Best IVF clinic in Biratnagar

Best IVF clinic in Biratnagar

Best IVF clinic in Biratnagar: Biratnagar is a merchandise city in Nepal and the best place for IVF treatment. It is the leading city for infertility treatment among western couples. Infertility treatments in Biratnagar are famous for their lower costs and high success rates. In Biratnagar, Countless fertility centres are granting numerous infertility treatments. The best IVF clinics in Biratnagar are:


The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is one of the best IVF clinic in Biratnagar. The main focus of the clinic is to find the root cause of patient infertility so that they will suggest a suitable treatment.The IVF clinic has a big team of medical staff and doctors with high experience and well behaviour. The IVF clinic is the leading clinic of Nepal, Biratnagar. The clinic offers many infertility treatments. The motif of the IVF clinic is to help infertile couples and not just make money. Therefore the cost of treatment is lower than other fertility clinics. The cost of IVF treatment in FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL is around NPR 2,80,000 to NPR 3,40,000. The clinic has 70% to 80% success rates in IVF treatment. The clinic is a reputed clinic and has many successful infertile patients.


The SELECT IVF is the best IVF clinic in Biratnagar. The clinic has high success rates in IVF treatment. The clinic has multiple branches in Nepal. The clinic is the best that offers a variety of fertility treatments. The cost of IVF in SELECT IVF is lesser than in other clinics. The cost of IVF in the clinic starts from NPR 3,40,000. The clinic has more than 60% success rates in IVF treatment. 


The best IVF clinic in Biratnagar offers IVF with the highest success rates. The clinic has a team of doctors with more than 30 years of experience in infertility treatments. The clinic provides consultancy that is free of cost. They have multiple packages to ease the cost of treatment. The WE CARE IVF SURROGACY has 75% success in IVF treatment.


The best IVF clinic in Biratnagar has experienced specialists for infertility treatments. Many infertility treatments by the clinic are famous in Nepal, Biratnagar. The clinic offers treatments at a cheaper cost. The clinic has higher success in IVF and other fertility treatments. IVF is a demanding and expensive treatment. 


SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL is the best IVF clinic in Biratnagar. The clinic is renowned for its IVF. The clinic has more success rates in infertility treatments. The cost of treatments is reasonable in the clinic. They have transparency in the treatment costs. They offer donor sperm and eggs for IVF treatment. The reputation, costs of treatments, infrastructure, successes, doctors’ experience, and technologies make the fertility centre the best IVF clinic. 


IVF is the process to treat infertile patients. It is the best option for infertile patients to have their children. The procedure of IVF is complex. In IVF, the female eggs and the male sperm mix outside the body and fertilize in a lab. The fertilized egg implants in the womb of the mother. The IVF can perform using donor eggs and sperm instead of self. For successful treatment, the quality of eggs and sperm is a must. 

In which conditions IVF recommends in the clinics of Biratnagar?

In several conditions like

  • The blockage and damage of the fallopian tube make it difficult for an egg to fertilize in women 
  • Women facing irregular ovulation this cause low quality of eggs or no eggs
  • The patients with unexplained infertility
  • A patient wants to control the pass-on of genetic disorder to their child.
  • Wants to prevent fertility in the conditions like cancers and tumours
  • Presences of fibroids in the uterus that stops the embryo from sticking to the wall of the uterus
  • The male suffering from male factor infertility.

The procedure of IVF in Biratnagar

The doctors prepare the patients for IVF before the procedure. Ovarian testing helps to determine the function, condition of ovaries, the quality of eggs, and how the ovaries of a woman will react to the stimulation medications. The doctors do the Semen analysis to examine the production quality of sperm. The sperm quality should be good for successful treatment. 

The doctors examine the inside cavity of the uterus to determine the condition of the uterus and its lining. For examinations, doctors use many advanced methods. The doctors stimulate the ovaries by injecting some fertility drugs into women. The fertility drugs trigger the ovaries and promote them to produce more mature eggs.

Eggs and sperm retrieval 

By the guidance of ultrasound, the eggs from the ovaries of women retrieve. The process of egg retrieval takes some time. After collecting the eggs, the doctor advised resting for some hours. The doctor advises men to produce semen so that they can collect the sperm from the semen. Or to some patients, doctors suggest surgical sperm aspiration if any blockage presences in their reproductive tract.


The sperm sample is examined by the specialist and prepares for insemination. The embryologist screens the quality of eggs and monitors them. The egg and sperm are placed on a Petri dish in Vitro (in a laboratory) for mixing. The mixing of eggs and sperm fertilizes the eggs. In some cases, the specialist advises ICSI so that poor quality sperm also can be inseminated. 

Implantation The fertilized eggs are monitored in the lab for 5 to 6 days. The growth of the embryo monitors in the laboratory. After monitoring, the fertilized egg transfers into the womb of the mother. The process of implantation takes some time. The best quality embryo selected for the implantations. The thin catheter is used to pass the embryo into the uterus.


After two to three weeks of embryo implantation in the uterus, the pregnancy is confirmed by blood testing. The results of pregnancy determine the success. Not having a positive pregnancy means the need to repeat the procedure or go for another one. 


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