STORY of Successful IVF – Gurorijin and Idris – (Japan)

IVF Story

STORY of Successful IVF – Gurorijin and Idris – (Japan)

Before on-setting my IVF story from FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL, I need to tell that my case of IVF is totally different and even I’m astonished how I had conceived and delivered TWINS via IVF treatment. Damn LUCKY in this case.

Okay! So, I’m a 53-year-old citizen of Japan and my husband is in his forty’s; we made a fabulous pair with each other but the significant part was missing from our life and that was our BABY. Since my menopause has put the last touch on 3 years ago; and for the past 3 years I’ve been trying to have my baby via ART methods, I mean IVF treatment from here only (Japan). Have undergone IVF with several clinics in Japan but unable to find the light at the end of the tunnel; we invested much money in our treatment, even from one of the centre we had taken an IVF guarantee package too but again nothing miracle happened. I don’t blame these centres (because they have done their best) as my case was complicated to get a hold of victory.  

After years of trying with an unsuccessful result, we started to fish around that centre, wherein actual miracle happens, then we were referred to FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL, this centre was in Nepal. Why Nepal? Since my husband belongs to Nepal, we have some relatives residing there and by their way, we got to know about the Best Fertility Centre in Nepal. We outlined Nepal for the Last Hope to make our family comply with Happiness.

We met with Dr. Vishnu Deene there, had a nice talk with him regarding all our case and desire to have a baby via IVF (also informed about past failed IVF cycles). Few tests are performed and later they suggested IVF with embryo adoption option will be best for our case. But I swear, at that time I was like, HOPE this will work!

And YESSSS!!! It worked for the first time! We were so fortunate to undergo with the first IVF attempt with embryo adoption from FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL with success for the very first time. Finally, I touched the wood and said No Doubt, there are some of the Miracle fertility Centres still existing, where such flabbergast happening takes place; anyone can count me as the Biggest Wonder case of IVF. I must say, the care and attention, which I received from this centre were totally inexplicable and gentle.


Each coordinator of FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL was so amazing and experienced that we were 100% pleased from their nursing and attention, and entire treatment. Not just this, the senior specialist of this centre had been very supportive of me and always encouraged me and my husband to have faith in them and our fate. Doctor and the fertility coordinator always had a big smile on their face discussing with me about anything, they never let me down at any phase during my IVF or even after completing it.  It was really very nice to have a familiar team every time we would visit the centre.


To be very true, this centre has given me the biggest hope to pursue my rest of life lively and jovial with my husband and my twin’s. I just love the manner they have performed my IVF treatment success in the first case. For those who are struggling with their infertility days, need to convey a message- Don’t Give Up! Be always positive and stay confident. Surround yourself with positive people, cheer yourself, have time with your dear and near ones and go ahead for appropriate fertility treatment that can work best in your infertility case. Don’t blame anyone or anything for this journey, remember one thing, Impossible also is made of ‘I am Possible’. I know the journey of IVF sometimes can lead you frustrating and irritating but trust me it will work! A Night is always followed by Brightness.


Mine experience with FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL was undeniably fantastic! Have been blessed with twins (baby boy and a baby girl) with the great effort by this centre, that too at the age of my 50’s; Barely-Credible. Personally recommend this centre to put an end of your infertility days.

Are you piercing for IVF clinic Nepal???

Escorting a new life in this world is really very difficult to mean a woman has to pass through the crucial phase. But even couple have a great dream to have a baby. Because the moment when someone calls you mom and dad is such a pleasant moment which cannot be explained by words. Achievement of pregnancy can be possible in almost couples life but still, there are lots of couples who are not getting the chance to achieve child because of some biological problem which is either in a wife or may be in the husband. IVF clinic Nepal is working for that infertile couple who are not able to reproduce. And those who have the capacity to reproduce new life then they are referred as the fertile couple. IVF clinic Nepal main motto is to achieve pregnancy through the alternative process that is in vitro fertility. In vitro fertility is achieved in a laboratory by fertilization method (in which male and female gamete are fused to evolve an embryo). IVF clinic Nepal is positioned at divergent cities of Nepal so that wherever people got nearest distant, they can choose that specific clinic. IVF clinic Nepal has made a great contribution in the life of infertile couple by providing babies in their life; by providing great hope that doesn’t worry we are here. Definitely, you will have the baby in your life. Having a positive hope influence a lot to conceive.

  1. IVF centre Nepal attain different alternatives such as :
  2. ICSI(intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
  3. IUI (intrauterine insemination)
  4. Traditional surrogacy
  5. Gestational surrogacy

IVF centre Nepal is situated in cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, and Pokhara. These all are wonderful cities where we can get pleasant environment. IVF centre Nepal comprises divergent well-equipped clinic with skilled and experienced doctors. It has been found IVF centre Nepal is considered as the best destination to achieve pregnancy. There are lots of factors which influence infertility but don’t worry there are lots of methods too. IVF center Nepal provides a reasonable cost for every people, Mean the cost is very economical for everyone as compared to any other countries. Especially for western people charge is very economical as compared to the western country because there are some of the countries which have banned but remaining some of the charges very expensive. Nepal is considered as a beautiful country but economically it is not strong country even health care services like IVF centre Nepal are providing very nominal charges so that everyone can get the happiness of having the child.

IVF Centre Nepal- Is a center of blessings

IVF Centre Nepal is one of the top and leading centers in Nepal which is a center of blessings where everyday happiness born. Couples who have been trying to achieve the successful pregnancy but unable to achieve due to the cause of infertility such as blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility, previous history of miscarriages, low or poor sperm count, sperms are not available in semen etc. For these couples, the IVF Centre Nepal is a center of blessing which will treat their cause of infertility and allow them to enjoy their parenthood happily.

The IVF Clinic Nepal have the experienced and qualified fertility experts from India and Nepal who have to make pregnancy possible for the women above the age of 40 years by using their latest and modern technology and also their more than 20 years of experience in the field of fertility management.

The IVF Clinic Nepal becomes the first choice for most of the couples as they provide the low-cost IVF treatment to all the patients across the globe. Low-cost IVF treatment does not mean that they compromise on the quality of the treatment. They offer you the same international quality of the treatment but at the reasonable cost. The reason behind offering the low-cost IVF is that the fees of fertility experts from India and Nepal is less in Nepal and also the charges of medications are less here as compare to any other country.

Advantages of IVF treatment at IVF Clinic Nepal

The following are the advantages to having the IVF treatment at IVF Clinic Nepal:

  • A child born at IVF Clinic Nepal from IVF treatment is free from health diseases.
  • IVF Clinic Nepal offers the reasonable and affordable cost for IVF treatment to all patients.
  • IVF Clinic Nepal provides the inner satisfaction to all infertile patients that they also enjoy their phase of parenthood with their own baby.
  • IVF ClinicNepal also offers assisted reproductive procedures to help an infertile couple in conceiving.
  • The fertility experts and other staff members at IVF Clinic Nepal provide the best personal and medical care to all the patients.

Success Rate of IVF Centre Nepal

The success rate of IVF Centre Nepal till date is around 70-80% which is quite high as compare to other well-developed countries and also the IVF Centre Nepal uses the Assisted Laser Hatching technique which is useful to increase the pregnancy rates in elderly patients and patients who had previous failed IVF cycles.

Vision of IVF Centre Nepal

The main aim of IVF Centre Nepal is to offer the best fertility treatment to all patients across the globe at the reasonable cost and also focus on maximizing their chances of successful pregnancy by using their latest and advanced technology in the field of fertility management.

Mission of IVF Centre Nepal

The mission of the IVF Centre Nepal is to offer the friendly and warm environment to all the patients and their families so that they will be able to fight against this stressful situation and come up with smiling faces.


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