IVF treatment in Kathmandu

IVF Treatment in Kathmandu

How Much Does IVF cost in Kathmandu?

IVF treatment in Kathmandu: IVF cost in Kathmandu in Fertility Centre Nepal is around NPR 340000 for one fresh IVF cycle. However, this is an estimated cost, and the actual will depend upon the number of processes required by the couples to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure. The price of IVF treatment in Kathmandu includes pre-existing expenses such as IVF/ICSI complete cycle, airport pick-up, male & female blood examination, egg pick-up, sperm preparation, lab fees, fertility professional’s charges, standard medications, etc.

Why IVF treatment at Fertility centre Nepal?

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IVF Cost by the Best IVF Clinic in Kathmandu

IVF Cost in Kathmandu Cost in NPR
IVF (using self-eggs & sperm)   3,40,000  
IVF (using Egg Donor)     4,80,000
IVF (using Sperm donor)   3,90,000
IVF treatment with IMSI or PICSI     3,90,000
IVF with TESA   4,00,000

In case, couple requires more medications to stimulate the ovaries, then it will be charged in a separate bill and not included in the IVF treatment in the Kathmandu package. The Fertility Centre Nepal is a center that offers the reasonable cost of IVF treatment so that each individual can avail the benefits and enjoy their parenthood phase.

Suppose you are a couple for whom IVF treatment in Kathmandu alone is not successful. In that case, the fertility expert will do a re-medical examination and then suggest the best-advanced procedure that gives you a successful outcome. Yes, the advanced IVF procedures are a little expensive than essential IVF treatment, and the cost for the methods goes up to INR 35 lakhs depending upon the procedure you opt for for a successful result.

The fertility expert will explain all the advanced procedures in brief, and the one they feel is good for you, they will give all the details, including the cost of the advanced IVF procedure.

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For a variety of infertility disorders, you might have leading methods and practices. These offer the best chance of having a successful pregnancy. You can receive the best care and the best IVF treatment cost in Nepal as much as possible for your problems. It facilitates a fruitful conception. Additionally, you will have all the best tools and resources at your disposal. You will receive the best attention and comfort from it.

(a)   Male infertility treatments and diagnoses

(b)   Female infertility treatments and diagnoses

(c)    IUI (Intrauterine Insemination

(d)    IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

(e)    ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

(f)     IVM (In Vitro Maturation)

(g)    Freeze Embryo Transfer (FET)

(h)    Laparoscopic

(i)     IMSI/PICSI 

How the fertility experts perform the best IVF treatment in Kathmandu?

The fertility experts will perform the best IVF treatment in Kathmandu in the following six steps. These are:

1. Ovulation induction: 

In this step of the IVF treatment in Kathmandu, the fertility expert will monitor the woman’s ovaries and the timings when she released the eggs. During this period, the fertility expert will give fertility drugs to a woman that helps her produce healthy and mature eggs for fertilization. The production of multiple eggs will increase the chances of conception.

2. Retrieving of eggs: 

In this step of the IVF treatment in Kathmandu, the fertility expert will collect the eggs from the woman ovaries using a fine thin needle that passes through the upper vaginal wall, and with the use of ultrasound, the fertility expert able to remove the fluid from follicles. The entire procedure will be performed under local anesthesia to reduce the discomfort during the egg retrieval. The retrieved eggs will be isolated from follicular fluid and stored in a culture dish, and then will transfer it to the incubator.

3. Sperm collection: 

The fertility expert will ask the male member to produce the sperm sample on woman egg retrieval. If sperms are not available in man’s ejaculate, then the fertility experts in Fertility Centre Nepal will extract them surgically.

4. Egg fertilization: 

In this step, we will mix the collected eggs and sperm of the biological father or donor sperm. The fertility expert will keep an eye on ensuring that a healthy embryo will be developed for transfer.

5. Embryo transfer: 

On the day of embryo transfer, the skilled embryologist in the Fertility Centre Nepal will pick the healthy embryo/s to transfer via the small plastic tube into the biological mother’s uterus and will wait for pregnancy signs and symptoms.

6. Pregnancy test: 

After embryo transfer, the couple needs to visit the Fertility Centre Nepal on the 14th day for a pregnancy test conducted by the fertility expert using ultrasound to scan the woman ovaries a sac and hear the heartbeat of the infant. Once the fertility expert gets the positive response through ultrasound, that means the pregnancy is confirmed. The couple will be released from the fertility clinic to the local obstetrician for further treatment.

What is the procedure of ivf treatment and Is it a safe procedure?

Yes, IVF treatment in Kathmandu is a safe and effective procedure, especially for couples struggling for an extended period to have a baby. Still, due to the cause of infertility, every time they fail to conceive a baby. As IVF is a surgical procedure, it is also associated with minimal risks such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, risk of ectopic pregnancy, multiple gestations, and egg harvesting risk. Still, these are the risk which is very low as compared to other surgical fertility procedures.

The medication that has been used in IVF is a procedure that has no risk of breast cancer or ovarian reserve in women. IVF treatment in Kathmandu is the best fertility treatment, and babies born through this procedure have the same low congenital disabilities as babies born through a natural conception. Also, there is no difference in the development of the child born through IVF treatment. The Fertility Centre Nepal has experienced and highly qualified fertility experts whose aim is to provide healthy babies without complications to their biological parents. They are the ones who have treated normal as well as complex cases of infertility.

What are the success rates of IVF treatment in Kathmandu at Fertility Centre Nepal?

To date, the success rates of the IVF treatment in Kathmandu is around 70 to 80% for women below the age group of 35 years; however, if women above the age of 35 years undergo the IVF treatment, then the success rates dip down to 40 to 50% as her ovarian reserve starts falling after the age of 35 years. Still, these are the highest success rates in the Fertility Centre Nepal compared to other fertility clinics.

The success rates also depend on the bodyweight of the couples undergoing the IVF treatment because overweight or underweight both affect the quality of sperms and eggs, which means the team needs the high dosage to stimulate ovaries which will decrease the implantation rates and the chances of the failed fertilization cycle increases which impact the success rates of the IVF treatment. It is advisable to maintain the ideal body weight per the body mass index (BMI) when couples are planning to undergo IVF treatment.

IVF treatment in Kathmandu

Our success rates for IVF treatment in Nepal:

IVF treatment in Nepal is the topmost for better pregnancy results. You can have the highest IVF success rate in Nepal. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has top assistance in performing infertility treatments. These help in managing different conditions and provide the top outcome.

Still, your success rate of IVF in Nepal depends on various factors. For instance:

(1)  Your age because advanced age has fewer conception chances.

(2)  The couple gametes have poor conditions.

(3)  Your IVF process is as per infertility issues.

(4)  The IVF centre in Nepal you choose

Your IVF success rates in Nepal will be as per age. Such as:

(1)   The female partner at the age of 30 has 50% chances

(2)   The female partner at the age of 35 has a 40% chance.

(3)   The female partner at the age of more than 38 has 32% chances

(4)   The female partner at the age of the 40s has 29% chances

(5)   The female partner at the age of 45 has 23% chances

What else about us:


(a)   Utmost assistance at every stage during the treatment

(b)   Gametes and embryo cryopreservation facilities

(c)   Top-notch ART techniques and approaches

(d)   Assistance for the IVF cost in Nepal

(e)   Highly well-behaved fertility experts

(f)   Call us at +977-9808978369

(g)   Or mail us at [email protected]


Why is IVF the best treatment?

IVF uses the most cutting-edge techniques and the best resources. The highly skilled professional gathers sperm and eggs from the partners for fertilization. Additionally, its approach is compatible with cutting-edge methodologies and techniques. To have a successful pregnancy, you can use a lot of great approaches. The IVF process is preceded by a protracted battery of medical tests. It aids professionals in determining the spouses’ reproductive and physical health. Based on their sterility issues, they can also advise on the best line of action. can recommend outside strategies or donor support if necessary. These support improved outcomes.

How may the chances of IVF be increased?

IVF is a top art technique whose effectiveness depends on medical professionals, technological advancements, and patient hands. Your serious infertility issues may limit your ability to conceive and result in failure. While IVF therapy can boost your chances of getting pregnant. It needs healthy gametes and physically fit female mates. Additionally, it may be helpful to keep an eye on specific details. Your initial step should be to pick the best IVF facility with the best equipment and methods. Pick a course of action that is both effective for you and appropriate for the disease you are dealing with. The next step is to keep your physical and mental wellbeing in good shape. Any issue condition can have an impact on the treatment’s results.

How many IVF rounds will I require to get the results I want?

The IVF treatment cycles are influenced by your partners’ fertility and general health. The likelihood will be greater if you do not have significant problems. When the first IVF cycle is unsuccessful, another is required. You can evaluate your degree of fitness to choose the best IVF method. In cases of severe infertility, the couple may encounter numerous failures. Your chances of getting pregnant could be improved by your several IVF cycles. The specialist might offer advice on the best course of action if you don’t want to obtain ineffective treatment. IVF therapy makes a variety of cutting-edge procedures and techniques available. In cases of severe infertility, it helps to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Does the IVF process have any negative side effects?

The best procedures and equipment are employed during IVF. It helps with successful pregnancy outcomes when a couple is unable to conceive. The strategy can also be used in conjunction with other approaches for greater results. In the therapeutic process, there are also certain intrusive steps. For certain people, this can present issues. A gadget is used to implant gametes and harvest eggs. The health of further organs may be impacted. The couple could experience miscarriage, labour problems, an early delivery, an ectopic pregnancy, and signs of multiple births. If you have access to modern help and the appropriate therapy, you can still manage these illnesses.

Does IVF have invasive stages?

Several surgical phases are involved in IVF treatment. Additionally, the procedure may alter if you use alternative methods of treatment. The process of retrieving female eggs is less intrusive. After egg production, the professionals gather healthy eggs. To enter the female uterus, they utilize a catheter. The enlargement of the female vagina benefits both the uterus and cervix. They also use a small needle to aspirate the eggs. The fertilized egg then attaches itself to the female uterus after that. Additionally, the method is obtrusive. During the second catheterization by the specialist. It can be utilized if the male partner is unable to generate healthy sperm. Consequently, the expert might suggest surgical sperm retrieval.

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