egg freezing Nepal

Egg freezing in Nepal

What is egg freezing in Nepal?

Infertility can affect the happily married life of any person and fill with many confusions and quarrels. When a couple cannot become parents, they face society and mental instability. Many families separate due to not conceiving the problem of a partner. It affects by the numerous factors that influence your lifestyle and cause problems with health.  Egg freezing Nepal is one of the best treatments that assist couples in infertility. It is the procedure of freezing high-quality eggs for usage in situations that have a low chance of becoming pregnant. You can have egg freezing in Nepal at very affordable cost through the best centre. It is an advanced procedure that freezes the eggs of the female partner for future usage,

 Similarly, the embryo and sperm of people can store for later conception.

Many people in Nepal face several infertility issues that affect their lives and relations. It is not a context of let being as requires the proper guidance and alternative for having the best version of your lives. If you have an infertility problem, still you have chances of becoming parents. Through various fertility treatments, a person can have a baby successfully.

Fertility treatment in Nepal:

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TreatmentsCosts in NPR
IUINPR 15,000 to 20,000
IUI with donor spermNPR 75,000 to 80,000
IVFNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with self eggsNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with self spermNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with donor eggsNPR 5,50,000 to 6,00,000
IVF with donor spermNPR 3,90,000 to 4,10,000
TESANPR 75,000 to 80,000
IVF with TESANPR 4,20,000 to 4,50,000
IVF/ ICSINPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
Donor’s eggsNPR 2,50,000 to 2,60,000
Donor’s spermsNPR 60,000 to 70,000

Why is egg freezing required?

Egg freezing is the advanced approach that helps many women to cryopreserve their eggs in a healthy condition or at one time to use them later. It can use the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technique to conceive. You can consider egg freezing Nepal in the following situations:-

(1) High age:- the egg or sperm quality starts diminishing at a certain age, causing fewer chances of becoming parents successfully. It can assist with freezing healthy and good-quality eggs at the perfect age.

(2) Career and job:- The female partner wants to focus on her career or studies and wants a baby during advanced age. According to a study, eggs freezing help couples have high-quality eggs at an advanced age. If the male partner does not present during the IVF cycle, eggs can cryopreserve for further use.

(3) Success with IVF:- If your chances of becoming successful in the IVF cycle is poor, you can freeze the eggs that can provide conception. It will save the money that includes medications and the retrieval process.

(4) Surgery:- Before undergoing treatment, the female can preserve her eggs by undergoing chemotherapy or exposure to high radiation levels. It affects people fertility, and many people experience severe infertility results.

How do eggs cryopreserve in Nepal?

Egg freezing is the latest approach that assists many couples in conceiving after treatment or high age. It is the IVF approach that helps in increasing the conception and chances. Women with infertility problems can be pregnant again with it. For pregnancy, the frozen eggs with sperm or donor sperm inseminate. After it, implant into the female uterus. The process of egg freezing Nepal is following:-

(1) The female will screen thoroughly to evaluate her health and fertility condition. It will perform through blood samples testing and ultrasound. After it, the counsellor will estimate and advise the best process for having successful results.

(2) You will prescribe fertility medications to have a better egg quality and number. It will stimulate the ovaries to release more eggs at a time and increase maturity also. A hormonal medicine will unleash the eggs into the uterus by triggering the ovaries.

(3) With ultrasound and blood test, it will observe and, your expert suggests a perfect timing for the egg retrieval. You will lie down on the hospital bed of the clinic for the retrieval process. A catheter attaches with light and, the camera will insert into the uterus through the vagina and cervix opening. Your expert will use a sharp needle in collecting the eggs from follicles.

(3) It can use in the IVF cycle through insemination with sperm. The left eggs or, if no treatment cycle is performing, all the eggs will cryopreserve in the lab through your expert. It can store for a lifetime as per your demand.

How to conceive after egg freezing?

For conception in IVF treatment, the eggs and sperm of the partner should have a healthy state and inseminates in the lab for fertilization. But how do frozen eggs fertilize in the lab?

Conception with the frozen eggs is following:

(a) Your expert will melt the eggs from the frozen area of the clinic. It requires an average temperature for successful results.

(b) Once it melts and has a standard temperature, the male sperm or donor sperm will collect. Through ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), the sperm will inject directly into each egg for fertilization.

(c) After a few days, it will form embryos that implant into the female uterus. It will attach to the uterus lining and grow for successful results.

How much does egg freezing cost in Nepal?

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Egg freezing is a similar procedure to IVF treatment. It is somewhat expensive as IVF therapy, but it can help you save a lot of money. You will have to spend money once during retrieval and will be able to use the eggs till the process is successful.

egg freezing Nepal

What are the fertility treatment success rates in Nepal?

You can achieve the highest fertility treatment success rate in Nepal. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has the top procedures and technologies. It helps in achieving the top outcome. Also, the best fertility expert performs the treatment. It provides better results in different conditions.

Still, your fertility treatment success rate in Nepal depends on the following factors:

(a)   Age: age is the biggest factor in conception chances. The female partner in advanced age has fewer chances. And the couple at a younger age has high possibilities. Because their reproductive system produces healthy gametes. And in advanced age, the couple’s eggs and sperm health decreases.

(b)  Infertility: Your infertility conditions need the method accordingly. In severe issues, advanced and multiple procedures require. It helps you achieve a top outcome in various problems. If you choose the right treatment, the conception possibilities are higher.

(c)   Treatment: Many fertility treatments in Nepal are available. This helps in the conception result of the couple. Also, their expert recommends the best method with advanced approaches.

(d)  Place: You need to choose the best centre with highly advanced approaches and technologies. It will help in your treatment process and better results.

(e)  Doctor: the highly experienced fertility doctor provides the best treatment. They also focus on every patient’s comfort and high satisfaction.


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Why is the success rate of IVF so high?

The best procedure is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). It operates following the failure of other processes and typical reproductive results. A couple’s eggs and sperm are used in the IVF procedure. First, the female partner’s ability to produce eggs will rise. The production of healthy eggs will be assisted by fertility medicines. The expert then extracts the gametes from the reproductive system of the couple. Under close monitoring, these will reproduce. Additionally, the highly developed fertilised eggs implant within the female uterus to cause pregnancy. Additionally, IVF procedures for health issues and infertility are available. It facilitates a successful outcome.

What can boost the success of my IVF?

The best IVF requires support from multiple technologies. Additionally, compared to other techniques, IVF has substantially greater success rates. It aids the couple in getting pregnant successfully. However, some people experience issues with IVF success rates. Since a variety of factors contribute to the effectiveness of IVF. You also stand a chance of improving the success rate of IVF and conceiving a child. Consider this:

(a) Diet that is healthy

(b)  By continuing to be the ideal weight

(c) Putting emphasis on psychological health

(d) The best IVF facility to use

(e) Utilizing cutting-edge IVF techniques

Exists a risk associated with IVF?

IVF is less likely to be harmful than other methods. Because cutting-edge technology and top-notch assistance are used during the IVF process. As part of the therapy, highly qualified IVF specialists work. Consequently, there is a lower likelihood of any IVF issues. It increases the likelihood of the IVF process working for a couple who is older. because treatments for infertility, the harvesting of eggs, the implantation of embryos, or other diagnosis could all result in complications. Since it includes a minimally intrusive stage and affects the likelihood of receiving therapy. You can attain the finest results, though, by picking the ideal procedure and location.

How can I tell if IVF is the best option for me?

IVF is the best treatment for many infertility issues. As a result, the couple is able to conceive a healthy child. Additionally, depending on your issues, the process may comprise multiple stages. With it, your specialist will carry out several examinations and testing. It is beneficial to be aware of your health issues and infertility. Additionally, they are able to advise on the most appropriate approach depending on the problems. The finest solution for a variety of partner issues for both sexes is IVF. Outside of the reproductive system, and under the watchful eye of a professional, it fertilises. And your specialist can alter for a better result.

What could harm my chances of having a baby with IVF?

The likelihood of IVF treatment depends on a variety of factors. Selecting the best centre is necessary to increase it. Because they use cutting-edge treatments and cutting-edge technology, chances are improved. The couple still has control over the IVF success rates and chances. They have minimal opportunities to become pregnant due to their advanced age. They experience issues with the generation of healthy eggs and sperm as they age. A robust gamete count is also necessary for IVF. Then, your IVF procedure since the procedure requires according to infertility problems. When the situation is dire, the expert may recommend or use a variety of cutting-edge techniques. It facilitates productive outputs.

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