How infertility affect personal relationships

How Infertility Affect Personal Relationships?

Having a baby is one of the most exciting moments in a couple’s life, but when they are unable to conceive a baby naturally after having unprotected regular intercourse which means one or both of the partner dealing with the cause of infertility. The cause of infertility affects the couples physically, emotionally and financially. In some cases, it has been found that if couples are not careful then it can affect their relationship as well.

According to the study, there are nearly one-fourth of women had a negative impact on their relationships due to the cause of infertility, however, the study says that there are some women who are struggling with the cause of infertility got benefited their relationships with their partners.

What Couples Need to Do in Such a Situation?

First, they need to stop blaming each other after the infertility diagnosis and they both need to work together to achieve the successful pregnancy and visit Fertility Centre Nepal where they will get the solution for all types of infertility issues. Also, they need to keep the following in their mind and these are:

  • Reassure your partner that you both are together to fight with the cause of infertility.
  • Talk to each other about your frustrations as the study says the couples who keep their feelings hidden are much more likely to have problems which can lead to stress.
  • Always be together while going for doctor’s appointments, copy each other with side effects, grieving together, sharing the news together with friends and family.

How to Keep your Relationship Healthy?

At Fertility Centre Nepal, the fertility experts help the couples to build their strong relationship and for this, they need to follow some important tips to maintain a healthy relationship and these are:

a) Focus on yourself: The experts at Fertility Centre Nepal suggest that before you plan a baby you both need to build a strong and healthy relationship to become good parents.

b) Take a break: Like you, both were trying from a long period of time to conceive which is not happening in such cases take some break from your infertility treatment. Reduce your stress and anxiety in your sexual relationship and will ensure that your life will remain a source of pleasure and relaxation for years to come.

c) Involve together in physical exercises: Exercise is one of the most fabulous stress buster for the couples dealing with infertility issues. You can perform physical activities like dancing, playing tennis, bike riding etc. also you can join some yoga classes together which will give strength to your body as well as it will teach you deep breathing which is helpful in relaxing and you can focus on your treatment.

d) Respect each other: If you both dealing with the cause of infertility, so in such cases respect each other’s feelings. Just because men don’t cry doesn’t mean he is not hurt. Men are more likely to distance themselves from such situations and become irritable. So such cases are together and respect your differences.

e) Talk to each other: If you need support from your husband then clearly talk to him, be specific, what you want? If you need to spend some time alone then ask your partner to give you time to spend alone but do not show your anger as he is also going through with the same phase.

f) Seek help outside: You know that your relationship is at stake because of infertility issue still seeking help from outside. You can speak to your friend, relatives or your fertility expert. You can join some support group online of the people who are going through infertility treatments.

g) Share your infertility struggles: It has been found that people who keep their infertility issues secret from their friends and family have more psychological and relationship problems as compared to those who open up. Before sharing your infertility with others it is better than you first talk to each other than with whom you will share your information and how much you will share. In some scenarios, the male member wants to discuss the infertility issues with his mother but you may think his mother’s is more questionable and judgmental. Similarly, he may not want you to discuss his low sperm counts with your friends or many other details of your fertility treatments.

h) Get Counsel yourself: At the time you are unable to deal with the situation by your own in such cases the fertility experts at Fertility Centre Nepal will suggest you meet a counsellor who will help you to communicate with each other and reach mutual agreements. It is just a myth that people require counselling only at the time of their divorce or situation of clinical depression or anxiety. The people need to understand that counselling is for everyone who needs some extra help to come out from the stress or a difficult situation. At Fertility Centre Nepal we have the best counsellor who will help you in making your decision and you will feel supported and will able to tend your relationship in a better way.

How are Male Members Dealing with the Cause of Infertility?

It has been found that male members of infertile couples were quiet and does not show that they are depressed and dealing with erectile dysfunction and other sexual relationship problems. Unfortunately, the male members who are dealing with the cause of infertility try to distance themselves from infertility and keep their feelings to themselves only and they are more focused on the plans to solve the issues of their infertility due to which they are not paying attention to their partners and this can harm their relationship.

At Fertility Centre Nepal we suggest the male members discuss their feelings with their partner and this will allow them to bond over feelings of being out of control. These few tips will help you both to maintain your strong and healthy relationship and you will be able to concentrate on your treatment to achieve a successful pregnancy.

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