egg freezing cost in Nepal

Egg freezing for women – Know about the process with a cost.

What is egg freezing in Nepal?

Today, many couples want to hold their pregnancy and parenthood. Meanwhile, they want to give their children a better environment and a brighter future. It requires stable financial background that they will have working and after standing on their feet. They desire to start a family later in life, but reproductive age does not wait for anyone’s wishes. Over time, a person’s reproductive time shortens, leaving them with fewer opportunities. Egg freezing in Nepal is available with the latest technologies and advanced procedures. It performs to preserve women’s fertility and can conceive in later years. You can have the process done before any radiation therapy that may impair the quality of your eggs and lead to infertility. The egg freezing cost Nepal is more reasonable than in industrialized nations.

egg freezing cost in Nepal

Egg freezing is the process to save your eggs at a younger age to have pregnant in later years. Many top firms provide their workers egg freezing that will help preserve the eggs. You can use them when you want to become pregnant. It requires healthy eggs that cryopreserve through the fertility expert in a laboratory. For pregnancy results, it thawed and fertilized through the assisted reproductive method.


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When does egg freezing recommend in Nepal?

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Your health care advisor will advise the method, will provide healthy eggs after an age or treatment. A successful pregnancy requires a good amount and quality of eggs for fertilization. It will demolish after the age of 35 in females. For pregnancy, it will use in IVF or other assisted reproductive techniques.

You have the following situation, egg freezing in Nepal will help you:-

(*) Suppose, you wish to become pregnant in later years as you do not have any plan for conceiving a baby in the current time. It will cause advanced age and later poor eggs quality and numbers. You want to focus on your career and studies first before becoming a mother.

(*) The female partner has cancer that treatment will require radiation contact. It will affect the health of the eggs and cause severe infertility in women. Your expert recommends if you are childless or want to become parents in the future.

(*) When you are selecting IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) that requires collecting the eggs and sperm of partners to collect outside. Your expert can suggest freezing the leftover eggs for future pregnancy. It will help you in the failure of the IVF cycle; another cycle will not require performing the eggs retrieval.

(*) At that time you have a high risk of premature ovarian failure that will cause premenopausal and poor egg quality. Your eggs can conserve, will provide conception results in the future.

(*) So, You are undergoing surgery that will damage your ovaries and can cause infertility. It can manage to cryopreserve your eggs before the process.

egg freezing in Nepal

How do the eggs freeze in the lab? How does it provide conception in Nepal?

Egg freezing performs by collecting the female eggs outside the body. You can preserve your eggs many times and become parents according to your need. In the IVF process, the eggs retrieve from the female uterus. Both are similar, but after collecting the eggs in IVF, they fertilize with sperm and freeze them in the lab. You can have egg freezing in Nepal at a very affordable cost. It is highly affordable than in developed countries.

The following is the egg freezing process in Nepal:-

(1) Checkups: The doctor will examine your health to produce healthy eggs of high quality. Your fertility condition will check in the process before collecting the eggs. The blood tests and ultrasound will confirm it, and genetic testing will perform for inherited disorders.

(2) Preparation: The female ovaries will prepare with fertility medicines to produce more eggs at a time. Your doctor will give medications to stimulate the ovaries and increase egg production artificially. It will release with high maturity and released into the uterus.

(3) Collecting: Your doctor will use a catheter will insert inside the female uterus through the vagina. It will equip with a light and a camera to aid in the procedure. The eggs are extracted from the follicles inside the female uterus using a sharp needle. In the lab, it will assemble outside the female uterus.

(4) Freezing: Your expert will freeze the eggs before injecting a solution that will not allow them to form ice crystals. It can damage the eggs, and the entire process will fail.

The following are the steps through you will conceive with frozen eggs in Nepal:-

(a) Melting: for pregnancy, your expert will thaw the frozen eggs in the central lab. It will take back to the conventional temperature by heating or other processes.

(b) Sperm preparing: The expert will collect a semen sample through the male partner or use donor sperm. It will prepare by them that will help in selecting healthy sperm.

(c) Insemination (ICSI): The selected sperm will fill into injection and inject into the mature eggs. It will reach the cytoplasm and fertilize them in a few days.

(d) Transfer: Your doctor will monitor the condition of the embryo for four to five days and select healthy ones. It will place on a catheter and insert inside the female uterus for pregnancy.

(e) Results: The blood test of the female partner after two weeks will confirm the results.

Does egg freezing has any risk to health in Nepal?

Women face similar problems they face during IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). It performs by collecting the eggs through the female uterus. To increase the eggs health, experts prescribe fertility medicines. It causes the effect in some women. You can have the following problems after collecting eggs through inside your uterus:-

(1) Egg retrieval: In the process, a device will insert into the female uterus and collect the eggs with a sharp needle. It can cause severe bleeding, pain, bowel, and other parts damage.

(2) Psychological damage: It does not assure successful results after egg freezing. After the freezing, they may lose their normal function and do not have any prediction time.

(3) Medicines:  The fertility medications used to increase the health of the eggs will provide better results. It affects the body hormones and can cause nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloating and vomiting, etc. Sometimes in rare cases, it causes severe problems in the female such as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome).

What has egg freezing cost in Nepal? 

The egg freezing cost in Nepal is fare than in developed countries globally. You can preserve your eggs for a lifetime and become pregnant as per your choice. The egg freezing cost in nepal depends on various factors required in your process. It will affect the time limit you select for the freezing, medical checkups performed for your health screening, and fertility medicines type.

The cost of freezing eggs in Nepal comprises retrieving the eggs, using fertility medications, and freezing the eggs. The best centre has low cost egg freezing in Nepal with advanced facilities. The egg freezing cost Nepal ranges from NPR 50,000 to NPR 70,000. Many fertility centres are present in Nepal with their particular process price. The best egg freezing clinic Nepal has top procedures and the latest technologies. They have highly affordable egg freezing cost in Kathmandu. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is the best fertility centre in Nepal with top approaches and advanced methods.

TreatmentsCosts in NPR
IUINPR 15,000 to 20,000
IUI with donor spermNPR 75,000 to 80,000
IVFNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with self eggsNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with self spermNPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
IVF with donor eggsNPR 5,50,000 to 6,00,000
IVF with donor spermNPR 3,90,000 to 4,10,000
TESANPR 75,000 to 80,000
IVF with TESANPR 4,20,000 to 4,50,000
IVF/ ICSINPR 3,50,000 to 4,80,000
Donor’s eggsNPR 2,50,000 to 2,60,000
Donor’s spermsNPR 60,000 to 70,000

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Why is the success rate of IVF so high?

The best procedure is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). It operates following the failure of other processes and typical reproductive results. A couple’s eggs and sperm are used in the IVF procedure. First, the female partner’s ability to produce eggs will rise. The production of healthy eggs will be assisted by fertility medicines. The expert then extracts the gametes from the reproductive system of the couple. Under close monitoring, these will reproduce. Additionally, the highly developed fertilised eggs implant within the female uterus to cause pregnancy. Additionally, IVF procedures for health issues and infertility are available. It facilitates a successful outcome.

What can boost the success of my IVF?

The best IVF requires support from multiple technologies. Additionally, compared to other techniques, IVF has substantially greater success rates. It aids the couple in getting pregnant successfully. However, some people experience issues with IVF success rates. Since a variety of factors contribute to the effectiveness of IVF. You also stand a chance of improving the success rate of IVF and conceiving a child. Consider this:

·     Diet that is healthy

·     By continuing to be the ideal weight

·     Putting emphasis on psychological health

·     The best IVF facility to use

·     Utilizing cutting-edge IVF techniques

Exists a risk associated with IVF?

IVF is less likely to be harmful than other methods. Because cutting-edge technology and top-notch assistance are used during the IVF process. As part of the therapy, highly qualified IVF specialists work. Consequently, there is a lower likelihood of any IVF issues. It increases the likelihood of the IVF process working for a couple who is older. because treatments for infertility, the harvesting of eggs, the implantation of embryos, or other diagnosis could all result in complications. Since it includes a minimally intrusive stage and affects the likelihood of receiving therapy. You can attain the finest results, though, by picking the ideal procedure and location.

How can I tell if IVF is the best option for me?

IVF is the best treatment for many infertility issues. As a result, the couple is able to conceive a healthy child. Additionally, depending on your issues, the process may comprise multiple stages. With it, your specialist will carry out several examinations and testing. It is beneficial to be aware of your health issues and infertility. Additionally, they are able to advise on the most appropriate approach depending on the problems. The finest solution for a variety of partner issues for both sexes is IVF. Outside of the reproductive system, and under the watchful eye of a professional, it fertilises. And your specialist can alter for a better result.

What could harm my chances of having a baby with IVF?

The likelihood of IVF treatment depends on a variety of factors. Selecting the best centre is necessary to increase it. Because they use cutting-edge treatments and cutting-edge technology, chances are improved. The couple still has control over the IVF success rates and chances. They have minimal opportunities to become pregnant due to their advanced age. They experience issues with the generation of healthy eggs and sperm as they age. A robust gamete count is also necessary for IVF. Then, your IVF procedure since the procedure requires according to infertility problems. When the situation is dire, the expert may recommend or use a variety of cutting-edge techniques. It facilitates productive outputs.


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