The best and affordable fertility treatment for all the childless couples

IVF in Nepal is a fertility treatment for those couples who tried to conceive naturally for their own baby but due to the cause of infertility, they are unable to achieve the successful results of the pregnancy. The IVF in Nepal is the best and affordable fertility treatment for all the childless couples who wish to have an own baby and this treatment is especially recommended for those women whose fallopian tubes are damaged and they are not able to conceive naturally.

How the procedure of IVF in Nepal works?

The IVF in Nepal procedure consists of 5 major steps which are as follows:

  1. a) Stimulation of ovaries:The first step of your IVF Treatment Nepal is the stimulation of your ovaries in which your fertility expert will give you some fertility drugs which control the timings of the egg ripens and also increases your chances of producing the multiple eggs during one IVF cycle. After the egg retrieval, some of the eggs are not fertilized properly due to which your fertility expert will require the multiple eggs. Your fertility expert then will monitor the egg development in your ovaries by using an ultrasound and blood test to check the level of your hormones.
  2. b) Egg Collection:The second step of your IVF Treatment Nepal is the egg collection in which your fertility expert will collect the eggs from your ovaries by using a hollow needle through your pelvic cavity under local anesthesia to reduce the discomfort. In some cases, women may experience the cramping on the retrieval day and the pressure may continue for several weeks following the procedure, however, your fertility expert will recommend you some painkiller medicines which reduce your pain.
  3. c) Secure the Sperm:Your fertility expert will combine your eggs with your husband sperm that has been surgically obtained by ejaculation.
  4. d) Fertilization:Fertilization is the most important step of your IVF Treatment Nepal where your fertility expert will mix your collected eggs with your husband sperm and the fertilization will occur in the laboratory, however, in some cases where the fertilization probability is low then the other technique of IVF in Nepal which is ICSI can be used. ICSI is another fertility procedure which is specially designed to treat male infertility and this is a procedure in which a single sperm is injected directly into each egg to achieve the fertilization.
  5. e) Embryo Transfer:Embryo transfer is the last and the final step of the IVF Treatment Nepal where your embryologist will transfer the selected embryo into your uterus and will wait for the signs of pregnancy. Your pregnancy test will be conducted after two weeks of the embryo transfer and if the results are positive then your pregnancy will grow normal, else you can repeat your IVF in Nepal procedure to fulfill your dream of having your own baby.
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