IVF in Nepal

Why best ivf treatment in Nepal is the best for infertility?

Infertility affects many couples’ lives and happiness by causing problems in their pregnancy chances. Today, numerous people are facing these issues that do not let them conceive. If you are feeling helpless and lonely due to sterility, stop worrying! Because advanced medical technologies have various approaches for successful pregnancy results. It helps in many conditions to achieve top outcomes. The different assisted reproductive technologies have helped couples. And the best ivf treatment in Nepal is the leading process in ARTs. Because, as its name says, In Vitro, inside the tube and fertilization. So partners’ eggs and sperm will retrieve from their reproductive system to fertilize. It functions under experts and high technologies observation. They use healthy eggs and sperm for insemination and implant into the female uterus.

IVF treatment in Nepal is much better because of many reasons. It helps in successful pregnancy results to become successful. Do you know? IVF is the only process that can function with advanced approaches for successful pregnancy results. It helps with many infertility conditions and allows them to achieve parenthood. With it, a couple can have donor assistance for better outcomes if any partner cannot produce healthy eggs and sperm. Because, IVF insemination needs healthy eggs and sperm for results. And any problem will cause an issue in the outcome.

You can select us, FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL, for a successful process. We are the leading IVF centre in Nepal with high success rates. Our highly experienced experts have assisted many couples. As, they are now happy parents of healthy children with top results. You can select us any time to become pregnant.

When does the expert suggest IVF?

IVF treatment in Nepal is much successful in many problems. Thus, it considers the most selected and topmost assisted reproductive technique (ART). No other procedure is like IVF that supports numerous issues. Also, it can accomplish with advanced methods for better results in severe conditions. You can consult the expert for them according to infertility issues. Indeed, IVF functions with advanced technologies for top outcomes in different problems. First, your expert will perform various medical checkups to know both partners’ infertility and health conditions. Then, they will recommend the best procedure according to the needs.

Your expert can suggest the best IVF process for the following problems for pregnancy outcomes:  

  • Successful reproduction needs healthy fallopian tubes. As they move through them and come together in the uterus, the sperm and eggs are. Any female partner who has fallopian damage or obstruction will experience issues.
  • The female reproductive system’s existence of the endometriosis condition. It causes the tissues of the uterine lining to spread to other areas or the exterior of the uterus. It results in several issues with egg development and fertilized egg implantation. 
  • Many couples struggle with sterility issues that make it difficult to determine or support certain exams and other procedures.
  • Ovulation problems can occur in some women for a variety of reasons. Their capacity to lay healthy eggs for fertilization can impact. It also implies that a process failure could result from eggs with poor health and count.
  • Some women in their 30s get non-cancerous uterine growths. It causes many issues as do not support pregnancy by interfering with the implantation. 
  • The male partner, however, has poor sperm motility, production, and health as a result of numerous issues.
  • Some spouses have had their tubes sterilized to prevent unintended pregnancies. Fallopian tubes belonging to the female partner are clipped or blocked. But today, IVF can be helpful if you wish to get pregnant.
  • After therapy, cancer patients can maintain their fertility as standard eggs and sperm. Radiation from chemotherapy impact sperm and egg quality and quantity. Your eggs and sperm can therefore preserved for use in the future by cryopreservation.

How does IVF treatment function in Nepal?

IVF treatment in Nepal involves the best process with high observation and advanced technologies. It helps provide pregnancy results when the couple has faced multiple miscarriages and failures. The procedure will include different steps and others depending on your infertility conditions. Because, some partners need advanced approaches and strategies for a better outcome. These aspects change their treatment process. You can have better treatment through the best IVF centre in Nepal. Moreover, we provide you top counselling sessions and medical checkups before starting the treatment. It helps experts determine your health and psychological conditions. And they can perform procedures accordingly.

So, the one IVF cycle in Nepal includes the following stages:

  1. Your procedure will start with fertility medicines. The expert will prescribe the best medications to increase egg production through the female ovaries. It helps in successful fertilization because supplies healthy eggs for fertilization.
  2. Then, they will monitor the egg production to inject hormonal injections. It will help in releasing healthy eggs inside the uterus. Then, your expert will collect the healthy eggs from your uterus. It will perform with a catheter and vagina ultrasound. They will insert the device into the uterus through the vagina. Then, it will retrieve with a fine needle by aspirating the follicles.
  3. Next, your expert will collect the male partner’s healthy semen sample. They will prepare it and separate healthy sperm for inseminations. It will perform by mixing fit eggs and sperm on a petri dish. The egg’s fertilization will take some days to form embryos.
  4. After five to six days of monitoring the insemination, your expert will select highly fertilize eggs. It will place on the catheter to insert inside the female uterus. The pregnancy test will perform after two weeks of implantation.
  5. The successful results will follow typical pregnancy. You will deliver a healthy child.

What are IVF success rates in Nepal?

The success rates of IVF treatment in Nepal are much higher. It helps many partners in conceiving and achieving parenthood. Besides, IVF is a top-notch medical procedure that helps in many conditions. It can function with various advanced methods for better results. Our highly experienced experts perform the procedure’s latest methods and mechanisms. You can have high success rates of IVF in Nepal. IVF with self-eggs and sperm has more than 45%. And with donor eggs, it increases by more than 55%. 

You may know that IVF success rates are not always the same for every couple. Because, it depends on various factors. The couple’s age and infertility conditions are crucial aspects. It affects IVF success rates highly. Although, many partners conceives their healthy baby through IVF successfully with more advanced approaches.  

Do you also know that the cost of IVF treatment in Nepal is much fair? Yes, IVF price in Nepal is highly affordable than in developed nations. Thus, partners from these nations highly select their treatments in Nepal. It helps them on a reasonable budget and allows every class to have assisted reproductive technologies. The price charges are much into the budget ranging from USD 3,700, and if you compare with the developed nation, you will pay more than USD 10,000. So, IVF treatment in Nepal is much lesser than half the price in western countries.  

Which centre is the best for IVF in Nepal? 

As you know many centres are present for IVF in Nepal. But, you need the best place that provides you maximum results with better procedure. For it, you can select and believes only on FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. Yes, because we are the leading centre with high success rates in many conditions. Our highly experienced fertility and IVF doctors perform the process. They help in successful results and suitable procedures. We provide the best IVF treatment in Nepal with packages and cost assistance. It offers couples the best method for paying the charges. Also, our patient’s comfort and fulfilment are the only mottoes. For the leading treatment, you can contact us (the best IVF centre)!

Do you have any Idea about IVF Nepal?????

We would appreciate medical science for delivering us such a miracle fertility treatment to eliminate infertility. Being parents is one of the wonderful moment and the one who is childless have to pass through a terrifying time in front of society, family, and friends. Here, IVF Nepal is working as an alternative process to achieve pregnancy. IVF Nepal defines IVF as a natural fertilization procedure which is further proceeded in a laboratory. Natural fertilization means the fusion of male and female gamete that is sperm and ovum respectively to evolve an embryo which is transformed into a baby after nine months. So, IVF Nepal provides divergent infertility treatment so that infertility will be eliminated. IVF Nepal comprises techniques such as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), IUI(Intrauterine insemination). IVF Nepal has a high success rate as compared to any other country. IVF Nepal also provides the opportunity of surrogacy or egg donation.

Are you searching for IVF treatment Nepal???

IVF treatment Nepal has solved the problem of Infertility by launching infertility clinic at divergent cities of Nepal. IVF treatment Nepal has spread a bundle of joy to the Childless Couple. As we know Nepal is one of the small countries bounded by 2 countries India and China. So, huge people from India and China used to get IVF treatment Nepal because for them it’s very easy to travel. IVF treatment Nepal is playing a lead role in attaining better health care services. IVF treatment Nepal follows the divergent procedure to achieve pregnancy such as:

  • Injection of sperm directly into an egg
  • Insemination of sperm into a women uterus

Fertilized eggs are to be carried by another lady and delivered after nine months in the form of baby known as gestational surrogacy.

IVF treatment Nepal is a burning topic to be discussed because gradual increment in success rate has made Nepal highly ranked. IVF treatment Nepal is done under the supervision of highly skilled and well-experienced doctors. IVF treatment Nepal is offering wonderful cost so huge people come and gets treatment.

IVF in Nepal is regarded as an excellent destination to get free from infertility because Nepal is the only country where you can get great faith .people will not cheat you while providing any service. IVF in Nepal comprises various clinics situated in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, and Nepalgunj. These all cities are well facilitated so while staying in these its damn sure you will not get any kind of difficulties. IVF in Nepal is considered as the place where people can get the happiness of achieving child because doctors and counselor provide you a better option.

The best and affordable fertility treatment for all the childless couples

IVF in Nepal is a fertility treatment for those couples who tried to conceive naturally for their own baby but due to the cause of infertility, they are unable to achieve the successful results of the pregnancy. The IVF in Nepal is the best and affordable fertility treatment for all the childless couples who wish to have an own baby and this treatment is especially recommended for those women whose fallopian tubes are damaged and they are not able to conceive naturally.

How the procedure of IVF in Nepal works?

The IVF in Nepal procedure consists of 5 major steps which are as follows:

  1. a) Stimulation of ovaries:The first step of your IVF Treatment Nepal is the stimulation of your ovaries in which your fertility expert will give you some fertility drugs which control the timings of the egg ripens and also increases your chances of producing the multiple eggs during one IVF cycle. After the egg retrieval, some of the eggs are not fertilized properly due to which your fertility expert will require the multiple eggs. Your fertility expert then will monitor the egg development in your ovaries by using an ultrasound and blood test to check the level of your hormones.
  2. b) Egg Collection:The second step of your IVF Treatment Nepal is the egg collection in which your fertility expert will collect the eggs from your ovaries by using a hollow needle through your pelvic cavity under local anesthesia to reduce the discomfort. In some cases, women may experience the cramping on the retrieval day and the pressure may continue for several weeks following the procedure, however, your fertility expert will recommend you some painkiller medicines which reduce your pain.
  3. c) Secure the Sperm:Your fertility expert will combine your eggs with your husband sperm that has been surgically obtained by ejaculation.
  4. d) Fertilization:Fertilization is the most important step of your IVF Treatment Nepal where your fertility expert will mix your collected eggs with your husband sperm and the fertilization will occur in the laboratory, however, in some cases where the fertilization probability is low then the other technique of IVF in Nepal which is ICSI can be used. ICSI is another fertility procedure which is specially designed to treat male infertility and this is a procedure in which a single sperm is injected directly into each egg to achieve the fertilization.
  5. e) Embryo Transfer:Embryo transfer is the last and the final step of the IVF Treatment Nepal where your embryologist will transfer the selected embryo into your uterus and will wait for the signs of pregnancy. Your pregnancy test will be conducted after two weeks of the embryo transfer and if the results are positive then your pregnancy will grow normal, else you can repeat your IVF in Nepal procedure to fulfill your dream of having your own baby.

Waiting since long to conceive but get unsuccessful try IVF Treatment Nepal to help you

IVF Treatment Nepal is a treatment which helps the infertile couples who have been unable to achieve the successful pregnancy after having the unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months but not succeed. For those couples, the best option is the IVF Treatment Nepal where the fertilization of eggs will be done outside the women body in the laboratory under specific circumstances and the IVF Treatment Nepal can be performed by using the egg or sperm of intended couple or by using the donor egg or sperm or both.

If women want to conceive then she should follow the five major steps of IVF Treatment Nepal which are as follows:

  1. a) Ovulation Induction: This is the first step of IVF Treatment Nepal where your fertility expert will monitor your ovaries and also note the timing when the egg gets released because in this procedure time plays an important role. If the eggs are not taken out on proper time then it will not develop properly. Your fertility expert also ensures that the eggs which you produce is of good quality and healthy and also keep a check on your hormone levels.

Your fertility expert will give you the fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries. Having one or more eggs available for IVF in Nepal will increase your chances of successful pregnancy.

If in case you are unable to produce healthy eggs then you need to consult your fertility expert about other option to achieve your goal which is egg donor program.

  1. b) Egg retrieval: The second step of IVF Treatment Nepal is egg retrieval where your fertility expert will retrieve the eggs from your ovaries by using the thin fine needle passes through the upper vaginal wall. With the use of vaginal ultrasound, the fluid is removed from the follicles under gentle suction.

After aspiration, the egg is isolated from the follicular fluid immediately and the egg will be kept in culture dish which contains nutrient media and later on they will be transferred to the incubator.

  1. c) Fertilization: The third step of the IVF Treatment Nepal is the fertilization in which the most active sperm is mixed with the egg in a special chamber with secured sperm sample produced by women husband or by the sperm donor. At times the sperm is directly injected into the egg to make sure that the healthy embryo will develop.
  2. d) Implantation & Embryo transfer: The fourth step of the IVF Treatment Nepal is the embryo transfer. Here your fertility expert will examine the embryos and the healthy embryo will be chosen for transfer. Once the healthy embryo transferred into the uterus of women then your fertility expert will advise you to take bed rest for 24 hours.
  3. e) Pregnancy Test: The final step of the IVF Treatment Nepal is pregnancy test which will be conducted after two weeks of embryo transfer. After the IVF Treatment Nepal around 90% of the women get pregnant, but in case if 10% of the women are unable to get pregnant then they can repeat the IVF Treatment Nepal cycle for more than 2 times to achieve their goal of successful pregnancy.


A New Life Begins with IVF Treatment Nepal

IVF in Nepal is a procedure which involves the fertilization of eggs outside the women body and this can be performed by using your own eggs and sperms or donor egg and sperms or can be done by using both. After the collection of eggs and sperms, they kept in the laboratory for development. Once the embryo reaches its blastocyst stage which is day 5 then it will transfer into your womb in order to achieve the successful pregnancy.

The fertility expert in Nepal offers the affordable IVF Treatment Nepal by using the latest and modern technology which can increase your chances of pregnancy, however, before you begin your IVF Treatment Nepal, you and your partner need to complete and sign the various consent forms. Your fertility expert will advise you and your partner for some blood test to screen for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, ultrasound etc. before your IVF Treatment Nepal begins.

To whom IVF Treatment Nepal recommended

The IVF Treatment Nepal recommended to the couples with the following conditions:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Failed ovaries
  • Diagnosed with unexplained infertility
  • Repeated history of miscarriages
  • Other techniques such as fertility drugs or intrauterine insemination (IUI) have not been successful.
  • Male partner infertility
  • Any previous history of genetic disorder

Procedure of IVF in Nepal

The IVF in Nepal procedure consists of the following stages:

  1. a) Suppression of Monthly cycle: This is the first step of IVF in Nepal where your fertility expert will suppress your natural monthly cycle by giving you the medication for about two weeks and you can do this at your home by taking the medicines in the form of injections as well.
  2. b) Boost the egg supply: This is the step where your fertility expert will give you the gonadotropin injection for about 12 days to increase the number of eggs you produced.
  3. c) Monitoring progress: By using the ultrasound your fertility expert will regularly keep a check on the progress of the developing eggs throughout the process. Your fertility expert will give you the human chorionic gonadotropin injection which matures your eggs between 34 and 38 hours before the collection of your eggs.
  4. d) Egg collection: The eggs will be collected by using the hollow needle followed by ultrasound guidance and after that your fertility expert will advise you to take proper rest. You may feel some discomfort after your eggs are collected. Your fertility expert will give you some medicines to relief the pain.
  5. e) Egg fertilization: The next step of IVF in Nepal after the egg collection is the egg fertilization where your eggs are fertilized with your partner’s sperm or donor sperm. The fertilized egg then will grow in the laboratory for up to six days. Once the embryo grows your embryologist will choose the best embryo to transfer in your womb.
  6. f) Embryo transfer: The last and the final step of IVF in Nepal is the embryo transfer where your embryologist will transfer the best chosen one or two embryos into your womb to achieve the successful pregnancy. Due to the defect of multiple births the transfer of the embryos is restricted to one or two only.

After the procedure completed your fertility expert will advise you to take rest and after two weeks of embryo transfer, they will conduct a pregnancy test. If successful pregnancy establishes then it will work as normal or if not then you need to repeat the cycle again.


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