandu Nepal at a reasonable cost. The IVF cost in Nepal starts from NPR 340000 to NPR 350000.

The following factors will affect the IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal:

  • Couple age:- Advanced age of a person affects health and fertility. They require more IVF treatment cycles to become pregnant successfully.
  • Donor assistance:- Many couples do not have healthy eggs or, sperm becomes a problem in the IVF cycle. Experts highly recommend donor eggs/sperm/embryos that provide better results and successful pregnancy. It increases the IVF cost higher.
  • ICSI: Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) process helps in several male infertility issues and provides conception. It includes the total IVF cost in Nepal.
  • SSR:- Surgical Sperm Retrieval (TESA/PESA) is the aspiration process of collecting sperm through the male testicles that assist in any blockage or obstruction present in the male reproductive tract.  
  • PGD/PGS:- To control or avoid any inherited disorder, your expert will recommend its conduct before the embryo implantation inside the uterus.
  • Clinics: Many clinics have dubbed the best in Nepal for infertility treatments, and they charge extra for excellent success rates and many amenities.

What is the procedure of IVF in Nepal?

The IVF treatment requires sperm and eggs of partners as it provides biological pregnancy. Couples can have donor eggs and sperm for the IVF process. You can use a different procedure to control or manage other issues. Its process in Nepal will be following:-

  1. The fertility expert will prescribe several medicines for healthy eggs during fertilization. The ovaries will produce healthy and more quantity eggs and releases them into the uterus.
  2. A catheter will insert inside the female uterus to collect the eggs. It will have a light and a camera to send an inner view and, a sharp needle will use to retrieve the eggs from follicles.
  3. A semen sample will collect through the male partner by the expert. Your doctor will select healthy sperm after preparing it.
  4. The eggs and sperm will combine in the lab for fertilization. The flowing sperm will attach to the eggs and insert themselves inside the cytoplasm.
  5. It will split into different cells and create embryos after a few days. For a few days, the doctor will monitor embryos in the lab, which will aid in the selection of healthy and developed fertilized eggs.
  6. The fertilized eggs will transfer to the female uterus with the help of the catheter. It will reach into the uterus and attaches to the lining to grow and develop.
  7. A blood test after two weeks of the process will provide the pregnancy results of the IVF process.

Where to have the best IVF treatment in Nepal?  

FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best IVF clinic in Nepal. Treatments have resulted in the birth of several infants for infertile couples. The centre offers a wide range of operations and methods. Your operations will accomplish by fertility experts and doctors that are experienced and certified.

The centre supplies donor eggs, sperm, and embryos for IVF therapy at a low cost. It has many top facilities and approaches that help in processes and provide high comfort. They have a high IVF success rate in Nepal, which has helped many infertile couples conceive.

Laparoscopic in Nepal

What is laparoscopy in Nepal?

Laparoscopy is the procedure to examine the internal issue of the abdomen. The problems can treat through laparoscopic surgery. It will perform through the doctor in the centre or the expert’s office. For many years, it is helping in treating gallbladder surgeries successfully. It is very successful in various infertility issues of women. Through the process, experts diagnose the internal uterus, ovaries, and pelvic problems of females that can treat with the surgery at the same time.

The laparoscopic surgery cost in Nepal is fair than in developed countries. Its process does not cause severe scars or wounds that take more time to recover.

Many people are infertile and trying for many years and cannot become parents. Patients from different countries prefer Nepal because of affordable infertility treatments and high success rates. In Nepal, numerous clinics offer cost-effective surgeries using the most up-to-date technologies and best practices. Laparoscopic surgery in Nepal is successful in treating various issues.

Which problems can assist with laparoscopic surgery in Nepal?

Laparoscopic surgery is helpful in various infertility issues of females. It does treat other conditions such as Gallbladder Stone surgery, intestine, liver, and other organs problems. In the early years, surgeries performed with the high invasive cut cause excessive wounds and take many recovery days.

Your doctor may recommend this procedure to detect or treat disorders that cause infertility in the female reproductive tract. It can find or treat the following infertility problems of females:-

  • Endometriosis:- It is the condition of growing tissues outside the uterus that affect the endometrium. It can grow in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and intestines, causing infertility and disrupting the reproductive process. Other issues may arise, such as irregular menstruation and heavy bleeding, severe pelvic pain, and so on.
  • Fibroids:- It is a common issue among women after 35 to 40 years. Infertility causes by an abnormal development that develops inside the female uterus. Women face infertility, irregular and heavy periods bleeding, and pelvic pain.
  • Blocked fallopian tubes:- Healthy tubal system requires in the successful conception of partners. It helps eggs travel into the uterus. Due to any obstruction or injury, it damages and causes infertility in females.
  • Abnormalities:- Various unexplained problems such as abnormal bleeding, spotting, lump-like feeling, and severe pelvic pain can diagnose through the process and can treat also.
  • Severe bleeding and pain:- Many females face severe menstruation bleeding or pain during it but cannot find the reason so, your expert can recommend the process to diagnose and treat it.    

What is its procedure in Nepal?

The laparoscopic surgery in Nepal accomplishes by your expert in the clinic. It will perform with a less invasive process after that, the person will recover in a few days and does not anyone health as much. Its process scar heals faster and does not cause significant issues in operative surgery. It will perform with the latest technologies and advanced methods. The following are steps of the procedure in Nepal:-

  • Your doctor will use general anaesthesia for the numbness of the body and, you will not feel any incision feeling or pain during the process.
  • It will start by making an incision near the belly button and injecting carbon dioxide gas inside the incision. It will help expand the space and have a better view of organs.
  • Your expert can make more incisions to insert other surgical instruments inside to treat the pelvic conditions.
  • The specialist will put a laparoscope with a light and a camera into the abdomen through the incision. It will send clear images to the monitor near the expert.
  • Your expert will evaluate pelvic conditions and abdominal organs to locate the issue. They will check fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, scar tissue, fallopian tubes, and adhesions.
  • If surgery is necessary, your specialist will place surgical devices inside the same wounds and address diseases.
  • All tools will retrieve back by the expert and, the cuts will stitch to cover and bandage after removing the CO2 gas from inside the female abdomen.

What has laparoscopy surgery cost in Nepal?

The laparoscopic surgery cost in Nepal is more affordable than in well-developed countries. It is much more expensive in industrialized countries, such as the United States, the United States of America, and Canada. Your laparoscopic surgery price in Nepal will depend on various factors. It will increase by the purpose of the process.

Many patients select the process to examine issues causing difficulties. During it, the problem needs to remove that will perform through surgery. Your expert will perform the surgery through the same incision that will not require another process. It will increase the cost as the surgical instruments will use in the process.

The cost of laparoscopic surgery in Nepal ranges from NPR 1,50,000. It will include the charges of anaesthesia, hospitalization for more than one day, surgical instruments, etc. Its process is less invasive than providing better results at the best cost.

Why select the best centre in Nepal?

FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best laparoscopic clinic in Nepal. Many people from different countries select the centre in Nepal for the costs of their affordable treatment. Multiple approaches for infertility treatments and assisting several conditions are available. It has provided successful procedures that have helped many partners in conceiving.

Your treatment will perform by the best laparoscopic surgeon in Kathmandu. It has top experts and doctors that help patients at every step. Their entire medical team has highly experienced and certified for fertility treatments. They offer affordable laparoscopic surgery costs in Nepal.

You can have various best services and facilities during the treatment process that help in high comfort and satisfaction. It is the best centre for laparoscopic surgery in Nepal with the latest technologies and advanced methods. All procedures accomplish for the high success of partners and to have better results. Through FCN, many infertile couples are now happy parents.

ICSI treatment in Nepal

ICSI in Nepal:-

Many people in the world cannot become parents due to infertility. It is a bane that affects their lives and makes them live unhappy lives. Infertility is a problem that requires assistance to become pregnant but, because of insufficient awareness, many people do not know about treatments. A middle or lower class people cannot afford the cost of advanced therapies. The developed countries have higher prices for their procedure.

Infertility makes their life more miserable and compels them to live without a child. For the successful reproduction process, partners should have healthy eggs and sperm. Today, the central infertility problem is poor eggs and sperm quality.

Nepal is the top country for infertility treatments because it has prices much lower than in the U.S and the U.S.A. It is an under-developing country with various approaches impended from the western countries but offers at fair prices. Top experts located in Nepal for fertility treatments with higher experiences. Various infertility treatments are available with higher success rates. Patients from different nations select Nepal for their infertility treatments.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the best approach to infertility treatment. In the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) cycle, ICSI aids in couples eggs and sperm fertilization. In IVF regular fertilization, the eggs and sperm will place together and, motile sperm fertilize the eggs and form embryos. In ICSI, single healthy sperm injects directly into each egg for fertilization and embryos. ICSI in Nepal is highly successful and available in the best centre.

It improves IVF treatment success rates and the chances of a healthy pregnancy. During the IVF cycle, it works in the lab. The ICSI cost in Nepal is lower than in other countries.

In which conditions expert recommends ICSI treatment in Nepal?

ICSI is a highly successful treatment for male infertility factors. Many couples cannot conceive due to male factor infertility relates to sperm health. It includes injecting healthy sperm into the egg’s cytoplasm. The best centre in Nepal suggests ICSI treatment in the following conditions:

  • The male partner has a poor sperm count that will fertilize fewer eggs.
  • Man sperm has abnormal shape and size (morphology) and does not have required movement (poor motility).
  • Your previous IVF cycle fails because of male infertility or an unexplained reason.
  • You require Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) to collect sperm from the reproductive tract.
  • If you are using frozen or donated egg in fertilization, require ICSI for insemination with sperm
  • In the genetic testing of the embryo, your expert will suggest ICSI as in conventional fertilization, sperm sticks outside the egg.

What is the ICSI procedure in Nepal?

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a highly successful and advanced procedure. It performs with the IVF cycle in the eggs and sperm fertilization. The experts will do the treatment with the latest technology. In IVF, the eggs and sperm of the partners retrieve from their bodies. Both will place on a Petri dish by your specialist during conventional fertilization. Flowing sperm will penetrate the eggs and fertilize them. But in ICSI, healthy sperm fills in injection and then injected into each mature eggs for fertilization. Following is the IVF with ICSI procedure in Nepal:-

  1. Medical testing:- Both partners will screen to determine their infertility and best treatment. The blood tests, ultrasound, mock processes, and sperm estimation will perform for the results. Your expert will suggest treatment and approach according to the results.  
  2. Fertility medicines will prescribe by your specialist for the production of healthy and mature eggs.v It will stimulate egg production and increase them. The mature eggs will produce by the ovaries and, one hormonal medication will release in the uterus.
  3. Egg Retrieval:- Between the 36 hours of egg releasing medicine into the uterus, your expert will collect them. A catheter (flexible thin tube) will insert into the female uterus and retrieve the eggs. It will put inside the uterus through the vagina and cervix with a light and a camera.
  4. Sperm collection:- A semen sample will collect from the male partner through ejaculation. It can collect through Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) in any problem or blockage in the reproductive tract. It will prepare and select healthy sperm from the sample.
  5. Insemination:- The selected healthy sperm will fill in injection and, the lab will inject into each egg. Your eggs will fertilize and, after some days, form embryos.
  6. Implantation:- the fertilized eggs will observe in the lab and choose highly developed. The selected embryo will place on the catheter and insert into the uterus through the vagina.  
  7. Pregnancy:- After two to three weeks, your expert will perform a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. The verified results will follow the conventional pregnancy.

How much does ICSI cost in Nepal?

Nepal has affordable infertility treatments costs than developed countries. IVF with ICSI cost in Nepal is also reasonable than in other nations. ICSI treatment cost in Nepal ranges from NPR 3,40,000. It will affect through various approaches.

Following factors will affect your ICSI price in Nepal:

  • Your treatment costs can influence through age as advanced age couples eggs and sperm do not have adequate health.
  • If you use donor eggs, the treatment costs will increase in Nepal.
  • The popular centres have costs according to them and, in the name of advanced methods, they charge extra money.
  • After the egg retrieval, some couples cryopreserve their eggs for future conception.
  • Other advanced and latest approaches will increase the total costs.
Which is the best ICSI clinic in Nepal?

FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is one of the best infertility centres in Nepal that has top procedures. It has Cheapest ICSI Kathmandu that attracts patients from different countries. All processes accomplish with the latest and advanced technologies and methods. The Best ICSI Centre in Nepal has high success rates in various treatments. Their experts and specialists have high experience and skills. The ICSI in Nepal by the centre has helped many patients to become parents successfully.

Best fertility/ Infertility treatment in Nepal

Why choose Nepal for infertility treatments?

Infertility is the central conflict of many couples that causes problems in their lives. Today, many people are facing hardship in becoming parents. They desire biological children but are having trouble conceiving. If you have repeated losses or failure to become pregnant, you are experiencing infertility. Infertility harms a person physical health, mental instability and psychological issues. Males and females with infertility problems face society, their norms as nobody understands their conditions.

Many people in Nepal are facing infertility issues and cannot become parents. Many people dream is to have a child after marriage, and it is cultural in Nepal, as it is in other nations. Their dream shatters with the knowledge of infertility in a spouse. But as it says, “never lose expectancy”, several infertility treatments are available to aid problems. Infertility treatment in Nepal has assisted many couples in becoming parents. These treatments are known as the best fertility solution in Nepal.

The fertility treatment cost in Nepal is affordable than in well-developed countries. Nepal has less pricey for various services and facilities.

Many people are now joyful parents their little pieces because of these treatments miracles.

What are the infertility conditions in Nepal?

The incapability of not becoming parents or not being able to conceive is infertility. Any male or female can face problems in pregnancy or impregnate their spouse. Impotent challenges are not insignificant because they cost many individuals pleasure, dreams, and relationships. A person has barren issues if facing the following conditions:-

In Women:

  • Tubal problem:- The female with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes cannot conceive. It makes obstruction between sperm and eggs inside the uterus.
  • Irregular ovulation:- Many lifestyle or abusive habits affect the ovulation strengthens of a female. It causes problems in becoming pregnant.
  • Any treatment or procedure that requires radiation influences person fertility, which is the cause of infertility.
  • Genetic disorder: many genetic diseases affect the eggs and ovulation of women. It has chances of transmitting into the child.
  • A congenital anomaly is a condition of no ovaries present in the female womb because of any surgery or inherited disorder.
  • Poor eggs:- eggs: The health of the egg is affected by irregular menstruation in females, resulting in poor quality and quantity.
  • Lifestyle disorder PCOS or PCOD: The Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome or Disorder cause (irregular periods and many other problems with infertility). 
  • Women with Endometriosis cannot conceive the fertilized eggs as it causes trouble between the eggs and uterus lining.
  • Unexplained infertility:- Many females have normal conditions but still face problems conceiving.
  • Cervical disorder: the heavy mucus or cervical cancer affects conceiving possibility.

In men:

  • Blockage: the obstruction present in the reproductive tract cause problem in producing sperm during ejaculation cause impotent.
  • Poor sperm quality, motility (sperm movement), morphology (abnormal shape and size of sperm) and count.
  • The male has difficulty with erection and ejaculation.
  • Poor sperm count presents because of advanced age.
  • Have any genetic disorder that affects the chromosomal pattern (X and Y).
  • Because of unexplained reasons cannot impregnate their spouse.

What are the infertility treatments available in Nepal?

The Infertility Treatment in Nepal assists patients with various problems. It provides them with a chance of conceiving. Nepal has an extensive treatments range that is following:

IVF treatment

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a well-known treatment for various male and female infertility problems. It suggests by the fertility expert after thorough medical checking of partners. The pregnancy chances of couples increase high with the IVF treatment in Nepal. It is a highly successful method in Nepal, as other approaches can use. IVF is known as the best fertility solution in Nepal.

It has an advanced procedure that accomplishes in the clinic well-equipped laboratory. The eggs and sperm of the partners retrieve from their bodies, respectively. On a test tube, (In Vitro) fertilize together to form embryos. Before collecting eggs, fertility medicine recommends stable egg health and quality.

The embryos will transfer into the female womb with monitoring and a device. Its result comes after two weeks of implantation. 

IUI treatment

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the treatment for mild infertility problems of males and females. Fertility experts of the centre advise IUI treatments to become pregnant.

The IUI procedure involves collecting sperm from the male partner and inserting a device into the female uterus. For healthy eggs, fertility medication can prescribe that provide better results.

ICSI treatment

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an advanced procedure that assists in the severe male infertility and age factor. It is an approach performed in the IVF treatment.

The retrieved eggs and sperm fertilize in the lab through the latest procedure. The healthy sperm fills in injection and injects it into the egg’s cytoplasm.

Donor sperm and eggs:

For the successful treatment process, the donation program uses in Nepal. In the poor quality of eggs or sperm, experts advise the Donor eggs and sperm uses in the IVF, IUI, and ICSI procedure.

How much does infertility treatment cost in Nepal?

The fertility treatment cost in Nepal is affordable than in developed countries. Nepal has top centres for treatments at fair prices.

The treatment of infertility or fertility price in Nepal influences by various factors such as age, fertility condition, donor sperm or eggs, treatment destination.

Following are the infertility treatment cost in Nepal:-

Treatments Costs (in NPR)
IVF 3,40,000
IVF with ICSI 3,40,000
DONOR EGG 1,40,000
SSR (TESA/PESA) 4,00,000

Which centre is the best for infertility treatments in Nepal?

FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is a well-reputed destination of infertility treatments in Nepal. It is an infertility centre in Nepal that offers a variety of therapies for male and female infertility at a reasonable cost.

Their methods are quite effective in aiding patients with infertility issues. It has high fertility success rates in Nepal. It offers packages that include the best fertility solution in Nepal. Their experts and fertility specialists have high experience and are certified in providing infertility treatments. 

They provide the donor eggs and sperm at a sensible price to assist treatments procedures.

Test tube baby in Nepal


The test-tube baby is a miracle through medical science that gives a reason to smile to some people. It assists people with infertility issues and cannot conceive their children naturally. It has fulfilled the dreams of many couples in successfully becoming parents. If you’re dealing with infertility and desire a child, don’t expect a miracle to happen overnight. Today medical sectors have found better solutions for peak problems. Test tube babies or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) are them.

Nepal is a well-known and affordable country for infertility treatments. These procedures are available in Nepal at a reasonable price than in well-developed countries. Many best centres are presented in Nepal to provide treatments with better results. The test tube baby in Nepal has high chances because various modern technologies are available. You can have IVF and other infertility treatments through the best doctors in Nepal.

Test tube baby is the non-medical form for the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment. It is an Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) that has fulfilled the dreams and families of many couples. It performs with the eggs and sperm fertilization of partners in a laboratory. For test tube baby in Nepal, the best centre is available. The test tube baby cost in Nepal is sensible in comparison to other nations.

How does the test tube baby process in Nepal?

The advanced methods and technology accomplish the test tube baby process in Nepal. It performs by an experienced fertility expert in the lab. The eggs and sperm of partners collect from their bodies. It will fertilize for the formation of the embryo. The ultrasound and other testings assist in the entire procedure.

The test tube baby procedure in Nepal is following:

Medical examination:- The male and female partner will screen by the expert thoroughly. It will help them to determine the infertility condition in the couple. Your specialist will recommend the best therapies and approaches based on your infertility difficulties. It will help you to have the best treatment and process.

Partners counselling:- In the best centre in Nepal, you will undergo counselling to help both of you with your thoughts and queries. They will provide moral and ethical support to calm your psychological health. It will determine your perspectives about treatment results and processes.

Female Ovarian stimulation:- The expert will suggest some fertility medicines to the female partner. It will stimulate the ovaries and increase egg production. With the ultrasound and blood test, the exhibit will monitor and control. One hormonal medication will release the eggs into the uterus.

Female eggs retrieval and Male sperm collection:- Between the 36 hours of the last injectable hormonal medicine, the eggs from the female uterus will retrieve. A catheter will insert into your uterus to collect the eggs. It will have a high-resolution camera and a light to assist the expert. After that, your expert will use a sharp needle to collect them from follicles. The male partner will ejaculate to produce a semen sample. 

It will give to a professional for the treatment process. Your specialist will wash it to find healthy and high-quality sperm.

Fertilization of eggs and sperm: Your eggs and sperm will place on a Petri Plate by your doctor. The sperm will connect the head to the eggs and penetrate to fertilize them through it. Your fertilized eggs will form the embryos after a few days. It will monitor the lab for several more days to determine the growth and development.

Implantation into the uterus: The highly developed one or two embryos will select and, the other can freeze further. It will place on the catheter and inside the uterus through the vagina. Your embryo attachment will monitor with the Transvaginal ultrasound.

Treatment and conception results: It will take two to three weeks to attach to the uterus lining. The female blood test will confirm the treatment results and pregnancy. Your process of becoming a parent will follow the conventional pregnancy.

Can you conceive through the test tube baby treatment in Nepal?

Test tube baby

Yes, many infertility issues in males and females can conceive through the test tube baby in Nepal. It assists couples in severe infertility to become pregnant successfully. The test tube baby has helped many couples in pregnancy successfully.

  • It can help in the woman irregular ovulation that causes poor egg quality and quantity.
  • Male infertility reasons like poor sperm quality, motility, and abnormality can assist through IVF.
  • Your unexplained infertility or multiple miscarriages in a year can assist.
  • The congenital anomaly in the female partner that causes no ovaries can conceive with the test tube baby treatment.
  • The inherited or genetic disorder transmission can control through it.

** Females with fallopian tubes blockage and damage still have a chance to become pregnant.  

What has the test tube baby price in Nepal?

The Test Tube Baby Cost in Nepal is fair than in well-developed countries. It will include medicines, retrieval processes, and the IVF cycle. Your test tube baby cost will depend on various factors.

The Test Tube Baby Cost in Nepal approximately ranges from NPR 280000 to 340000. It will depend on the different treatments factors. It is per cycle of the test tube baby price in Nepal.

Your age, fertility health, treatment location, donation assistance (donor egg or sperm), treatment failure, Test tube baby cycles, and approaches will increase the overall costs.

Which centre has top facilities for infertility treatments in Nepal?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best test tube baby centre in Nepal. All the fertility specialists and medical staff are well educated and experienced. They provide high support to their patients to cope up with infertility issues.

The FCN has an extensive range of approaches for treatments at affordable costs. It provides donor eggs and sperm also to help people successfully become parents. The best IVF experts for test tube baby in Nepal accomplish the treatments in the centre. The procedures accomplish with the latest technologies and best methods in the centre. Many couples have successfully become parents through the treatments. 

More information our website url :

Contact Number: 977-9808978369

Egg freezing in Nepal

What is egg freezing in Nepal?

Infertility can affect the happily married life of any person and fill with many confusions and quarrels. When a couple cannot become parents, they face society and mental instability. Many families separate due to not conceiving the problem of a partner. It affects by the numerous factors that influence your lifestyle and cause problems with health.  

Many people in Nepal face several infertility issues that affect their lives and relations. It is not a context of let being as requires the proper guidance and alternative for having the best version of your lives. If you have an infertility problem, still you have chances of becoming parents. Through various fertility treatments, a person can have a baby successfully.

Egg freezing in Nepal is one of the best treatments that assist couples in infertility. It is the procedure of freezing high-quality eggs for usage in situations that have a low chance of becoming pregnant. You can have egg freezing in Nepal at very affordable cost through the best centre. It is an advanced procedure that freezes the eggs of the female partner for future usage,

 Similarly, the embryo and sperm of people can store for later conception.

Why is egg freezing required?

Egg freezing is the advanced approach that helps many women to cryopreserve their eggs in a healthy condition or at one time to use them later. It can use the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technique to conceive. You can consider egg freezing in the following situations:-

  • High age:- the egg or sperm quality starts diminishing at a certain age, causing fewer chances of becoming parents successfully. It can assist with freezing healthy and good-quality eggs at the perfect age.
  • Career and job:- The female partner wants to focus on her career or studies and wants a baby during advanced age. According to a study, eggs freezing help couples have high-quality eggs at an advanced age. If the male partner does not present during the IVF cycle, eggs can cryopreserve for further use.
  • Success with IVF:- If your chances of becoming successful in the IVF cycle is poor, you can freeze the eggs that can provide conception. It will save the money that includes medications and the retrieval process.
  • Surgery:- Before undergoing treatment, the female can preserve her eggs by undergoing chemotherapy or exposure to high radiation levels. It affects people fertility, and many people experience severe infertility results.

How do eggs cryopreserve in Nepal?

Egg freezing is the latest approach that assists many couples in conceiving after treatment or high age. It is the IVF approach that helps in increasing the conception and chances. Women with infertility problems can be pregnant again with it. For pregnancy, the frozen eggs with sperm or donor sperm inseminate. After it, implant into the female uterus. The process of Egg freezing is following:-

  1. The female will screen thoroughly to evaluate her health and fertility condition. It will perform through blood samples testing and ultrasound. After it, the counsellor will estimate and advise the best process for having successful results.
  2. You will prescribe fertility medications to have a better egg quality and number. It will stimulate the ovaries to release more eggs at a time and increase maturity also. A hormonal medicine will unleash the eggs into the uterus by triggering the ovaries.
  3. With ultrasound and blood test, it will observe and, your expert suggests a perfect timing for the egg retrieval. You will lie down on the hospital bed of the clinic for the retrieval process. A catheter attaches with light and, the camera will insert into the uterus through the vagina and cervix opening. Your expert will use a sharp needle in collecting the eggs from follicles.
  4. It can use in the IVF cycle through insemination with sperm. The left eggs or, if no treatment cycle is performing, all the eggs will cryopreserve in the lab through your expert. It can store for a lifetime as per your demand.

How to conceive after egg freezing?

For conception in IVF treatment, the eggs and sperm of the partner should have a healthy state and inseminates in the lab for fertilization. But how do frozen eggs fertilize in the lab?

Conception with the frozen eggs is following:

  1. Your expert will melt the eggs from the frozen area of the clinic. It requires an average temperature for successful results.
  2. Once it melts and has a standard temperature, the male sperm or donor sperm will collect. Through ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), the sperm will inject directly into each egg for fertilization.
  3. After a few days, it will form embryos that implant into the female uterus. It will attach to the uterus lining and grow for successful results.

How much does egg freezing cost in Nepal?

Egg freezing is a similar procedure to IVF treatment. It is somewhat expensive as IVF therapy, but it can help you save a lot of money. You will have to spend money once during retrieval and will be able to use the eggs till the process is successful.

IVF with egg donor in Kathmandu

For a successful pregnancy, healthy eggs and sperm are essentials. If you have poor quality or any issue with sperm or eggs, you will face difficulty becoming parents. It will be your cause of infertility that affects your happiness. Having own child is having blessings in life but, people fail to do so due to infertility. If you are having trouble getting pregnant and wanting a child, do not disregard it. You still can become parents with infertility treatments. 

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the best infertility treatments that assist couples in becoming pregnant. With the latest approaches, it provides successful results in various barren conditions. It performs in laboratories with the assistance of the latest technologies and fertility specialists. The eggs and sperm of the couple place out the bodies and fertilize that forms an embryo. It implants into the female uterus for successful conception. It can perform with the donor egg or sperm to have high results. 

What is egg donation in Kathmandu?

In Kathmandu, an egg donor is a young, healthy lady who donates her eggs to help infertile couples become babies. It is a program run by fertility centres and hospitals to help people become happy. 

Usually, the donor should be anonymous but, some centres provide a facility to select a donor according to you. She must have a healthy lifestyle and be free from diseases and disorders. Many couples have concerns about the appearance of their child, genetic relationships, and features, among other things, while considering IVF with an egg donor.

Kathmandu is the best place for IVF and many other infertility treatments because you can have treatment processes through the best centres at affordable costs. In Nepal, IVF success rates are higher than in many other countries.

In which conditions experts can advise IVF with donor egg in Kathmandu?

IVF can assist various severe and moderate infertility conditions of males and females. Your doctor can advise it after the thorough screening of both partners. If your age is more than 35 or 40 years, your expert highly recommends it as the quality and quantity of eggs naturally decreases. The following are the conditions:-

  • If the female partner has a genetic disorder, has a chance to pass it on to the childIf the female partner has a genetic disorder, has a chance to pass it on to the child.
  • When the woman fronting premature ovarian failure or menopause.
  • If due to congenital anomaly, the woman is born without ovaries or due to surgery, ovaries not present.
  • The couple has faced more than one IVF failure due to poor egg quality.
  • The female has ovulation disorder that affects the egg quality and quantity. 
  • When women cannot produce eggs due to any problem, recommends donor eggs in Kathmandu. 

What is the IVF with donor egg procedure in Kathmandu?

In Kathmandu, the IVF procedure has a high success rate in helping infertile couples conceive. With an egg donor, your odds of having a baby improve, as do your chances of taking the baby home. The steps are as follows:

  1. Selection:- When you choose donor egg IVF treatment in Kathmandu, you may be able to obtain donor eggs from your fertility centre or hospital’s ovum bank in an anonymous manner. In some cases, the couple can select a woman as their egg donor with similar characteristics. It is critical to evaluate her age, health, and background while picking her.
  2. Screening:- Your expert will do the entire donor screening to know her physical, mental, and fertility health that can affect the child. It will include some blood tests, ultrasound, and other testings. Her age should be range between 20 to 35 years. 
  3. Medications:- It is known as synchronization, in which the medicines help donor ovaries to have high-quality eggs, and with this cycle, the uterus lining of the intended mother prepares with hormonal medications. The egg production in the donor ovaries will track using a blood test and ultrasound to determine the optimal retrieval time.
  4. Retrieval:- The eggs will retrieve from the donor uterus with a catheter in the lab. It will collect with a fine needle. 
  5. The male partner will provide a semen sample to the fertility expert that prepares to select the good quality sperm for further process. 
  6. Fertilization:- For eggs and sperm insemination, the expert can advise conventional process or ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). In traditional methods, donor eggs and sperm combine to enter and inseminate. In ICSI, a single healthy sperm injects into each egg for fertilization.  
  7. Implantation:- till the preparation of the intended mother uterus, the embryo will stay in the lab for a few days. When it’s ready to implant, your specialist threads one or more onto the catheter and inserts it into the uterus and deposits it on the uterine lining.
  8. Results:- The pregnancy will confirm with the blood test after two weeks of embryo implantation into the uterus.

What is the cost of egg donor in Kathmandu?

The egg donor in Kathmandu is affordable than in other developed countries. IVF is an expensive process that requires more money. But in Kathmandu, it is reasonable through the best IVF centre.

IVF treatment cost in Nepal depends on the procedure and condition factors. The cost of egg donor in Kathmandu approximately starts from NPR 1,40,000 to 1,50,000. 

Donor egg IVF cost in Kathmandu ranges from (approx.) NPR 4,80,000. It will affect the couple’s age, infertility conditions, donor sperm, treatment cycle number, ICSI, SSR (TESA/PESA), etc.   

IVF with donor egg has a high success rate in Kathmandu. It is higher than regular IVF treatment as the donor eggs provide increased chances of conceiving. Traditional IVF with medicine has a 70% success rate in the best IVF centre in Kathmandu. Donor egg IVF has an 85% success rate in the best centre. 

Where to have the best IVF with donor egg treatment in Nepal?

You can have the best results of treatments through FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL; it has a wide range of treatments with high success rates. They offer infertility specialists who are well-trained and experienced. All strategies rely on cutting-edge technology and a wide range of methodologies. It has affordable IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal.

Why IVF treatment in Nepal?

Nepal is a highly affordable destination for Infertility treatment. It is because the best fertility centre in Nepal. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the best Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) that has high possibilities in providing infertility couples with a chance to become parents. The eggs and sperm of the partners fertilize to implant into the mother womb in the IVF procedure. 

The IVF and other infertility treatments process accomplishes with the best specialists and latest technologies guidance. IVF centre in Kathmandu has high success rates that attract couples all over Nepal. The affordable IVF cost in Nepal is the main reason many people select prominent cities of Nepal.

When have to select IVF treatment in Nepal?

Today, many men and women face infertility issues that cause unhappiness in their lives. IVF is the best treatment that assists them to overcome by providing a chance of having a biological child. It helps in male and female factors of infertility. With various approaches, it has high success rates in a successful pregnancy. You can have assistant in the following conditions:

  • A woman ovary begins to fail prematurely after the age of 35 owing to menopause. It affects the number of healthy eggs produced and the quality of the eggs produced. It also lowers the ability of ovaries to create mature eggs. The chance of conception will influence by your maximum age for IVF.
  • The couple cannot conceive because of male partner infertility in many cases. The male partner has a problem producing sperm, either because he does not have enough to help with IVF or because his sperm is of low quality, motility, or morphology.
  • The female may have severe endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or irregular ovulation. When combined with other methods, IVF can help conception and produce better results.
  • The female partner fallopian tube must be in good functional order for a successful reproductive cycle. However, blockages or damage to the process can occur for many reasons, resulting in infertility. The eggs and sperm fertilize outside the body during IVF treatment.
  • Because the pair had previously failed at IUI, IVF can help them and deliver better results than IUI.
  • The couple has experienced multiple miscarriages in the last year and cannot conceive naturally for no reason. IVF may be able to assist them in becoming parents.

What is the IVF procedure in Nepal?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the process that requires the assistance of the latest technologies and methods. For successful conception, your expert can advise approaches with IVF. The test tube baby cost in Nepal will include medicine, egg with sperm fertilization with retrieval and embryo implantation.

Its procedure in Nepal is following: 

  1. The hormonal drugs will stimulate the female ovaries, causing her to produce several eggs at once. For a short time, it suppresses production while another medicine prompts them to create a large number of mature eggs. One injectable medication will encourage the ovaries to release eggs into the uterus throughout the collection phase. Before the fertilized eggs transfer, the uterus lining will prepare using hormonal medicines.
  2. The egg harvesting from the female partner uterus will do using a catheter, which is a long, thin tube. It will have a light and a camera to aid the expert. The process will aid by the use of a Transvaginal ultrasound. A needle will collect the eggs from the follicles.
  3. For fertilization, your specialist will inseminate the eggs and sperm. Both will be placed together on a Petri dish. Alternatively, your experts can provide ICSI advice (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Individual sperm will be injected into each egg for fertilization in ICSI.
  4. The fertilized eggs will divide into cells and create embryos within a few days. For a few days, they will monitor development in the lab. During observation, the expert has the option of selecting multiple embryos.
  5. The chosen embryos will implant into the uterus of the expectant mother. It will be attached to the catheter and inserted into the uterus through the vaginal canal. The supplements will continue to work after implantation to help encourage pregnancy. A blood test will be performed a few weeks after implantation to verify the therapy results and pregnancy status.

How much does IVF cost in Nepal?

IVF cost in Nepal is affordable than the developed countries. It is because many centres provide different processes in one package. IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal, approximately ranges from NPR. 340000 to NPR 4000000. It will depend upon the condition and other factors of patients.

Some cost affecting factors in Nepal are the following:

  • Use of donor egg or sperm with IVF in self has poor quality.
  • ICSI with IVF for the fertilization process and high conception rates.
  • A reputed destination as the best fertility centre in Nepal for high comfort satisfaction level will affect. 
  • Types of IVF can affect as regular and advanced

IVF success rates in Nepal are high then the other destination as various modern technologies and methods assist in the treatment.

Which is the best clinic for IVF in Nepal?

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best IVF clinic in Nepal has high success rates. They have 24*7 services for all their patients. With the highly certified and experienced fertility specialists team, they have helped many couples in becoming parents. You can have a high success rate of IVF treatment with various conditions at reasonable costs. It has the best medical team, well-built infrastructure, special care and affordable prices.

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the top fertility centre in Nepal in many prominent cities as an IVF centre in Kathmandu. It provides many latest approaches with IVF to increase the success rates. The treatments they provide are following:

  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • PGD/PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening)
  • TESA/PESA (sperm aspiration and extraction form)
  • Laser-Assisted hatching
  • Donation program (egg and sperm donor

It has all treatments at affordable costs with the assistance of the best fertility doctors in Nepal. They provide 85% success rates in IVF with the egg donor.


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