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What points to consider before selecting the best IVF centre in Nepal?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a tricky choice and journey for many couples. It functions with eggs and sperm for fertilization and then implants into the female uterus for pregnancy results. You can have the top procedure with IVF treatment to become pregnant successfully. For a better outcome, the couple needs to select the best IVF centre in Nepal. Many centres are available, and choosing the best one is challenging.

Nepal is the best destination for better IVF and infertility treatments. It helps in successful procedures with high care and satisfaction. You need the best IVF centre in Nepal that will provide top-notch approaches with higher results. Their success rates, treatment cost, and other factors can cause problems in your treatment. Thus, you need the best clinic with highly experienced experts and top-notch technologies. Some centres have money minds that do not care about the patient’s situation. They have hidden procedures and prices. Also, the patient faces failure due to the centre’s carelessness.

Here comes the good thing that is the best IVF clinic in Nepal! FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is present to assist you on every step from thinking about the treatment to becoming successful. We have helped many couples facing severe infertility issues and cannot become parents. Today also, you can have information about the best clinics and points to consider before choosing. So let’s just begin the hunt for the best IVF centre in Nepal!


·        Several tests and procedures at one destination

·         Top counselling sessions for better process

·         Guaranteed treatment packages

·         Suitable IVF cost in Nepal

·         State of the ART technologies and methods

·         The highest IVF success rate in Nepal

·         Top-knowledgeable doctors for IVF treatment in Nepal

·         Call us at +977-9808978369

·         Or mail us at [email protected]

How can you select the best IVF clinic in Nepal?

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Many points need to look before selecting any clinic for your treatment. The best process will perform to provide successful results. We understand that couples during their infertility conditions face depression and a helpless state. Therefore, our assistance can help you in making the right decision. You need a place with the best medical team, highly experienced doctors, advanced technologies, affordable charges, and high success rates. These points can help you to choose the top fertility clinic in Nepal. The following is the list for selecting the centre for you in Nepal:


The top IVF centre in Nepal must have cutting-edge medical personnel with extensive experience. They assist and manage for you in addition to doing operations. High levels of training, expertise, speciality and patient-centred behaviour require of their staff. You must verify that the centre’s staff includes nurses, ward boys, doctors, specialists, counsellors, and other personnel.


Verify that each centre has a distinct set of fees. Your budget may impact, so knowing the price in advance facilitates better pricing. The couple’s health, infertility, and several other factors all affect the expense of the treatment. If the centre has transparent costs, it helps them stay within its budget. We advise against choosing any IVF facility in Nepal that offers free care. Since it is never accurate, it might make you look foolish. Additionally, IVF requires sophisticated methods, technology, and expensive procedures. You can use it to hunt for centre pricing assistance. Affordable treatment prices and services make it easier to pay the greater bill.

IVF clinic in Nepal

Rates of success:

The best IVF success rates have mentioned by many clinics. However, you must verify their veracity because success rates are seldom greater than 80%. Even 80% of the time cannot be entirely accurate. The effectiveness of IVF depends on a variety of partner circumstances, including their health or infertility. Less than 50% is what the top IVF clinic in Nepal will have. It indicates that they are sincere and free from concerns about scams.

Ratings or remarks:

Patients who have visited the best facility consistently give it high marks. To find out more about their care and treatment outcomes, visit their websites. As many former patients have expressed thanks for the assistance of the centre, you can access the best procedure through a clinic that treats a lot of famous people. You can search for their therapies, specialists, outcomes, and other characteristics on the website.

Treatments: IVF centre in Nepal

Every top IVF clinic in Nepal needs to use a variety of tactics and strategies. It aids with the best care and outcomes. The optimum procedure must confirm with the centre. They use a variety of techniques and strategies to ensure success. IVF also requires different techniques in cases of severe issues because it cannot function alone. It controls the circumstances and provides the best outcome.

What are the best IVF clinics in Nepal?

Many clinics claim to be the best IVF centre in Nepal, but you need to check about them. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is always present to help at every stage. Couples from different countries choose Nepal for their successful treatment. It provides them with highly affordable charges then to developed countries. You need cost assistance for reasonable treatment and some best centres have packages and loan facilities. The following is the list of some best IVF clinics in Nepal:


SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL is the best IVF centre in Nepal with various advanced technologies and assistance. They have assisted many couples facing infertility conditions with their best treatments. Moreover, they have high success rates in helping severe conditions. Partners from different countries select the top clinic for better results. Also, they have highly experienced IVF doctors with top achievements in their past treatments.

The centre has high experience performing treatments in different conditions. You can choose the centre from any nation as they are ready for everyone. With their top-notch approaches, they have helped many couples in successful pregnancies.


You have heard of SELECT IVF in many countries in different countries. And they are the best IVF and fertility clinics globally. You can select them for the topmost treatment procedures. They are the best for VIP care and specific facilities for all patients. Moreover, their entire staff has high experience and well-educations. Also, they do not discriminate or misbehave with any patient.

 For affordable IVF charges in Nepal, you can have various packages and cost assistance through the best centre. They have high success rates as use advanced technologies for performing treatments.


We are the most well-known IVF clinic in Nepal. We have top facilities and services for affordable charges and successful treatments. Our IVF and different fertility treatment success rates are the highest, which helps in better results. Many couples from other countries select us for their pregnancy. We have a complete medical team and IVF specialists that provide top comfort and satisfaction. Our experts have provided successful results with advanced technologies.

Moreover, our fertility treatments are available with packages and additional assistance for an affordable price.


WE CARE IVF is the leading destination for IVF and other fertility treatments. The clinic has an infrastructure that is well-built and full of modern technologies. The costs of fertility treatments in the centre are lesser and highly satisfy the patient’s needs. It provides 75% success in IVF treatment. As, it has helped many infertile people to become parents to their children with fewer complications and higher satisfaction. 


The centre has the best services and expertise for IVF treatment in Nepal. You can select the clinic with affordable charges and high success rates. Their highly experienced fertility experts provide top results with IVF and various infertility treatments. You can choose them to achieve successful pregnancy results to fulfil your parenting dream.

You can contact us for more information on the best IVF centre in Nepal! FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is always present to help you at every stage.

ivf clinic Nepal

What else about us:


(1) Utmost assistance at every stage during the treatment

(2) Gametes and embryo cryopreservation facilities

(3) Top-notch ART techniques and approaches

(4) Assistance for the IVF cost in Nepal

(5) Highly well-behaved fertility experts

(6) Call us at 977-9808978369

(7) Or mail us at [email protected]

Why is IVF the greatest medical option?

IVF makes use of the greatest tools and cutting-edge processes. Sperm and eggs from the partners are collected by the highly qualified individual for fertilisation. Furthermore, it is compatible with modern procedures and approaches. You might employ a range of excellent techniques to produce a successful pregnancy. Numerous medical exams precede the IVF process. It helps professionals identify partners’ health and infertility problems. They are also able to recommend the best course of action in light of their sterility issues. can recommend outside strategies, such as those from donors, as needed. Better outcomes are a result of these.

The best medical option is IVF, why?

The best equipment and most advanced techniques are used in IVF. A highly qualified professional collects the partners’ sperm and eggs for fertilisation. It also works with contemporary methods and techniques. Several effective strategies can be used to result in a healthy pregnancy. Before IVF, a number of medical tests are conducted. Infertility issues and partner health issues are easier to diagnose with its aid. Aside from being able to advise on the best line of action given their sterility problems, they can. can, if necessary, suggest external strategies, such as those from funders. These lead to improved outcomes.

How many IVF cycles will I need to have in order to achieve my goals?

The fertility and overall health of your partners have an impact on the IVF treatment cycles. The likelihood will increase if you do not experience any major issues. A second IVF cycle is necessary if the first one is unsuccessful. You can evaluate your degree of fitness to choose the best IVF method. In cases of severe infertility, the couple may encounter numerous failures. Your several IVF cycles may increase your pregnancy chances. If you don’t want to receive ineffective treatment, the expert might advise the best course of action. Numerous cutting-edge procedures and techniques are possible with IVF treatment. In cases of severe infertility, it helps to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Are there any drawbacks to the IVF process?

IVF uses the best techniques and tools available. In cases where a couple is unable to conceive, it aids in a healthy pregnancy outcome. For better outcomes, the tactic can also be utilised in conjunction with other techniques. Certain intrusive steps are also part of the therapeutic process. For some people, they might be an issue. Gametes are implanted and eggs are collected using a device. The health of other organs may be impacted. Miscarriage, labour issues, an early delivery, an ectopic pregnancy, and indications of multiple births could happen to the couple. If you have access to modern help and the appropriate therapy, you can still manage these illnesses.

Exist invasive stages in IVF?

IVF treatment involves a number of surgical steps. If you choose to employ alternate forms of treatment, the process can also change. Retrieving female eggs is a less invasive method. After egg production, the experts collect healthy eggs. They employ a catheter to access the female uterus. The female vagina aids in the development of the uterus and cervix. Additionally, they use a small needle to aspirate the eggs. Following fertilisation, the fertilised egg adheres to the female uterus. The method is also invasive. the second catheterization performed by the specialist. It can be utilised in cases where the male partner is unable to produce healthy sperm. The physician might therefore suggest surgical sperm retrieval.

best IVF Clinic Nepal

IVF Clinic in Nepal

Where to go for Best IVF Clinic Nepal?

Best IVF Clinic Nepal – IVF Cost in Nepal is estimated that the best IVF treatment in Nepal is around NPR 340000 for one fresh IVF cycle. It is not a fixed cost as can increase this as per the number of IVF cycles required by the couples to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure. There are cases in which teams require a second attempt to achieve a successful conception. The details of the cost will be given by the fertility expert when couples meet them in person. In case, after medical examination, the fertility expert finds that you are not a couple for whom IVF is a good option. They suggest the advanced IVF procedures that are a little expensive than IVF treatment in Nepal but reasonable compared to other developed countries.

best IVF Clinic Nepal


(a) Several tests and procedures at one destination

(b) Top counselling sessions for better process

(c) Guaranteed treatment packages 

(d) Suitable IVF cost in Nepal 

(e) State of the ART technologies and methods

(f) The highest IVF success rate in Nepal 

(g) Top-knowledgeable doctors for IVF treatment in Nepal 

(h) Call us at +977-9808978369

(i) Or mail us at [email protected]

IVF Cost in Nepal by the Best IVF Centre Nepal

IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal Cost in NPR
  IVF (using self-eggs & sperm)   3,40,000  
  IVF (using Egg Donor)     4,80,000
  IVF (using Sperm donor)   3,90,000
  IVF treatment with IMSI or PICSI     3,90,000
  IVF with TESA   4,00,000

Choosing the best IVF clinic in Nepal is not a big task as now in the 21st century, people can find the best fertility clinic through the internet to read the clinic’s reviews, fertility experts, and other facilities provided by the fertility clinics in Nepal.

Fertility Centre Nepal is one of the best and leading fertility clinics that offer the best IVF treatment in Nepal. The fertility experts will collect the eggs of the biological mother from her ovaries and fertilize them with the sperm of the biological father or donor sperm. Once the fertilization occurs, the formed embryo will be transferred into the uterus of the birth mother.

The fertility expert of this clinic make the pregnancy possible for women who are above the age of 35 years where the chances of IVF is sporadic in other clinics, but, with the use of the latest and advanced technologies, the Fertility Center Nepal fulfil the dream of the childless couples by offering them the best IVF treatment in Nepal.

Are You looking for the Best IVF Clinic in Nepal?

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Treatments available at FCN

You can have top approaches and procedures for various infertility conditions. These provide the best opportunity to achieve pregnancy outcomes. You can have the best treatment as per issues. It helps in successful conception. Moreover, you will have the utmost facilities and methods in one place. It will provide you utmost care and comfort. 

(a) Male infertility treatments and diagnoses 

(b) Female infertility treatments and diagnoses 

(c) IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) 

(d) IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

(e) ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

(f) IVM (In Vitro Maturation)

(g) Freeze Embryo Transfer (FET)

(h) Laparoscopic 


How does the best IVF clinic Nepal perform the process?

The best IVF clinic in Nepal performs top methods. As they have advanced technologies. With it, their experienced doctor’s function. It helps in better pregnancy outcomes. Because no other method is like IVF. So, the following are the stages in the best IVF hospital in Nepal:

1)      Medical evaluation:

The specialist will look at your problems. There are numerous examinations. They also attest to their health. Your fertility and general health will evaluate. They use it to look for the illness. As the youngster may catch it from it. Your sperm and eggs will last.

2)      Counselling:

Sessions will offer by your centre. A team of professional counsellors executes it. They describe the procedure. Likewise, control your stress level. Better processes and outcomes are a result.

3)      Egg production:

Your specialist will administer some fertility drugs. There are more than 12 days left in it. As more eggs will produce by the female partner’s ovaries. These improve ovarian processes. As to encourage them to lay more eggs. These contribute to the quality of the eggs. Because of the eggs’ high maturity. The diagnoses will come after. They also administer the hormonal injection. Inside the female uterus, the eggs will liberate.

4)      Retrieval:

Female eggs will retrieve by the doctor. As they employ cutting-edge techniques. Catheters will utilize. But before they begin, they administer anaesthesia. During the invasive stage, it offers solace and tranquillity. The apparatus will then insert into the uterus. It results from the vulvar. And you will need a fine needle. It aids in egg aspiration. So, the eggs will be removed from follicles by your specialist. It will also use to gather the semen sample. The expert will receive it from your male partner. They also get ready for producing healthy sperm.

5)      Insemination:

Your gametes will fertilize by mixing. It requires careful observation. The sperm and eggs will place on a plate. Incorporating it will aid in creating fertile eggs. ICSI may also use by your expert. One sperm injects into each egg throughout the procedure. It aids in effective fertilization. And the fertilized, healthy eggs will develop. Your embryos are of excellent quality.

6)      Transfer:

The fertilized eggs will then decide which ones to transfer. After looking at the fertilized eggs, it acts. The best-developed eggs will choose. It will transfer the chosen one inside the uterus. The catheter will place on it. However, anaesthesia use. The embryo will therefore implant in the female uterus.

best IVF Clinic Nepal

Which is the best IVF clinic in Nepal?

FERITLITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best IVF clinic in Nepal. You can choose the top IVF centre in Nepal. As we have advanced methods. These help in a couple’s conception results. Also, we have top assistances. Patients get top benefits. It helps in their treatment and charges.

Moreover, the best IVF hospital in Nepal has suitable charges. As they have top packages. It helps in a better process. With it, you can become successful with the best IVF clinic in Nepal. They have experienced doctors. And patients have top treatments.

Briefly description of the advanced IVF treatment in Nepal

The following are some everyday use advanced IVF treatment in Nepal:

1. IVF with ICSI: 

It is one of the best IVF treatments in Nepal that help a fertile woman to conceive a baby as this treat the causes of male infertility where the fertility experts in Fertility Centre Nepal extract the sperms surgically from the male ejaculation and will directly inject a single sperm into each egg to facilitate fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs, the formed embryo will be transferred into the biological mother’s uterus.

2. IVF with eggs donor: 

It is a procedure that is generally used for women who cannot produce enough eggs for fertilization and need assistance to conceive a baby. In such cases, a fertility expert will use the eggs of the egg donors that Fertility Centre Nepal hires to help infertile couples. The collected eggs from the egg donor will be fertilized with the sperm of the intended father, or donor sperm will be used for fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs, the resulted embryo will be transferred into the biological mother’s uterus. 

3. IVF with PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis): 

PGD is a process that the fertility expert will perform before IVF treatment in Nepal. The purpose of performing PGD is to check for any genetic disorder and not pass in the new-born. 

Why people choose Fertility Centre Nepal for fertility treatments?

1. Cost-effective treatments: 

At Fertility Centre Nepal, people will find appropriate and affordable fertility treatments that help many couples below the poverty line enjoy the phase of parenthood.

The following are the factors that attract people to choose the Fertility Centre Nepal for fertility treatments. These are:

2. Success rates: 

The success rates of the fertility treatments in Fertility Centre Nepal are high compared to other fertility clinics because this is a centre where the fertility experts use the latest & advanced technologies to treat the causes of infertility. Also, we have experienced and qualified fertility experts who make fertility treatments successful for people who lose their hope of becoming a parent of their baby.

3. Positive energy: 

People who visit the Fertility Centre Nepal experience the positive vibes around them, and they see that fertility expert, counsellors, and other medical staff taking care of each individual personally and help them in fulfilling the requirements they need to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure.

4. Less waiting time: 

If a couple needs a sperm, egg, or embryo donor for their treatment, then they do not have to stand in long queues as they can send their requirement via email, and the representatives from the Fertility Centre Nepal match their condition from the database and confirm the couples.

best IVF Clinic Nepal

Our success rates: 

IVF treatment in Nepal is the topmost for better pregnancy results. You can have the highest IVF success rate in Nepal. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has top assistance in performing infertility treatments. These help in managing different conditions and provide the top outcome. 

Still, your success rate of IVF in Nepal depends on various factors. For instance:

(1) Your age because advanced age has fewer conception chances.

(2) The couple gametes have poor conditions.

(3) Your IVF process is as per infertility issues.

(4) The IVF centre in Nepal you choose 

Your IVF success rates in Nepal will be as per age. Such as:

(1) The female partner at the age of 30 has 50% chances

(2) The female partner at the age of 35 has a 40% chance.

(3) The female partner at the age of more than 38 has 32% chances

(4) The female partner at the age of the 40s has 29% chances

(5) The female partner at the age of 45 has 23% chances

What else about us:


(a) Utmost assistance at every stage during the treatment

(b) Gametes and embryo cryopreservation facilities

(c) Top-notch ART techniques and approaches 

(d) Assistance for the IVF cost in Nepal 

(e) Highly well-behaved fertility experts

(f) Call us at +977-9808978369

(g)Or mail us at [email protected]


Why is IVF the best treatment?

IVF uses the most cutting-edge techniques and the best resources. The highly skilled professional gathers sperm and eggs from the partners for fertilization. Additionally, its approach is compatible with cutting-edge methodologies and techniques. To get a successful pregnancy outcome, you might use a variety of top-notch methods. The IVF procedure begins with many medical tests. It aids professionals in figuring out the health and infertility issues of partners. They can also suggest the best course of action based on their sterility problems. Can suggest donor assistance or other outside approaches as needed. These contribute to better results.

How may the chances of IVF be increased?

IVF is a top art technique whose effectiveness depends on medical professionals, technological advancements, and patient hands. Your serious infertility issues may limit your ability to conceive and result in failure. While IVF therapy can boost your chances of getting pregnant. It requires fit female partners and healthy gametes. Additionally, it can be helpful to keep a watch on several factors. You must start by selecting the top IVF clinic with the best aids and techniques. Then select the best remedy for your needs that is suitable for many diseases. Next, keep your physical and mental circumstances in good shape. The outcome of treatment can be impacted by any problem condition.

How many IVF rounds will I require to get the results I want?

The IVF treatment cycles are influenced by your partners’ fertility and general health. The likelihood will be greater if you do not have significant problems. When the first IVF cycle is unsuccessful, another is required. You can assess your level of fitness to determine the optimum IVF procedure. The pair may experience many failures in cases of severe infertility. Your several IVF cycles may improve your chances of getting pregnant. The ideal methods might be suggested by the professional if you don’t want to undergo ineffective treatment. With IVF treatment, many cutting-edge techniques and treatments can be carried out. It contributes to a rise in pregnancy outcomes in cases of severe sterility.

Does the IVF process have any negative side effects?

The best procedures and equipment are employed during IVF. It helps with successful pregnancy outcomes when a couple is unable to conceive. The strategy can also be used in conjunction with other approaches for greater results. In the therapeutic process, there are also certain intrusive steps. These could pose problems for certain people. A gadget is used to implant gametes and harvest eggs. Other organs’ health can be affected. The couple might encounter miscarriage, labour problems, an early delivery, an ectopic pregnancy, and signs of multiple births. You can still manage these conditions if you have access to contemporary assistance and the right course of therapy.

Does IVF have invasive stages?

Several surgical phases are involved in IVF treatment. Additionally, the procedure may alter if you use alternative methods of treatment. The process of retrieving female eggs is less intrusive. The professional gather healthy eggs after egg production. To enter the female uterus, they utilize a catheter. The female vagina contributes to the growth of the uterus and cervix. Additionally, they aspirate the eggs using a tiny needle. The fertilized egg then attaches itself to the female uterus after that. The technique is also intrusive. During the expert’s second catheterization. If the male spouse is unable to produce healthy sperm, it can be used. Therefore, the specialist may advise surgical sperm retrieval.

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IVF Story

STORY of Successful IVF – Gurorijin and Idris – (Japan)

Before on-setting my IVF story from FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL, I need to tell that my case of IVF is totally different and even I’m astonished how I had conceived and delivered TWINS via IVF treatment. Damn LUCKY in this case.

Okay! So, I’m a 53-year-old citizen of Japan and my husband is in his forty’s; we made a fabulous pair with each other but the significant part was missing from our life and that was our BABY. Since my menopause has put the last touch on 3 years ago; and for the past 3 years I’ve been trying to have my baby via ART methods, I mean IVF treatment from here only (Japan). Have undergone IVF with several clinics in Japan but unable to find the light at the end of the tunnel; we invested much money in our treatment, even from one of the centre we had taken an IVF guarantee package too but again nothing miracle happened. I don’t blame these centres (because they have done their best) as my case was complicated to get a hold of victory.  

After years of trying with an unsuccessful result, we started to fish around that centre, wherein actual miracle happens, then we were referred to FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL, this centre was in Nepal. Why Nepal? Since my husband belongs to Nepal, we have some relatives residing there and by their way, we got to know about the Best Fertility Centre in Nepal. We outlined Nepal for the Last Hope to make our family comply with Happiness.

We met with Dr. Vishnu Deene there, had a nice talk with him regarding all our case and desire to have a baby via IVF (also informed about past failed IVF cycles). Few tests are performed and later they suggested IVF with embryo adoption option will be best for our case. But I swear, at that time I was like, HOPE this will work!

And YESSSS!!! It worked for the first time! We were so fortunate to undergo with the first IVF attempt with embryo adoption from FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL with success for the very first time. Finally, I touched the wood and said No Doubt, there are some of the Miracle fertility Centres still existing, where such flabbergast happening takes place; anyone can count me as the Biggest Wonder case of IVF. I must say, the care and attention, which I received from this centre were totally inexplicable and gentle.


Each coordinator of FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL was so amazing and experienced that we were 100% pleased from their nursing and attention, and entire treatment. Not just this, the senior specialist of this centre had been very supportive of me and always encouraged me and my husband to have faith in them and our fate. Doctor and the fertility coordinator always had a big smile on their face discussing with me about anything, they never let me down at any phase during my IVF or even after completing it.  It was really very nice to have a familiar team every time we would visit the centre.


To be very true, this centre has given me the biggest hope to pursue my rest of life lively and jovial with my husband and my twin’s. I just love the manner they have performed my IVF treatment success in the first case. For those who are struggling with their infertility days, need to convey a message- Don’t Give Up! Be always positive and stay confident. Surround yourself with positive people, cheer yourself, have time with your dear and near ones and go ahead for appropriate fertility treatment that can work best in your infertility case. Don’t blame anyone or anything for this journey, remember one thing, Impossible also is made of ‘I am Possible’. I know the journey of IVF sometimes can lead you frustrating and irritating but trust me it will work! A Night is always followed by Brightness.


Mine experience with FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL was undeniably fantastic! Have been blessed with twins (baby boy and a baby girl) with the great effort by this centre, that too at the age of my 50’s; Barely-Credible. Personally recommend this centre to put an end of your infertility days.

Are you piercing for IVF clinic Nepal???

Escorting a new life in this world is really very difficult to mean a woman has to pass through the crucial phase. But even couple have a great dream to have a baby. Because the moment when someone calls you mom and dad is such a pleasant moment which cannot be explained by words. Achievement of pregnancy can be possible in almost couples life but still, there are lots of couples who are not getting the chance to achieve child because of some biological problem which is either in a wife or may be in the husband. IVF clinic Nepal is working for that infertile couple who are not able to reproduce. And those who have the capacity to reproduce new life then they are referred as the fertile couple. IVF clinic Nepal main motto is to achieve pregnancy through the alternative process that is in vitro fertility. In vitro fertility is achieved in a laboratory by fertilization method (in which male and female gamete are fused to evolve an embryo). IVF clinic Nepal is positioned at divergent cities of Nepal so that wherever people got nearest distant, they can choose that specific clinic. IVF clinic Nepal has made a great contribution in the life of infertile couple by providing babies in their life; by providing great hope that doesn’t worry we are here. Definitely, you will have the baby in your life. Having a positive hope influence a lot to conceive.

  1. IVF centre Nepal attain different alternatives such as :
  2. ICSI(intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
  3. IUI (intrauterine insemination)
  4. Traditional surrogacy
  5. Gestational surrogacy

IVF centre Nepal is situated in cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, and Pokhara. These all are wonderful cities where we can get pleasant environment. IVF centre Nepal comprises divergent well-equipped clinic with skilled and experienced doctors. It has been found IVF centre Nepal is considered as the best destination to achieve pregnancy. There are lots of factors which influence infertility but don’t worry there are lots of methods too. IVF center Nepal provides a reasonable cost for every people, Mean the cost is very economical for everyone as compared to any other countries. Especially for western people charge is very economical as compared to the western country because there are some of the countries which have banned but remaining some of the charges very expensive. Nepal is considered as a beautiful country but economically it is not strong country even health care services like IVF centre Nepal are providing very nominal charges so that everyone can get the happiness of having the child.

IVF Centre Nepal- Is a center of blessings

IVF Centre Nepal is one of the top and leading centers in Nepal which is a center of blessings where everyday happiness born. Couples who have been trying to achieve the successful pregnancy but unable to achieve due to the cause of infertility such as blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility, previous history of miscarriages, low or poor sperm count, sperms are not available in semen etc. For these couples, the IVF Centre Nepal is a center of blessing which will treat their cause of infertility and allow them to enjoy their parenthood happily.

The IVF Clinic Nepal have the experienced and qualified fertility experts from India and Nepal who have to make pregnancy possible for the women above the age of 40 years by using their latest and modern technology and also their more than 20 years of experience in the field of fertility management.

The IVF Clinic Nepal becomes the first choice for most of the couples as they provide the low-cost IVF treatment to all the patients across the globe. Low-cost IVF treatment does not mean that they compromise on the quality of the treatment. They offer you the same international quality of the treatment but at the reasonable cost. The reason behind offering the low-cost IVF is that the fees of fertility experts from India and Nepal is less in Nepal and also the charges of medications are less here as compare to any other country.

Advantages of IVF treatment at IVF Clinic Nepal

The following are the advantages to having the IVF treatment at IVF Clinic Nepal:

  • A child born at IVF Clinic Nepal from IVF treatment is free from health diseases.
  • IVF Clinic Nepal offers the reasonable and affordable cost for IVF treatment to all patients.
  • IVF Clinic Nepal provides the inner satisfaction to all infertile patients that they also enjoy their phase of parenthood with their own baby.
  • IVF ClinicNepal also offers assisted reproductive procedures to help an infertile couple in conceiving.
  • The fertility experts and other staff members at IVF Clinic Nepal provide the best personal and medical care to all the patients.

Success Rate of IVF Centre Nepal

The success rate of IVF Centre Nepal till date is around 70-80% which is quite high as compare to other well-developed countries and also the IVF Centre Nepal uses the Assisted Laser Hatching technique which is useful to increase the pregnancy rates in elderly patients and patients who had previous failed IVF cycles.

Vision of IVF Centre Nepal

The main aim of IVF Centre Nepal is to offer the best fertility treatment to all patients across the globe at the reasonable cost and also focus on maximizing their chances of successful pregnancy by using their latest and advanced technology in the field of fertility management.

Mission of IVF Centre Nepal

The mission of the IVF Centre Nepal is to offer the friendly and warm environment to all the patients and their families so that they will be able to fight against this stressful situation and come up with smiling faces.


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