Egg donor in Kathmandu

Egg donor in Kathmandu: In the fertility clinics in Kathmandu, the egg donor facility is available. Many clinics offer egg donors for IVF treatment in Kathmandu. The egg donor uses IVF for better results in conception. The egg donor considers when the eggs of the woman are not sufficient to use for fertility treatment. The egg donor with IVF has high success rates in Kathmandu. Egg donor donates eggs to help women who are unable to produce good eggs for the conceiving process. Using egg donors in the treatment is a way to increase the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Egg donor recommends in Kathmandu to following patients:

The egg donor treatment only recommends to the woman facing issues in conceiving through her egg. The reason for infertility in women is as follows:

  • The female spouse facing difficulties in producing quality eggs in the condition the egg donor has high-quality eggs.
  • The woman is unable to create eggs due to any surgery
  • The couple facing multiple miscarriages
  • Fail to conceive in the previous IVF cycles
  • Women have at risk of developing any genetic disorder
  • Women facing premature menopause
  • The woman has a congenital anomaly in which do not have ovaries
  • The patient-facing disease in which her eggs are not in use.  

The Process egg donor in Kathmandu:

The process of using an egg donor in the ART treatment involves some steps in Kathmandu. The steps are:

Selecting egg donor

Many agencies connect intended parents with egg donors based on eye and skin colour, height, weight and other physical features. The donor should be under 30 years old, as older women lose their ability to produce excellent eggs.

Screening of donor

After a thorough examination of the donor body, the eggs extracts from her ovaries. The screening involves some blood tests to look for genetic disorders, diseases, and egg quality. The ultrasound uses to determine the health of the donor reproductive organs.

The ovaries stimulation of egg donor

The ovaries of the egg donor stimulate through the medicines prescribes by the experts. The medication triggers the ovaries of the donor and helps to produce more mature eggs.

The eggs retrieval of egg donor

The eggs of the donor retrieve from the ovaries in the lab. The eggs collect with the help of a small device inserting into the uterus. After the eggs retrieval process, the donor can feel some uneasiness, pain, and discomfort.

The sperm collection

The male spouse will provide his sperm to the experts for use in IVF. The expert prepares by washing the semen sample.

The sperm surgical aspiration uses to collect sperm from the reproductive tract of the male partner in which minor surgeries use. The method of collecting sperm through surgery is TESA/PESA.

Cycle preparation

The donor egg and sperm combines in a culture dish. During the procedure, the sperm fertilizes the eggs. After fertilization, the fertilized eggs become the embryo.

For a few days in the lab, the specialist monitors the development of the fertilized eggs.


After monitoring, the expert selects the healthy embryo to transfer to the uterus of the woman. The stimulation of the woman uterus requires before the transfer of the fertilized egg. The medicines will help stimulate the uterus wall so that the fertilized egg will attach to it.

The specialist inserts a thin device into the woman uterus and inserts the embryo through the device into the uterus.

The procedure is successful, as the lady is pregnant if the embryo implants itself in the uterus and begins growing inside. 

The blood test will confirm the pregnancy.

 Cost of egg donor in Kathmandu

The cost of egg donor in Kathmandu ranges from NPR 1,40,000 to NPR 1,50,000. The cost of IVF with egg donor is around NPR 4,80,000. The egg donor in Nepal is an inexpensive facility that offers the best clinics. The IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal is affordable than in other countries.    

The cost of egg donor depends on the number of cycles the patient will conceive. The cost of egg donor affects the patient age as at higher age, the body performance decreases. Male infertility treatment in Nepal will affect the cost of egg donor treatment. The cost of egg donor may influence by the sperm health of the man. 

The egg donor in Kathmandu is affordable than in other countries. 

Success rates of egg donor in Kathmandu:

The success rates of the egg donor treatment depend on various conditions of the couple. High success rates of a treatment mean the treatment can give a better chance to become pregnant. The success rates of the egg donor treatments are high as the donor firstly screens then the eggs retrieve from the ovaries.

IVF success rate in Nepal is 70%, and egg donors have a 15% impact on the IVF success rates in Kathmandu. Egg donor IVF in Kathmandu has an 85% success rate. In Kathmandu, The success rate of egg donor treatments influences by a variety of circumstances. The success rates of egg donor treatment in Kathmandu affects by the patient age.


The FERTILITY CENTRE Nepal is one of the leading centres in Nepal that offers plenty of fertility treatment. The IVF centre in Kathmandu is top classified because of its treatment and facilities.  

In Kathmandu, the best centre offers the treatment of an egg donor. The clinic has a high success rate in treatments involving egg donors, such as IVF. In Kathmandu, the clinic has an IVF success rate of over 85% with egg donors. The cost of an egg donor in Kathmandu is low in the city centre.

The centre best fertility doctor in Nepal and other medical staff that is highly skilled and experienced to offer the guaranteed satisfaction to the patients. The centre focuses on the top quality of treatment for the patients so that the journey of treatment for them will be “a piece of cake”. The centre has helped millions of parents to become pregnant through fertility treatments in Kathmandu.

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