egg freezing cost in nepal

Egg Freezing Cost in Nepal

What is the Egg Freezing Cost Nepal?

In the egg freezing process in Nepal, the eggs are retrieved from the ovarian follicle of the woman. They are kept in a lab at a low temperature to remain healthy until the time comes when the patient wants to use them to achieve pregnancy. Egg Freezing Cost Nepal– Egg freezing is a method of preserving eggs and fertility for later use. It is the best option of treatment for the woman who wishes to postpone their pregnancy for a specific time in the future and, for now, wants to focus on other essential aspects of their life. There are various reasons why a woman chooses to save her eggs for later use, such as focusing on their career, getting married later or preserving fertility as fertility tends to decline with the increase in a woman’s age.

Egg Freezing Cost in Nepal

It is the best way to save your eggs due to the possibility of having a disease in the future, premature ovarian failure, etc. Various reasons are owing to which a woman might face difficulty while conceiving. Therefore, egg freezing is a great option to ensure better chances of conception in the future. Often known as oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing is a process that provides the benefit of having greater chances of pregnancy even at a later stage in life. The eggs are frozen when they are at their peak fertility, and this way, it significantly increases the chances of attaining a healthy conception when the frozen eggs are taken out and thawed for use in the fertility treatment.

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Is the egg freezing an affordable fertility process ?

Fertility Centre Nepal is the best medical travel agency in Nepal, providing well-experienced fertility experts. We are connected with the finest fertility hospitals and fertility specialists all over India and provide fertility treatment services at the most reasonable prices. We offer the best-quality egg freezing in Nepal. Our affordable prices and the supreme quality fertility treatment are why patients worldwide choose Nepal to receive success in fertility treatment. Our fertility specialists use state-of-the-art equipment when operating patients for different types of infertility treatments in Nepal. 

What are the fertility treatment success rates in Nepal?

In Nepal, fertility treatments have the highest success rates. The finest treatments and technology are used at the FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. It helps in achieving the top outcome. Also, the best fertility expert performs the treatment. It provides better results in different conditions.

Still, your fertility treatment success rate in Nepal depends on the following factors:

(a)  Age:

Age is the biggest factor in conception chances. The female partner in advanced age has fewer chances. And the couple at a younger age has high possibilities. Because their reproductive system produces healthy gametes. And in advanced age, the couple’s eggs and sperm health decreases.

(b) Infertility:

Your infertility conditions need the method accordingly. In severe issues, advanced and multiple procedures require. It helps you achieve a top outcome in various problems. If you choose the right treatment, the conception possibilities are higher.

(c)   Treatment:

Many fertility treatments in Nepal are available. This helps in the conception result of the couple. Also, their expert recommends the best method with advanced approaches.

(d)  Place:

You need to choose the best centre with highly advanced approaches and technologies. It will help in your treatment process and better results.

(e)  Doctor:

The highly experienced fertility doctor provides the best treatment. They also focus on every patient’s comfort and high satisfaction.

Egg Freezing Cost in Nepal

How is egg freezing process in Nepal performed?

Fertility Centre Nepal is a famous fertility centre in Nepal providing the best egg retrieval process within an affordable price range.

The egg freezing process in Nepal includes the two essential stages that are retrieving the eggs and then freezing them. Before starting the treatment, the woman undergoing the operation is medically evaluated to ensure that she can produce healthy and fertile eggs for the procedure. During the first stage in egg freezing, the woman has prescribed fertility medication to induce her ovaries to produce more eggs than average. After that, the condition of her ovaries is analyzed with the help of transvaginal ultrasounds and blood tests. Once the maturity of the eggs is assured, it is time to take them out from the woman’s ovaries. In the egg retrieval procedure, the eggs are retrieved from the ovarian follicle with the aid of a sharp needle. The patient does not feel any pain and discomfort during the egg retrieval process as they are given pain medication.

In the second and final stage of the egg retrieval procedure, the retrieved eggs are kept in a laboratory. The eggs are frozen with a method called vitrification. They are stored in the lab for a long-time period or according to their quality and ability to remain healthy for a significant time. The eggs are frozen at a shallow temperature, and the quality of the eggs is preserved no matter how long they are kept in the lab. The quality of the eggs stays intact until the time they are taken out and thawed for use infertility treatment.

How much does egg freezing cost Nepal?

The Egg freezing cost Nepal is USD 4000 – 6000. It is the most affordable price range you can get for egg freezing in Nepal. Fertility Centre Nepal is a famous medical tourism company in Nepal offering the services of the best fertility specialists at a low cost. We provide the facility of freezing egg woman who wishes to preserve their fertility for later. Our fertility experts have over thirty years of experience with the best quality fertility treatment and ensure that the patients get the most effective treatment without paying much. 

TreatmentsCosts in NPR
IUINPR 15,000 to 20,000
IUI with donor spermNPR 75,000 to 80,000
IVFNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with self eggsNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with self spermNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with donor eggsNPR 5,50,000 to 6,00,000
IVF with donor spermNPR 3,90,000 to 4,10,000
TESANPR 75,000 to 80,000
IVF with TESANPR 4,20,000 to 4,50,000
IVF/ ICSINPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
Donor’s eggsNPR 2,50,000 to 2,60,000
Donor’s spermsNPR 60,000 to 70,000

Also, our success rates for egg freezing in Nepal are the highest. That is why patients from over the world prefer our medical travel agency to get the best treatment. Our patients receive treatment at the best hospital and fertility centres and experience world-class amenities and facilities at an acceptable price. 


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The greatest treatment is IVF, why?

The most advanced methods and resources are used in IVF. For fertilization, the highly qualified individual collects sperm and eggs from the couples. Additionally, its approach is compatible with cutting-edge methodologies and techniques. To get a successful pregnancy outcome, you might use a variety of top-notch methods. The IVF procedure begins with many medical tests. It aids professionals in figuring out the health and infertility issues of partners. They can also suggest the best course of action based on their sterility problems. Can suggest donor assistance or other outside approaches as needed. These contribute to better results.

How might IVF success rates be improved?

IVF is a top art technique whose efficacy depends on medical experts, scientific developments, and willing patients. Your severe infertility problems could hinder your capacity to conceive and lead to failure. While IVF therapy can boost your chances of getting pregnant. It requires fit female partners and healthy gametes. Additionally, it can be helpful to keep a watch on several factors. You must start by selecting the top IVF clinic with the best aids and techniques. Then select the best remedy for your needs that is suitable for many diseases. Next, keep your physical and mental circumstances in good shape. The outcome of treatment can be impacted by any problem condition.

How many IVF cycles will I need to have in order to achieve my goals?

The fertility and overall health of your partners have an impact on the IVF treatment cycles. The likelihood will increase if you do not experience any major issues. A second IVF cycle is necessary if the first one is unsuccessful. You can evaluate your degree of fitness to choose the best IVF method. The pair may experience many failures in cases of severe infertility. Your several IVF cycles may improve your chances of getting pregnant. The ideal methods might be suggested by the professional if you don’t want to undergo ineffective treatment. With IVF treatment, many cutting-edge techniques and treatments can be carried out. It contributes to a rise in pregnancy outcomes in cases of severe sterility.

Are there any drawbacks to the IVF process?

IVF uses the best techniques and tools available. In cases where a couple is unable to conceive, it aids in a healthy pregnancy outcome. For better outcomes, the tactic can also be utilised in conjunction with other techniques. In the therapeutic process, there are also certain intrusive steps. These could pose problems for certain people. A gadget is used to implant gametes and harvest eggs. Other organs’ health can be affected. The couple might encounter miscarriage, labour problems, an early delivery, an ectopic pregnancy, and signs of multiple births. You can still manage these conditions if you have access to contemporary assistance and the right course of therapy.

Is there an intrusive process to IVF?

The IVF procedure entails several surgical steps. If you opt for alternate forms of therapy, the process might also change. Less intrusive procedures are used to collect female eggs. Immediately following egg production, the professionals collect healthy eggs. To enter the female uterus, they utilize a catheter. The female vagina contributes to the growth of the uterus and cervix. Additionally, they aspirate the eggs using a tiny needle. The fertilized egg then attaches itself to the female uterus after that. The technique is also intrusive. During the expert’s second catheterization. If the male spouse is unable to produce healthy sperm, it can be used. Therefore, the specialist may advise surgical sperm retrieval.

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