Egg freezing for women – Know about the process with a cost.

Egg freezing for women – Know about the process with a cost.

What is egg freezing in Nepal?

Today, many couples want to hold their pregnancy and parenthood. Meanwhile, they want to give their children a better environment and a brighter future. It requires stable financial background that they will have working and after standing on their feet. They desire to start a family later in life, but reproductive age does not wait for anyone’s wishes. Over time, a person’s reproductive time shortens, leaving them with fewer opportunities.

Egg freezing is the process to save your eggs at a younger age to have pregnant in later years. Many top firms provide their workers egg freezing that will help preserve the eggs. You can use them when you want to become pregnant. It requires healthy eggs that cryopreserve through the fertility expert in a laboratory. For pregnancy results, it thawed and fertilized through the assisted reproductive method.

Egg freezing in Nepal is available with the latest technologies and advanced procedures. It performs to preserve women’s fertility and can conceive in later years. You can have the process done before any radiation therapy that may impair the quality of your eggs and lead to infertility. The egg freezing cost Nepal is more reasonable than in industrialized nations.

When does egg freezing recommend in Nepal?

Your health care advisor will advise the method, will provide healthy eggs after an age or treatment. A successful pregnancy requires a good amount and quality of eggs for fertilization. It will demolish after the age of 35 in females. For pregnancy, it will use in IVF or other assisted reproductive techniques. You have the following situation, egg freezing in Nepal will help you:-

  • You wish to become pregnant in later years as you do not have any plan for conceiving a baby in the current time. It will cause advanced age and later poor eggs quality and numbers. You want to focus on your career and studies first before becoming a mother.
  • The female partner has cancer that treatment will require radiation contact. It will affect the health of the eggs and cause severe infertility in women. Your expert recommends if you are childless or want to become parents in the future.
  • You are selecting IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) that requires collecting the eggs and sperm of partners to collect outside. Your expert can suggest freezing the leftover eggs for future pregnancy. It will help you in the failure of the IVF cycle; another cycle will not require performing the eggs retrieval.
  • You have a high risk of premature ovarian failure that will cause premenopausal and poor egg quality. Your eggs can conserve, will provide conception results in the future.
  • You are undergoing surgery that will damage your ovaries and can cause infertility. It can manage to cryopreserve your eggs before the process.

How do the eggs freeze in the lab? How does it provide conception in Nepal?

Egg freezing performs by collecting the female eggs outside the body. You can preserve your eggs many times and become parents according to your need. In the IVF process, the eggs retrieve from the female uterus. Both are similar, but after collecting the eggs in IVF, they fertilize with sperm and freeze them in the lab. You can have egg freezing in Nepal at a very affordable cost. It is highly affordable than in developed countries. The following is the egg freezing process in Nepal:-

  1. Checkups: The doctor will examine your health to produce healthy eggs of high quality. Your fertility condition will check in the process before collecting the eggs. The blood tests and ultrasound will confirm it, and genetic testing will perform for inherited disorders.
  2. Preparation: The female ovaries will prepare with fertility medicines to produce more eggs at a time. Your doctor will give medications to stimulate the ovaries and increase egg production artificially. It will release with high maturity and released into the uterus.
  3. Collecting: Your doctor will use a catheter will insert inside the female uterus through the vagina. It will equip with a light and a camera to aid in the procedure. The eggs are extracted from the follicles inside the female uterus using a sharp needle. In the lab, it will assemble outside the female uterus.
  4. Freezing: Your expert will freeze the eggs before injecting a solution that will not allow them to form ice crystals. It can damage the eggs, and the entire process will fail.

The following are the steps through you will conceive with frozen eggs in Nepal:-

  1. Melting: for pregnancy, your expert will thaw the frozen eggs in the central lab. It will take back to the conventional temperature by heating or other processes.
  2. Sperm preparing: The expert will collect a semen sample through the male partner or use donor sperm. It will prepare by them that will help in selecting healthy sperm.
  3. Insemination (ICSI): The selected sperm will fill into injection and inject into the mature eggs. It will reach the cytoplasm and fertilize them in a few days.
  4. Transfer: Your doctor will monitor the condition of the embryo for four to five days and select healthy ones. It will place on a catheter and insert inside the female uterus for pregnancy.
  5. Results: The blood test of the female partner after two weeks will confirm the results.

Does egg freezing has any risk to health in Nepal?

Women face similar problems they face during IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). It performs by collecting the eggs through the female uterus. To increase the eggs health, experts prescribe fertility medicines. It causes the effect in some women. You can have the following problems after collecting eggs through inside your uterus:-

  • Egg retrieval: In the process, a device will insert into the female uterus and collect the eggs with a sharp needle. It can cause severe bleeding, pain, bowel, and other parts damage.
  • Psychological damage: It does not assure successful results after egg freezing. After the freezing, they may lose their normal function and do not have any prediction time.
  • Medicines:  The fertility medications used to increase the health of the eggs will provide better results. It affects the body hormones and can cause nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloating and vomiting, etc. Sometimes in rare cases, it causes severe problems in the female such as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).
What has egg freezing cost in Nepal? 

The egg freezing cost in Nepal is fare than in developed countries globally. You can preserve your eggs for a lifetime and become pregnant as per your choice. The cost of egg freezing Nepal depends on various factors required in your process. It will affect the time limit you select for the freezing, medical checkups performed for your health screening, and fertility medicines type.

The egg freezing price in Nepal includes fertility medicines, retrieving the eggs, and freezing them. The best centre has low cost egg freezing in Nepal with advanced facilities. The egg freezing cost Nepal ranges from NPR 50,000 to NPR 70,000. Many fertility centres are present in Nepal with their particular process price. The best egg freezing clinic Nepal has top procedures and the latest technologies. They have highly affordable egg freezing cost in Kathmandu. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best fertility centre in Nepal with top approaches and advanced methods.

Egg freezing in Nepal

What is egg freezing in Nepal?

Infertility can affect the happily married life of any person and fill with many confusions and quarrels. When a couple cannot become parents, they face society and mental instability. Many families separate due to not conceiving the problem of a partner. It affects by the numerous factors that influence your lifestyle and cause problems with health.  

Many people in Nepal face several infertility issues that affect their lives and relations. It is not a context of let being as requires the proper guidance and alternative for having the best version of your lives. If you have an infertility problem, still you have chances of becoming parents. Through various fertility treatments, a person can have a baby successfully.

Egg freezing in Nepal is one of the best treatments that assist couples in infertility. It is the procedure of freezing high-quality eggs for usage in situations that have a low chance of becoming pregnant. You can have egg freezing in Nepal at very affordable cost through the best centre. It is an advanced procedure that freezes the eggs of the female partner for future usage,

 Similarly, the embryo and sperm of people can store for later conception.

Why is egg freezing required?

Egg freezing is the advanced approach that helps many women to cryopreserve their eggs in a healthy condition or at one time to use them later. It can use the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technique to conceive. You can consider egg freezing in the following situations:-

  • High age:- the egg or sperm quality starts diminishing at a certain age, causing fewer chances of becoming parents successfully. It can assist with freezing healthy and good-quality eggs at the perfect age.
  • Career and job:- The female partner wants to focus on her career or studies and wants a baby during advanced age. According to a study, eggs freezing help couples have high-quality eggs at an advanced age. If the male partner does not present during the IVF cycle, eggs can cryopreserve for further use.
  • Success with IVF:- If your chances of becoming successful in the IVF cycle is poor, you can freeze the eggs that can provide conception. It will save the money that includes medications and the retrieval process.
  • Surgery:- Before undergoing treatment, the female can preserve her eggs by undergoing chemotherapy or exposure to high radiation levels. It affects people fertility, and many people experience severe infertility results.

How do eggs cryopreserve in Nepal?

Egg freezing is the latest approach that assists many couples in conceiving after treatment or high age. It is the IVF approach that helps in increasing the conception and chances. Women with infertility problems can be pregnant again with it. For pregnancy, the frozen eggs with sperm or donor sperm inseminate. After it, implant into the female uterus. The process of Egg freezing is following:-

  1. The female will screen thoroughly to evaluate her health and fertility condition. It will perform through blood samples testing and ultrasound. After it, the counsellor will estimate and advise the best process for having successful results.
  2. You will prescribe fertility medications to have a better egg quality and number. It will stimulate the ovaries to release more eggs at a time and increase maturity also. A hormonal medicine will unleash the eggs into the uterus by triggering the ovaries.
  3. With ultrasound and blood test, it will observe and, your expert suggests a perfect timing for the egg retrieval. You will lie down on the hospital bed of the clinic for the retrieval process. A catheter attaches with light and, the camera will insert into the uterus through the vagina and cervix opening. Your expert will use a sharp needle in collecting the eggs from follicles.
  4. It can use in the IVF cycle through insemination with sperm. The left eggs or, if no treatment cycle is performing, all the eggs will cryopreserve in the lab through your expert. It can store for a lifetime as per your demand.

How to conceive after egg freezing?

For conception in IVF treatment, the eggs and sperm of the partner should have a healthy state and inseminates in the lab for fertilization. But how do frozen eggs fertilize in the lab?

Conception with the frozen eggs is following:

  1. Your expert will melt the eggs from the frozen area of the clinic. It requires an average temperature for successful results.
  2. Once it melts and has a standard temperature, the male sperm or donor sperm will collect. Through ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), the sperm will inject directly into each egg for fertilization.
  3. After a few days, it will form embryos that implant into the female uterus. It will attach to the uterus lining and grow for successful results.

How much does egg freezing cost in Nepal?

Egg freezing is a similar procedure to IVF treatment. It is somewhat expensive as IVF therapy, but it can help you save a lot of money. You will have to spend money once during retrieval and will be able to use the eggs till the process is successful.

egg freezing cost in nepal

What is the Egg Freezing Cost in Nepal?

Affordable Egg Freezing in Nepal

Egg Freezing Cost in Nepal- Egg freezing is a method of preserving eggs and fertility for later use. It is the best option of treatment for the woman who wishes to postpone their pregnancy for a specific time in the future and, for now, wants to focus on other essential aspects of their life. In the egg freezing process in Nepal, the eggs are retrieved from the ovarian follicle of the woman. They are kept in a lab at a low temperature to remain healthy until the time comes when the patient wants to use them to achieve pregnancy. There are various reasons why a woman chooses to save her eggs for later use, such as focusing on their career, getting married later or preserving fertility as fertility tends to decline with the increase in a woman’s age.

It is the best way to save your eggs due to the possibility of having a disease in the future, premature ovarian failure, etc. Various reasons are owing to which a woman might face difficulty while conceiving. Therefore, egg freezing is a great option to ensure better chances of conception in the future. Often known as oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing is a process that provides the benefit of having greater chances of pregnancy even at a later stage in life. The eggs are frozen when they are at their peak fertility, and this way, it significantly increases the chances of attaining a healthy conception when the frozen eggs are taken out and thawed for use in the fertility treatment.

Fertility Centre Nepal is the best medical travel agency in Nepal, providing well-experienced fertility experts. We are connected with the finest fertility hospitals and fertility specialists all over India and provide fertility treatment services at the most reasonable prices. We offer the best-quality egg freezing in Nepal. Our affordable prices and the supreme quality fertility treatment are why patients worldwide choose Nepal to receive success in fertility treatment. Our fertility specialists use state-of-the-art equipment when operating patients for different types of infertility treatments in Nepal. 

How is egg freezing performed in Nepal?

Fertility Centre Nepal is a famous fertility centre in Nepal providing the best egg retrieval process within an affordable price range.

The egg freezing process in Nepal includes the two essential stages that are retrieving the eggs and then freezing them. Before starting the treatment, the woman undergoing the operation is medically evaluated to ensure that she can produce healthy and fertile eggs for the procedure. During the first stage in egg freezing, the woman has prescribed fertility medication to induce her ovaries to produce more eggs than average. After that, the condition of her ovaries is analyzed with the help of transvaginal ultrasounds and blood tests. Once the maturity of the eggs is assured, it is time to take them out from the woman’s ovaries. In the egg retrieval procedure, the eggs are retrieved from the ovarian follicle with the aid of a sharp needle. The patient does not feel any pain and discomfort during the egg retrieval process as they are given pain medication.

In the second and final stage of the egg retrieval procedure, the retrieved eggs are kept in a laboratory. The eggs are frozen with a method called vitrification. They are stored in the lab for a long-time period or according to their quality and ability to remain healthy for a significant time. The eggs are frozen at a shallow temperature, and the quality of the eggs is preserved no matter how long they are kept in the lab. The quality of the eggs stays intact until the time they are taken out and thawed for use infertility treatment.

Reasonable egg freezing cost in Nepal

The Egg freezing cost in Nepal USD 4000 – 6000. It is the most affordable price range you can get for egg freezing in Nepal. Fertility Centre Nepal is a famous medical tourism company in Nepal offering the services of the best fertility specialists at a low cost. We provide the facility of freezing egg woman who wishes to preserve their fertility for later. Our fertility experts have over thirty years of experience with the best quality fertility treatment and ensure that the patients get the most effective treatment without paying much. 

Also, our success rates for egg freezing in Nepal are the highest. That is why patients from over the world prefer our medical travel agency to get the best treatment. Our patients receive treatment at the best hospital and fertility centres and experience world-class amenities and facilities at an acceptable price. 


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